Thursday, March 27, 2008

*Break from SPRING Break & a Glitzy FUN class*

I know I know, I've been a HORRIBLE blogger. I'm SO sorry! Last week was spring break and we had something planned EVERY day. This week has been recovery week and I think I need a spring "break" from SPRING BREAK! LOL!

I have something SUPER fun to share with you. I've been DYING to share this but I had to wait for the "ok" to here it is!

It's a FUN class that
Glitz is teaching in Houston, Texas on April 25th at The Scrapbook Junkie.
If you're in the area, you should sign up for this class! (If you're not, FLY in & take it!) The Glitz girls are flying in to teach this minibook class. It's a clear album that I made for them. I used Glitz's Sublime line along with fun frosting, icing, rub-ons, eye candy (& some other misc. things I added) I've never made a clear mini album before. I loved every single second of creating this book, it was SO much FUN!

Here's the minibook - I hope you enjoy!

I promise I will post this week about our new exciting news here at our house. No it's not me having a baby...but we do have a new baby :) I'll update with that news and share some funny pics too. :)

Hope you have a happy week!
Lots & LOTS of hugs :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

**Monday Muse & a few updates...**

Hi!! Hope you've all had a GREAT weekend & hope if you're getting pinches today, they're not too painful, hee hee!! Happy St. Patty's!

Today at CMK is *Monday Muse* where a DT member gives a challenge and inspiration for the day :) Today is my day and the challenge is using Patterned Paper as your background so here's what I came up with. Of course I had to use the OH SO beautiful Pink Paislee..I can't get enough of it! This is actually the March kit "Spring Fling" from Create My Keepsake.

Come do the challenge!! You can find it RIGHT here:

Oh be waiting for a FUN new post this week..I have a little surprise to share, 2's cute and irresistable!!

Thank you again for the prayers everyone for my Uncle Jim :) There's a meeting with his doctors on Wednesday to decide where to go next with his treatment...he's in a rehab (which we think he's there WAY too soon and he's not progressing one bit) so if you could continue to remember him in prayer and think good thoughts I'd So appreciate it!!

Thanks and Have a Happy Go Lucky Day!

Friday, March 14, 2008

**SO no actual....**

---> Post today...I had one and it went ::POOF:: and disappeared!! I HATE when that happens!

So here's a big ol' Texan "HI" & have a super great weekend!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yesterday it was 68 degrees. Today? 32 degrees. HUH? I'd say that's pretty stinkin' cold!! Well despite the freezing, sleety, light snowy conditions...the boys headed out to the golf course for the high school JV Golf Tournament. We told Shaypher that ummm, "son it will be SOOOO cold. You might want your Under Armour. Maybe even 2 of them." He always when it's cold (I promise..he's OPPOSITE boy!) "mom it's not THAT cold, heck I could wear shorts" Yep, that's my boy. My oh so CUTE Opposite Boy....:)
So...back to the tourney, well due to the weather conditions, the team was only allowed to play 9 holes. In 9 holes they shot FABULOUS scores. I'm not a golf scholar, I know NOTHING about the language so if I totally kill the "talk" of golf..just overlook it this one time :) Shaypher shot a 48, another boy shot a 42, more boys did the same. This took the boys to 1st place in the District and the Richland High School Rebel Golf Team all received Medals! Shaypher's sporting his today rather proudly....

I'm so proud of him and the entire team!! Way to go boys!!

Here's his medal up close..on the back it says District 5a First Place Team.

So today's a crazy weather day. Well this week's actually been crazy. Monday night we had snow flurries, Tuesday back to the 60's, Wednesday the same and today, it's freezing!! BRRRR rabbitt!! Hope your weather's good for you and you have a great weekend!!
Update on my uncle:
Not sure why, but for some odd reason they've moved Uncle Jim to a rehab center. HUH? This is being looked into because he wasn't even NEAR ready to be moved from the hospital and he's not responding well at all to the rehab. This is all being looked into so if you could just spare more prayers for him...he's just not doing well at all.

You have no idea how much I appreciate, my entire family appreciates all the prayers...God Bless all of you. :)

Happy Thursday to everyone!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

**Saw a GREAT flick tonight & just a few things to share**

Last night Savannah & I met some friends to go see a GREAT movie & it was so nice to get out! We saw "The Other Boleyn Girl" - it's a GREAT movie, you have to go see it! I heard it chopped up the book, which I am on my way today to buy.....but I LOVED the movie :)

**Oh I almost forgot! I just recently did some projects for Scrapbooks N Stickers DT & thought I'd share them with all of you. Can I tell you how HARD 2 pagers are to do? Very challenging but FUN nonetheless :)
I haven't worked 2 page layouts in a LONG time!

Just a cute li'l door sign :)

I want to thank ALL of you for your prayers for my Uncle Jim. As of today he's the same...critical but stable. They're thinking maybe hospice soon...I'll keep you updated. )

Have a happy week :)