Friday, June 27, 2008

**Wanna play TAG?? & a some super FUN news!**

Dena did! She tagged me.....

SO here goes, my attempt at actually finishing a tag! I am SO bad at these things!

1) 10 years ago......
I was almost 30! (good grief, you realize that means I'm almost 40 ::EEK::) I was teaching preschool to my sweet class of 3 year olds. :)

2) 5 things on today's "to do" list....
-post office
-go replace my fave shirt my oh so sweet son "accidentally" dried when he did laundry last night
-run to Target
-finish up my DT stuff I'm working on

3) Snacks I enjoy....
strawberries and grapes! also pb&j crackers, pretzels and the oh so bad chocolate ANYTHING. (except not DARK chocolate..blech!)

4) Things I would do if i was a millionaire:
-buy a house with a staff of cooks, cleaners, laundry doer's for my family. I'd also do this for my entire brood of parents & brother & sisters too :)
-buy dream cars too....
-give to the needy
-tithe to my church
-pay for the kids college education and Savannah's medical school education
-go on a big huge European vacation
-go on a cruise
-ok and save and invest too.....

5) Places I have lived:
Oh wow I get around....


**BTW, I'm supposed to tag 5 people (but I did 6, so I'm the rule breaker today, LOL) so here's who I'm a taggin':
Amy Coose - because, because, because!! (because of the wonderful friend she is) - makes me wanna whip into Wizard of Oz singing...LOL!! :P
Kimberly Garofolo - because she's the BEST texter ever and OH so sweet!!!
Nancy Jones - well just because she's the SWEETEST gal in all of the South!
Lea Lawson - she ROCKS! (and boy is she talented!)
Renee Lamb - because she's such a GREAT pal!
Lori Renn - because, well----this is one AMAZING gal!

My super fun news:
Scrapbook Trends requested 2 layouts for their November issue!!
One is for "Inspired by Lyrics" section & the other is for "Real Life - Family" section.

Hope you are having a GREAT WEEK!!
It's TGIF! Enjoy!!

**I'll be sharing some sneaks of the GORGEOUS July Kit from Create My Keepsake soon, so check back!! You will want to get this kit FOR SURE!