Saturday, August 30, 2008

**We interrupt this regularly scheduled**

blog post for the following announcements:

--working on some assignments this week - can't WAIT to show you!

--check this week on the
Glitz blog for a fun "10 minute project" I will be showing you!

--last Sunday did a mini photo shoot of Senior pics of my daughter and a friend of hers. Turned out GREAT if I do say so myself! We'll be finishing up the shoot this week sometime -

--still have one more day of family vacation photo's to share with you!

--have FUN news to share soon - don't forget to check back!

--thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and "hi's" to me!! I LOVE them all!!

~*~that's it for today - I'll be back tomorrow sometime with news, photos & more!

***OHHH wait!! I need to introduce you to the newest addition to our family:

She came home with us this week. During our Senior photo shoot, my former Rebel conked out on me. It just DIED, never came back on. I was so sad. I just couldn't believe a camera I'd only had 3 1/2 years decided to poop out. We took it to have it examined, to see if there was any hope and yes, after paying lots and lots of $$ to repair...she could have been repaired. We thought, since I've been EYEING this gorgeous girl for a while now (and had it on my Christmas list), to just go ahead and put that money into an upgrade. It took me a little bit to think about it (oh who am I kidding, it took me all of 10 minutes maybe? LOL!) and we decided to go ahead. Sooo here you have her- our newest addition. Isn't she a BEAUT? I love her!

p.s. keep those hi's a comin'! :)
be back soon - hugs!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

**The Concert, A Layout & other Tidbits**

I promise to show you my final day of vacation pics - soon!

I've been SO TIRED today! Why you wonder? Well good grief - from the concert of ALL concerts! I have to tell you - this concert right here:

It was one of the BEST concerts I've been to! I LOVED it!! I couldn't sit still - none of us could! Alan & I took Savannah and her best friend, Abbie. We were fortunate to get GREAT seats and unbelievable prices. What a SHOW! ALL of the contestants did such a good job. Of course David Cook is amazing and it's no wonder he's our Idol - he can belt it! I'm SO glad we got to go!

**Something good came out of something bad Sunday for me - I was so sad but I am so thankful too!
~~PLUS - I have some fun news to share with you!! All of these I will share when I post my vaca pics - so be on the lookout!!

I'm off to bed but before I go let me leave you with my Design X layout for this week's challenge #24.
Our challenge is:
"Conduct an interview and scrap it! It can be an interview with one of your kids, your spouse, your BFF, your neighbor, whoever! You can ask hard hitting questions or just fun random with it!"

I took the challenge a different way since I really wanted to scrap this silly pic I took a few days ago of my pup, Duster. He was being so cute and I wanted to snap his picture. Look what I got:
(layout to return soon - it's out for publication!)
Isn't that funny? It's like he was telling me he was DONE with pictures. I just had to use it for my subject this week.

You should play along! It's easy, all you have to do is go to: and read the challenge. Do your layout. Post your link to your layout in the comment section. You will have the chance to win a FUN FUN FUN Rak prize!!!

~~Alright, that's all for tonight folks - my body's a weary one!
Love to you all,
Don't forget - I LOVE to read your comments! If you drop by - you gotta leave me a HI!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

**I put my Creativity Cap on**

and scrapped!! With a husband out of town, kids working - my house was QUIET!

So I sat down and had a blast scrapping and listening to my Ipod almost full blast.

Our sponsor this month over at Create My Keepsake was Paper Trunk. SUPER cute papers!! Super CUTE and SWEET designer/owner! Thank you Carrie for everything you sent! :)

Here's what I did with the fun lines:

That Savannah - isn't she the cutest sassiest thing ever! :) That's the 1974 line

I LOVE the Jellybean line! It was PERFECT for Savannah's banquet dress!

1974 line mixed in with a little bit of Wrangler (the stars)
Isn't my boy so cute!

and a little brag book I did of my fur babies. You turn the wheel to reveal pics of each pup - I just showed you 2....(we have 4, lol!)

So that's what I did - thought you'd like a break from the last pics of our trip - which I'll show you tomorrow! :) I have another layout too (Design X!) to share! :)

Have a GREAT day!

I have to say it again - don't be SHY - say HI!

Friday, August 22, 2008

**Pics Pics & even more...PICS**

Oh boy am I behind a LOT on showing you trip pictures!! We're almost done! (ALMOST!) I have another day to show you...this is our next adventure - enjoy!

These pictures are from The Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina - as we were on our way to go see Alan's daddy in Sylva - we made a couple of stops. Going through the gorgeous mountains on the Cherohala Skyway - I noticed GORGEOUS scenery so we stopped and snapped these:

That VIEW! (the family & the mountain view-spectacular!!) HA! I see my lens and lenscap in front of them - DO NOT KICK THAT off...(they didn't, LOL)

Isn't that just GORGEOUS!!! God's beautiful creation just amazes me :)

My hair is blowing - my HAIR is blowing! (I hate when my hair blows!! "Gosh - you're such a GIRL!" - those words uttered by my oh so handsome son(even when he squints, hee hee) you see pictured with me here...(gotta love him ;) )

I love this shot!

Wow we're up HIGH. We even went HIGHER. (insert bug eyes and lots of ear popping here)

(This is what goobers do.....)

Ok so now we're on our way - moving RIGHT along...we pass THIS sign. I know some of you may see a sign like this and think..."Umm what is she doing taking a picture of a sign like that?" and "Oh man we see that everyday!" LOL...well this is just something you don't see in Texas - well at least I don't ...

