Tuesday, December 2, 2008

**Label Tulip NEWS, A Merry Ornament & Random thoughts**

News from Label Tulip!!
Label Tulip's BOUTIQUE is OPEN!
Check it out:

Up until December 10th you can purchase some
Label Tulip EXCLUSIVE stamps! The designs are so fun

and funky! Designs ranging from woodgrain to potty people
to frames...go check them OUT!! Click on Boutique to see :D

AND - to top it off....they've got GRAB BAGS for sale!
The GRAB BAGS are FULL of Label Tulip goodies.
They're selling for $18 and are valued at appox $40 in product!

SOOO go shopping for you! For your family! For friends!
OHHHH and one more thing...they're putting all PAST kits
(NOVEMBER EXCLUDED) on sale at 40% off!! WOW!
GO check it out HERE -------> LT GRAB BAGS.
Grab Bags are on sale until December 31st....so have fun

shopping!!! :D
I'm so into the holiday spirit! I love making things
at this time of year. I am in an ornament swap and
I made 3 of these to send:

I had so much fun making them I think I'm going to make
a few more for my tree & for some family & friends. They
are so EASY and festive :D
My sweet friend Danielle tagged me the other day.
I have to list 7 random things about myself. I've done this before
but I just thought of 7 more random things you might not know
about me...
1. I love love love broccoli. BUT I only want the "tree" part. NOT
the trunks...yuck. I have this fetish about the trunks.
I will not eat them.
2. when I was a little girl I used to walk around with a stick of
butter and eat it like it was a lollipop. My mom would always
have to hide the sticks of butter because I would sneak in the fridge
and go to town...I think of that now and go..."EWWWW" :P
3. Why do I think that every time I go in Target or Walmart I have
to push a cart? Random...but so me.
4. I have to turn on my alarm clock 3 times. Why? OCD perhaps? LOL!
5. My hubby & I met over the phone. Totally work related. What were
YOU thinking? NOT that way! I worked for my parents here in Texas...
he worked for a company that we bought parts from in California...
6. I bought 3 of the CUTEST pink flocked Christmas trees the other day.
they're prelit too...I can't wait to decorate this weekend!
7. I'm a list girl...I can't survive unless I have my list to go by.
If you're reading this...tag you're it.
I'm sorry I neglected my blog the past few days...a sinus bug hit me
like I've never been hit before and I was down & out for the count!
Not pretty..plus my hubby had to fly out of town for a family funeral.
Good thing my kids are teenagers and can take care of themselves huh!
They even took good care of me! :D

That's all folks....have a GREAT day!