Tuesday, September 30, 2008

**Genies, Queens & a Cube...**

catchy title, eh?

About those "genies"....
"If you bumped into a genie and she offered to grant you three wishes. What would your wishes be and why?"
THAT's the challenge this week over at Design X. Are you up for a good challenge? I know you are, come on admit it ;)

Here's my layout I did and a little explanation and my journaling is to follow:

(layout will return soon - it's out for publication!! :))
A typical reaction to a genie popping up and asking to grant 3 wishes would be for something trivial (but exciting nonetheless!) like new cars, bigger house, lots of cashola..

I knew from the second I got this challenge what I really wanted to wish for. My children come first - so this is how I came up with my journaling....
I wish....
1. that you both stay true to your faith & love in Jesus Christ
2. that you will ALWAYS adore each other
(on the next one - I was hoping the "genie" would let me get a "3-for-1" all in one so...)
3. for you to alwys stay healthy, well loved & live life to the fullest.
Here's a few close ups:
(they will also return soon!)
Oh - now about those "Cubes"
Have you SEEN the GORGEOUS photo cube that my sweet friend (and fellow DT member at CMK) Danielle Flanders did? If you haven't...oh man go look here on her blog: Dani's Blog. (OHHH and guess what else about sweet Dani??? She's our GUEST this week over at Design X!)
Dani taught this project at our Scrap Pink event over at Create My Keepsake this past Saturday and I decided I wanted to make one for my sister's birthday (which was yesterday).
Savannah & I surprised her at her office yesterday with it. She loved it! Made me so happy! (**Thank you Dani for the inspiration!**)

Here it is:
That's my sister's cute sons & beautiful daughter (Turner, Taylor & Tucker)
(this is my gorgeous niece & nephew )
(my 3 beautiful nieces :) I LOVE these girls! - the far left cutie & far right cutie are sisters)
(this is the "Brock Cousin Crew" as we call them...my 2 kiddo's, my brother's 2 girls and my sister's 3 kidlets...)
A birthday gift isn't complete without a card, right?
Well here's where our "QUEEN" comes in.
My sister. I love her dearly. She's 13 years older than me. She's been my best friend growing up (well both of my sisters are ;) She loves all things girly and if there's a crown anywhere it becomes HERS. She just HAS to have it. (I just think she likes to give orders, to be a ruler. LOL!!) . She just loves crowns.
In fact - when I delivered her gift to her - she was all dressed up in a gorgeous black dress...complete with a plastic crown and ring to celebrate her day (lol! compliments of her office & just so appropriate for her!) She is the best sister any girl could ever ask for. I had to create this card - just for her - the b-day queen:
a little close up of the crown :) (btw, her intials are TB - so she totally has Queenteebee as her email addy, bwahahaha!!)
and I have NO idea why - but this struck me as funny that I put this on the back of her card:
I know I know....it's the little things that amuse me. ;)
Have a great one,
much love -
(p.s. I just have to tell you all thank you SO so much for all of your congrats on making Label Tulip's team. I am beyond excited!! Thank you again :) )