Tuesday, April 1, 2008

**Without further adieu**

May I present to you Master "Hairy" Potter. He's all of 8 lbs. He's 2 years old. He's 1/2 Chihuahua and 1/2 Yorkshire Terrier. He's a recognized breed called a "Chorkie" He's quite a character, full of life, full of love and he's stolen our hearts. Yes...he's all ours. Let me give you his story.....

About 4 weeks ago my husband received an email from dear friends of ours about a sweet puppy who's had a rough life. He needed help. He needed to be rescued. He was in a sad home where the humans didn't seem to love him like he deserves. He fathered one litter at a YOUNG age. He was banned to outdoors. He *might* have even been abused. He first showed signs of that when he was first rescued by our friends. Alan almost didn't show me the email. He did show me and instantly I fell in love but knowing we have 3 small dogs already I knew I really needed to think this through........
I did, we did for about a week. I couldn't get "Hairy" Potter out of my brain! I knew he'd fit in perfectly here at our house. Soooooo Alan emailed our friend to see if he was even still available. We thought surely they'd found him a home. He was still there. We went to visit him just a few minutes later. I fell deeper in LOVE. I knew Duster would love a playmate his size....I just knew it. (I was right!) We decided to come back the next day to pick him up. We did and he's here just loving life being as spoiled rotten as our other 3...Bandit, Cajun & Duster.
Potter's been here for almost 4 weeks and it's like he's ALWAYS been here. I knew it was the right thing to do. I KNEW the boys would love having a brother. ALL of them took to him RIGHT away and we've had no problems. Potter's been an added joy and oh man does he LOVE to take walks!
So, may I present to you, our Potter (before being pampered & groomed):

He reminded us of a little lion...he even roars like one, tee hee!! (he has a trick where he can SO sound like Chewbaca...HA!)

He REALLY lays like this. Sometimes his back feet are like this too, it's hilarious!

Isn't his "faux"-hawk so FUNNY??

The brothers meeting Potter....

(that's Potter, Duster & Cajun)

Duster's explaining the "rules" of the house....

Bandit's saying...."Sure buddy...just stay by me, I've got your back, oh wait, Duster does..."

Potter....after being pampered and groomed:

Is he NOT the cutest thing??

He's SO proud of his tags...I kid you not.

This is just a few minutes ago...He was telling me he wanted to go for a walk.

Think he's her buddy?

I'd say so....