Monday, April 14, 2008

*Haiku Much?*

Our challenge this week for The Design Experiment was to: "do a Haiku about today"

I don't think I've heard the word "haiku" since I was in grade school. I even had to look it up to see exactly what it was!
When I read the meaning:
hai·ku /?ha?ku/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[*hahy*-koo]
1. a major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons.
I KNEW I was being totally challenged! HA! You should have SEEN me counting my syllables on my fingers in the air, saying each word carefully. I was hoping I didn't get counted off for my ability to make one word sound like 2 or more (but don't blame me, blame my Texas accent I was born with, LOL!)
This past weekend we found baby bunnies burrowed in a small hole in our yard. You should have SEEN them. There were probably about 5 of them, all on top of one another. They were so cute!! I had to get right down on that burrow and snap pics. Aren't they adorable! I totally knew that was what my "haiku" was going to be about!

Be sure to check out The Design Experiment Blog to see what everyone came up with!

This is my layout I did -

My haiku reads:
Baby bunnies born.
Right here in our own backyard. (while writing I accidentally left off here, LOL!)
God's sweet creation.

So do you feel challenged? Can you Haiku about today? You should!! If I can Haiku, so can YOU! Check out the blog and be sure to link up your layout so you can be entered in the RAK drawing! I can't wait to see everyone's haiku's!

Have a happy week!
Say HI if you get a chance :)


Wendy Reed said...

Whut up home girl? LOL

Ohhhhhhhhh I feel like a challenge, but I already did that one! Bwahahahahahaha

Your layout was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!


~Nancy~ said...

OOWWW>> THIS IS GORGEOUS girlie!!! Love all the bright colors that you've used here.. great job on the challenge too! WOOHOO! And the pictures of the baby bunnies are too cute.. awwww...


Lyn said...

i really love your haiku layout... i know i said i wanted to get 10 things done last week but this week i REALLY want to get the haiku work done!!

Tracy Lathrop said...

Your Haiku layout is gorgeous!! Just reading your post took me back to Junior High and my least favorite teacher!! AHHHHH!!! Lol!! Sounds like a fun challenge though and I just might be able to fit it in this week if I get all my DT stuff done in time. I also wanted to say "Thank You Leslie" for stopping by my little corner of the web!! I am truly honored!!

NancyJones said...

omgosh baby bunnniessss HOW KAUUUUUUUTE! LOVE your page this is adorable shamooch

~Kim said...

Those bunnies are so adorable....definitely a sign that Spring is finally here! I know it was a strange Winter here in OK...and TX is close!

Thanks for the comment on my blog...I couldn't figure out a way to e*mail you back! Our Wal-Marts don't have the next time we head to Dallas, I'm going by there!


TriciaNae said...

awww baby bunnies. how cute is that?