Ohhhhh ohhhhh I pick THAT one...the one on the very far right on the top...or wait should I go with the one on the left? Orrr.....oh well I have a few months to decide, right?

AND - I told my hubby if we see someone selling home made jellies or honey - he must stop.
Isn't he sweet? He really DID stop for me!

I don't know - it's something about the sign that draws me in....

and the jellies.....

I got this one - well a peach, a grape & a plum. I got honey too. Yum. WAY yum.

So next it was time for a picnic in this beautiful nature park and photo's of course!!

Peek a BOO!

I SEEEEE you! (wow - it doesn't take alot to amuse me - I'd say us but the kids would tell me speak for myself - so I am, hee hee...)

And who can resist an old fence for a photo op??

NOT ME! Aren't they the cutest kids? I just love those 2!

I think that's the prettiest wildflower!

This one too!

and now we're onto our destination of adventure for the day - Linville Falls!

Gosh it was pretty HOT and they wanted me to do what? HIKE? ME? Oh my....

Awwww. that tree's COLD without it's leaves! (I really like how this photo turned out!)
Ok so far so good - I mean it's hot but I'm good! We're just walking and walking and walking....(next time though? Remind me to NOT wear cute ballet flats - enough said, right?)
Gosh she's just the PRETTIEST little thing!
Have I ever told you I LOVE them? :)

Almost there....a few more steps.....

YAY!! Here we are!! This is the lowest point of the peaceful and serene!
Now let's walk a little, just a little BIT more....come on..almost there!

THERE!! YAY!!! The highest point! I DID IT (in ballet flats even! GO ME!)
Man...that was some kind of HILL!

I worked up an appetite...
BUT not to worry - I didn't eat them, just basked in the beautifulness of them...(if that's even a word)
Nuh uh...I am telling you that sign's lying. The decimal needs to go BEHIND the number, not beside it....(ok ok I'm kidding - it's not lying - it just FELT like 3 and 4 miles....(insert "gosh you're such a girl" here again....)

Remember that COOL red wildflower from earlier? Ok WOW - check this one out I saw on the trail! (but I have to say my hubby took this picture - that camera felt like 500 lbs around my neck so he carried it for me. I wish it was ME he'd have carried. LOL!)

Saw some WAY COOL and TALL as all get out trees.....

Gorgeous huh?
Ummm....I'm not even going to touch this one. Literally.

So that's it for our journey to Linvale Falls! We had a GREAT (and EXHAUSTING day!) next stop - off to see his daddy...(I'll post those sweet pics tomorrow!)
I'll leave you with this cute little church I saw on our way back down the was just there all by itself...I had to take a pic....

Hope you're having a GREAT weekend! I'm busy working on some layouts for CMK, Design X and some Glitz too! (You'll have to check out the Glitz blog the week of Aug 28th - I'll be posting a GREAT 10 minute project!)
Don't forget to say HI!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

**Ruby Slippers? & A Layout**

I totally forgot to pack my ruby slippers to wear to Ruby Falls!
Oh it's ok...I might have slipped anyway ;) We were so deep underground!
SO our next adventure was the very next day - we drove up to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tenn to go see Ruby Falls.
Ever been there? If not - you MUST go. It's GORGEOUS!
You have to click that link to read the cool history behind the falls and how they found them underground.

Here's pics from our day:

The fam as we're about to go in for our tour :)

We went down in an elevator pretty fast and ended at our destination in 23 seconds - wow!
For some reason - silly Shaypher wanted a pic of the "this way in" sign...he said it was funny.

Sometimes the ceiling was this low. Alan & Shaypher had to duck alot. Savannah & me not so much. Well she did a couple of times but me?'s ok at least my feet touch the ground, right? ;)

No he wasn't following Shaypher - although he looks like he is huh?
This is just one of many examples of how the rocks formed under ground in the caverns - wild huh?

a moment to pose for their mom :)

Another example - pretty wild how that really looks like an elephant's foot!

And here's some more interesting things we saw:

(look REALLY close - he's there!)

(that would be me - slow as a turtle...)

I would have hated to see the dragon that posed for this one.
(Oh how laughter is good for the soul!) Another example of the rock formation...

And now we've reached the falls - we've travelled almost a mile underground...
The tour guide told us if we wanted to capture gorgeous pictures of the "Falls" we had to wait until the light show and turn off our flash
- otherwise you'd get a pic of the family with water behind them, like a shower
- for example:

(she wasn't lying)

The beautiful light show - the beautiful Falls---

(sorry it's so blurry - my camera was working hard and boy was it DARK!)

I went UNDER the Falls - caught this shot....

again - sorry for the blurry kids - no flash....

outside - on part of Lookout Mountain..

He's so cute!
Explorer Savannah....

Isn't she gorgeous?

Not to mention - so very sweet!

SO that's it for the next day - more to come!
Now I give you a layout I did the other day - it's for the Design X challenge this week. It was my week and I wanted to do a challenge that was simple - yet a little bit powerful too. So I came up with: "Describe your very best friend" Here's MY very best friend:

The title & journaling speak for themselves - I'm such a lucky girl to have a great guy like mine! :)

a couple of close ups....
Be sure to check out the challenge! What a cool RAK you could be entered in!!
If you've read this far in my visual post - thank you! :) Say hi if you get a chance.
I adore each one of you - thank you once again for your prayers :)