Tuesday, December 30, 2008

**My Faves - 2008 STYLE**

Alexis made me do it :P

No I'm kidding...but Alexis at Label Tulip
gave us this GREAT idea to blog about our
fave layouts and/or pics of 2008....
These aren't necessarily my faves
because of the design...
but there's a story behind each one. :D
Here's my go at this fabulous idea!! Thanks Alexis!
(layout removed for publication)
One of my last TDX layouts -
this one is my #1 because well...
that is my #1 guy!!
I love him...that's our story.
Our crazy crazy love story...
no wonder it's my #1 fave...
HE's my #1 fave! :D
I couldn't BE any luckier -
if I was Chandler Bing! (bwahahahaha)
My fave pic of Savannah this year...
it's so bittersweet to see your oldest
and only daughter
growing into such a beautiful
young woman...
that girl is going to be 18 years old in 5 days.
WHAT????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's my boy. My boy who'd never
admit he's a "momma's boy" - nope but he is.
I mean he's such a teenager
but yet he's still got that little "spark"
of being my guy --
so all of you mom's of guys that have
"mommy's boys"...hold tight to that...it lingers
just a little bit...
I will say I love how this one turned out!

Now for my #4 fave...it's one of my latest
Label Tulip designs.
I love that picture of my kids.
See, we're DEEP in a cave when I took
that picture. It's DARK as all get out...
I told them: "K, smile because
I'm going to take one REALLY fast
(we were walking FAST) and maybe
just maybe it will be a keeper..."
Oh boy, was I lucky!
Look at them..aren't they ADORABLE!
I seriously savor that day.

and yeah...#5 is one of my fave layouts.
Why? I don't know if you remember but this is a
CMK challenge I posted a while back.
Post a layout using your FAVE song lyrics...
I'm lucky -
I must have done something right
because look where I am, look what I've done,
look what I have...
I love my family.
I love my life.
I am blessed.
Happy New Year everyone...
(p.s. Like Alexis...I challenge YOU to do the same..
post your faves of 2008!)