Monday, June 16, 2008

**Prayers & A Little Creation**

She is going to DIE when she finds out I posted her pic but I have to show you this pretty girl...

THIS is my sister Melinda. If you don't mind - could you please say a little prayer for her tomorrow? She's having surgery. Not your normal every day surgery. My sister is having a corneal transplant. Her 3rd to be exact. She had her first 2 (in both eyes) over 3 years ago. She's having to have a 3rd one in her right eye because the donor eye had a disease in it that wasn't detected until a few years into her transplant. It's called Fuch's Disease (click on the link and it will tell you all about it) and it's making her MISERABLE and is giving her such trouble that the only option is another transplant. SO tomorrow morning, bright and early at 7 am she goes in for her surgery. If all goes well - she gets to go home in the afternoon. The reason I say if all goes well - well during my sister's FIRST transplant over 3 years ago she collapsed after surgery, going into shock having to be revived What was supposed to be an outpatient procedure turned into a 7 day hospital stay. 3 months later - the next eye transplant. It was also supposed to be an outpatient procedure. During surgery she had an asthma attack. That turned into another 7 day hospital stay. Poor girl!! My prayer is that she has this surgery with NO complications and NO long hospital stay. Also that this surgery is a success and she gets the relief she so needs and deserves. She teaches high school and has had such a hard time this year with all her complications. My oldest sister and I are taking turns this week taking care of her, along with our parents, and helping her heal and get better. Thank you SO much for taking the time to read about my sweet sister. I just love her!!! :)
I sure hope you and all of the dad's in your life had a WONDERFUL Father's Day! My sweet hubby had a wonderful day and later we met my entire family for my nephew's choir performance and a Father's Day celebration afterwards. This is something I made for my dad - the BEST dad in the WORLD!! You should have SEEN him when he saw it. Sure made my day and made me feel SO SPECIAL!!!

Thanks for letting me share with you.
I hope you have an extra SUPER week this week :)
Hugs to all,