Monday, September 15, 2008

**Pitter Patter Potter, TDX & more**

~**From the bottom of my heart - thank you. We all thank you. Pitter Patter Potter says thank you and he "woof's all of you"**~

This is a recent pic I took of him. He just looks so pitiful! Look at his little face :) He's so precious! I took more pics of him where you can actually *SEE* the trauma - but I'm only sharing this one. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that you'd have to see him yawn or look under his mouth (chin area) to see where he was injured. He's slowly but surely making a comeback.

Today he *TRIED* to throw a toy in the air like he always does. It freaked him out a little when it didn't go in his mouth like it used to He left it there and laid down and whined this pitiful whine. It must have hurt. Poor guy - but he IS improving. Thank you everyone!! He goes back to the vet this Thursday for his follow up. Today is 1 week since the accident and I'm very happy with how he's doing. The vet warned us that he would get worse before he got better He said that it would take a bit for him to figure things out and adapt to his new way of life. :) He's on his way! He's our little furry miracle!

You have to see this CUTE card Potter got in the mail today:

Shanna - a girl with a heart of gold - sent this to him and we have it displaying proudly for everyone to see! :) Thank you SWEET sweet Shanna - "luv 'yer guts" too, girl :) Check her blog out - she did the nicest little post about Potter :)


So our new challenge is up at TDX - it's a fun one this week!! Cute Kimmi came up with it:

Challenge: Close your eyes, open the dictionary, and point to a word. Does your word mean anything special to you? Why?

My word: LIKE. Here's my "LIKE" layout :

(layout returning soon)
I hope you play along with our challenge this week!! Be sure to load your challenge layout in the comment section of The Design Experiment blog for your chance to win a fabulous RAK!!

**ALSO - check out our new 2 design team members!! SO excited for Dena & Divian!**

Do you have any scrappy plans for the weekend of SCRAP PINK which is Sept. 26th-28th? You should head over to Create My Keepsake for some FUN!! We'll be cropping all weekend! We'll have great classes and challenges!
I've got a challenge all ready to go - here's a sneak peek:
I hope you come crop with us! It's going to be SO FUN!
So with a week like I had last week - everyone deserves a little fun news, right? ;)
--a few days ago I received an email from Scrapbook Trends requesting a layout for February 2009 issue :)

--I was asked to create cards for a new Dutch (scrap) cards magazine. It's Cards Only and I am HONORED to be asked to be a guest for November :)

(I also have a couple of other fun things to share with you soon, very soon :))

Thank you for letting me share my news with you.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week.

Lots of hugs -