Tuesday, September 30, 2008

**Genies, Queens & a Cube...**

catchy title, eh?

About those "genies"....
"If you bumped into a genie and she offered to grant you three wishes. What would your wishes be and why?"
THAT's the challenge this week over at Design X. Are you up for a good challenge? I know you are, come on admit it ;)

Here's my layout I did and a little explanation and my journaling is to follow:

(layout will return soon - it's out for publication!! :))
A typical reaction to a genie popping up and asking to grant 3 wishes would be for something trivial (but exciting nonetheless!) like new cars, bigger house, lots of cashola..

I knew from the second I got this challenge what I really wanted to wish for. My children come first - so this is how I came up with my journaling....
I wish....
1. that you both stay true to your faith & love in Jesus Christ
2. that you will ALWAYS adore each other
(on the next one - I was hoping the "genie" would let me get a "3-for-1" all in one so...)
3. for you to alwys stay healthy, well loved & live life to the fullest.
Here's a few close ups:
(they will also return soon!)
Oh - now about those "Cubes"
Have you SEEN the GORGEOUS photo cube that my sweet friend (and fellow DT member at CMK) Danielle Flanders did? If you haven't...oh man go look here on her blog: Dani's Blog. (OHHH and guess what else about sweet Dani??? She's our GUEST this week over at Design X!)
Dani taught this project at our Scrap Pink event over at Create My Keepsake this past Saturday and I decided I wanted to make one for my sister's birthday (which was yesterday).
Savannah & I surprised her at her office yesterday with it. She loved it! Made me so happy! (**Thank you Dani for the inspiration!**)

Here it is:
That's my sister's cute sons & beautiful daughter (Turner, Taylor & Tucker)
(this is my gorgeous niece & nephew )
(my 3 beautiful nieces :) I LOVE these girls! - the far left cutie & far right cutie are sisters)
(this is the "Brock Cousin Crew" as we call them...my 2 kiddo's, my brother's 2 girls and my sister's 3 kidlets...)
A birthday gift isn't complete without a card, right?
Well here's where our "QUEEN" comes in.
My sister. I love her dearly. She's 13 years older than me. She's been my best friend growing up (well both of my sisters are ;) She loves all things girly and if there's a crown anywhere it becomes HERS. She just HAS to have it. (I just think she likes to give orders, to be a ruler. LOL!!) . She just loves crowns.
In fact - when I delivered her gift to her - she was all dressed up in a gorgeous black dress...complete with a plastic crown and ring to celebrate her day (lol! compliments of her office & just so appropriate for her!) She is the best sister any girl could ever ask for. I had to create this card - just for her - the b-day queen:
a little close up of the crown :) (btw, her intials are TB - so she totally has Queenteebee as her email addy, bwahahaha!!)
and I have NO idea why - but this struck me as funny that I put this on the back of her card:
I know I know....it's the little things that amuse me. ;)
Have a great one,
much love -
(p.s. I just have to tell you all thank you SO so much for all of your congrats on making Label Tulip's team. I am beyond excited!! Thank you again :) )

Saturday, September 27, 2008

**I Have To Tell You**

(Tulip Girls)
That's my fun news. I'm so excited I can't see straight.
I can't tell you how many emotions have run through me since I got the email from Cindee 2 days ago.
I'm a night owl, as you already know. I was up late, blog hopping. I hear that **ding ding** my email box makes. (I get super giddy when I hear that - sometimes though, a spam email makes me wanna go...HEY!)

Well I saw that there was 1 email in my inbox. I saw who it was from.
I saw the subject. I started getting all sweaty palmed! I read it right away and all the while trying so HARD to keep in my excitement - I couldn't hold it in anymore--I SQUEALED and ran through my house.

Now mind you it's near 1 am and my family has gone to bed. But I only managed to wake up one person - my sweet husband. He's asks: "WHAT! Why are you running around the room??"
I told him my news!! He says: "Oh Leslie - that's great!! I'm so proud of you - now can we go to sleep?" I'm thinking SLEEP? How can I sleep now?
I didn't know if I should email Cindee back right then or wait until morning. I didn't want to look like an overly excited child on Christmas morning.
Guess what - that overly excited child in me won. I emailed her back! ;)

So that's how I heard the news - now I'm getting all nervous (HECK have you SEEN the talented group up there??) and hoping I can do my job - excited that I get to work with such beautiful kits!! Last I started to worry that I would goof up - but in the end, the excitement stayed and I'm just too excited to sit still!

So let me tell you about this fabulous place - Label Tulip!

They make KILLER kits, KILLER! I've been drooling over their kits for a while now!
The DT is amazing! - the gallery is LOADED with gorgeous work.
To be considered and asked to join this team is just the biggest honor! I'm very excited to get to work with the kits, to work with the new team of talented and sweet ladies!

