Friday, June 6, 2008

**This little bitty space** what I call my scrap studio. This is MY space. No matter the's my space to be free. To create. This is me, welcome to my little studio. Come in anytime!!

Full view of my desk & "workstation" (my computer & printer station...hee hee!)

This is my bookcase full of fun things. Each drawer of this dresser is FULL of more goodies. Like my punches, stamps, paints, chipboard....

my desk with my big window (I LOVE that window!)

My desk closer....

My worstation. The cabinets with frosted glass hold more supplies - for instance my sewing machine I'm still freaked out to use! I need to get it out and go to town sewing..I know. :)

I just love this row of my jars :) See the shelves? MY sweet hubby made them for me!

While the buttons are so pretty & fun to look at, the shelves are my FAVE part. He did a GREAT job! Showing them off a little closer...

The BEST invention ever..hands down. THANK YOU Making Memories!

I store my paper here by manufacturer...easier for me that way :)

My new little basket with some embellishments :)

Umm how CUTE are these! These are teeny collanders from the Target $$ spot!

Thank you for taking a glimpse into what I call my little studio. I have half of our bedroom - this is MY half. My getaway! It's taken me a while to get it all together but it sure has paid off...
I LOVE my space!!

I'd love to see pics of YOUR space, link me UP!
Have a happy Day!