Sunday, April 27, 2008

*How Is It Possible*

That tomorrow...YOU, my boy - my last child, my only son, my sweet sweet boy, are turning 16 years old? WHERE has the time gone? WHEN did you get big? WHAT has made the hands of time just FLY by to this day? Where's my baby?
I could ask and ask these questions all day and get the same just happens.
Oh boy does it! Tomorrow is YOUR special day. YOUR day to shine. YOUR day to celebrate.
It's a day reserved JUST for you.

16 years ago I remember well. I remember going through the big contest called "birth" to get my big prize. My boy. I knew we were complete when you were born...1 girl, 1 couldn't have been any more perfect. YOU decided you wanted to give me a hard time during your birth. You silly goose!! You wanted to scare us, which you did a couple of times. Once so much the doc attached a monitor to your scalp, in the womb! WEIRD! But he was checking just to make sure you were still ok in there while trying to come out. I remember joking he was going to make you bald when you came out (btw...I was RIGHT! it rubbed some of your new baby hair off, no big deal, you still had alot of hair!) . We had to be wheeled to the surgery room in case you needed to be born via c-section like your sis....but no, you came out with no probs well unless you consider being pulled out with life size salad tongs (forceps...LOLOLOL) no probs..hee hee!!

So 16 - wow...the year of your drivers license, yay for you but EEK for me!

Enjoy your day son! You're the star...shine bright today and always!!!

Happy Birthday sweet, Mom :)