Thursday, September 18, 2008

**You HAVE to CHECK this OUT**

I have to show you something.

Look at this:

and this:

oh, and this:

are those cards not GORGEOUS?!!!! Want to know who made them and with what?
That's my sweet friend Danielle Flanders creations. Isn't she SO CREATIVE!

She sure makes GORGEOUS cards. :) She made those cards with the CMK card kit for September :)
So do you like them? YOU too can create these cards!!
Dani provides wonderful directions and examples so you can do these or you can make whatever you want with the kit :)
I picked up a kit! You should too!! You can - just click that link :)
In case you're not sure what link to click let me give you another one.
Just go here ----------> CMK Sept. Card Kit

(thank you Dani for letting me use your images!)
In other news:

Potter went to the vet yesterday for his re-check. Good news! He's progressing exactly the way the doctor wants him to. He's doing so much better than a week ago. SO much better.
Doctor Hill told us that it will take up to a full YEAR for his chin/jaw to form and be totally healed the way it should. He doesn't want to take his stitches out because he didn't want to cause him any more trauma than he's already had. He said he's got SO MANY stitches he'd have to knock him out again and he just didn't want to do that. So his stitches will dissolve on their own. I was worried it would hurt him to leave them in but he reassured me it won't. He was very thrilled with how he looked, his weight, that he's eating and starting to play and become active again. He just started barking today!! It's so cute - he sounds all raspy like when you've got a's the best sound ever to me! I know that sounds weird - but if you could have seen him this time last week - gosh....

So thank you EVERYONE for your thoughts and prayers for our little guy - BIG hugs to ALL of you!!

I have loved all of your comments - they've made my day!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!