Monday, April 21, 2008

Design X - Challenge #6 is UP!

and guess who's challenge it was this week? MINE!!

Here's my challenge:

Remember as a child the times you thought monsters were under your bed or in your closet?
What was a fear you had as a child? Do you still fear it today?

Here's my layout. NO laughing...clowns REALLY do spook me to DEATH!

Can you FEEL my fear? EEK!! I had to imagine these clowns as some old teachers so I could scrap them...I KID YOU NOT!!!!

Journaling: "They can be happy as can be. I will have NO part of them. Nope, not one. single grin, smirk, NOTHING! YUCK!! Since I can remember - clowns have always freaked me out. "Balloon for you?" NOPE - just move along. Let me run behind my mom's leg. I will NEVER like them. they make my skin crawl. No thanks...I'm ready to escape. GO!"

So do you still have any fears from your childhood? Scrap them!! Post a link to your layout in the comment section of the Design X blog. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!!

Have the most fabulous week ever!
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