Thank you Label Tulip for this honor! I can't wait to get started :D
Thank you Cindee & Cathy - see my big smile today? :D

GUESS what today is!
Yep - that's right!
It's Scrap Pink @ Create My Keepsake!
Here is my Challenge Layout! The challenge is: "Scrap a page about YOU and YOUR world around YOU using song lyrics. You can find my challenge right HERE

(I used the song lyrics from my fave Christian song by Relient K - you can see the Youtube video here because I have NO IDEA how to load it into Blogger.)

I hope to see you there!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

**I'm just tip-toe'in through the TULIPS!**

I have NEWS! (<-----------click there!!!!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

**TDX, a Tiggity Tag Tag & a little reminder**

SO this week we're all about indulgences at The Design Experiment!
It's Amy Coose's week and our challenge is: "In what way(s) do you indulge yourself?"
I could only think of the latest thing that's been my BIG indulgence since we've been home from our trip - home made jellies & jams!

So here's my layout:

and a few little close ups:

Play along! Upload what you indulge in and leave a link to your layout in the comment section! If you do - link it back to me!! I'll pick someone to win a FUN RAK from ME too along with your chance to win one at TDX!!
I was tagged by my CUTE friend Nicole:

The FIVE Tag:
10 years ago I:
1. was 29 - oh to be there again!
2. had a 6 and 7 year old
3. was happily married (STILL AM!!) for 8 years
4. was a preschool teacher :)
5. lived in the cutest little bitty house
5 things on today's "to do" list:
1. laundry (blech!)
2. scrap
3. edit some pics
4. cook dinner
5. finish up Shaypher's class ring order form (GOSH, already?)

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Chips and salsa & a little queso too!
2. grapes and cheese (I guess I'm a cheese nut, LOL)
3. Peanut M&M's
4. chocolate covered pretzels
5. craisins

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Tithe :)
2. Buy a Villa in Italy
3. Get us all brand new cars of our dreams!
4. Pay for college for the kids
5. Shop a little!

5 places I have lived:
1. Fort Worth, Texas
2. Arlington, Texas
3. Fort Worth, Texas
4. North Richland Hills, Texas
5. NRH, Texas ;)

5 jobs I have had:
1. clerk at a dept. store
2. worked for my parents - (how I met my hubby!)
3. cashier at Target
4. preschool teacher
5. teacher at a local scrapbook store (Recollections)

I am tagging:

**Rules: Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person that tagged you know when you've answered the questions on your blog.
thanks Nicole - that was FUN!! :)

Now don't forget - this coming weekend is the:
at Create My Keepsake! I hope you can make it!! There's going to be LOTS of challenges, a few classes, prizes & more!!

Here's one more sneaky of what I'll be doing:

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!

Don't forget I LOVE all your comments! Be sure to say HI - I mean come on, you're not SHY, right? ;)


Sunday, September 21, 2008

**Pitter Patter Potter Here**

Hi. It's Pitter Patter Potter here **woof-woof**

This is an update from me. Mom said you might want one when I'm starting to feel better. Well she insisted on a photo shoot while outside this morning so you're not only getting an update from little bitty me, but some pictures to go along wiff it. Ohhh sorry, I mean with it. I let my no teeth on the bottom take over and you'll have to excuse me sometimes my words end in "ff" because of it.

I'm feeling a little better. Can you tell? See I want to jump on my mom while she's snapping my picture. You'll see that in one of my pictures.

(think I got too close, sorry!)
In another one you'll see where I've finally decided that barking and talking IS a good way to get attention and so I've decided to do that again (notice photo) I'm sorry if it bothers you that only one tooth is showing - that's my lone bottom tooth that got to stay in my mouth. I'm glad - I like that toof -it's my favorite. :)

Mom says my personality is coming back. Not all the way though. But it's almost there. Doctor told my mom that I will take one full year to heal on my rebuilt jaw/chin. LOOK! Look close. You'll see something amazing. I had no chin. I had no jaw. Doctor had to cut it all out but if you look REALLY close you won't only see my stitches that have to stay in - but there's a little LIP! My doc said it's a miracle that some skin decided to form that way and made me look almost the very same - with a twist. :)

Well I guess that's all. Oh wait - see that picture of me with red stuff in the background? See it really good? THAT is what my mom calls mulch. So when she told you the story she thought that's what was on me - there you go - now you see it. I wanted to make sure you did. (If you will notice the black stuff there too - that's the stuff Dad had to lay down before he put the mulch down. You're not supposed to see that but that's where Bandit lays. He's not supposed to. Don't tell Dad I told ya, k? ;)

I am finished with all of my medicine as of today. I am so happy! It was yucky. Made me feel better though. I know it. What's good for you may not always taste good. I learned that- big time.

Oh and a PLUS happened with my accident. not only do I get more cuddle time (shhh don't tell the others) with mom, but....
I get to EAT 2 times a DAY! **WHOA** that's exciting.

I'm very glad I was feeling good enough to update all of you.
Wait - I'm being distracted...

(sorry - the brothers at the door are distracting me...)

There now....ok so I better go, I'm ready for more cuddle time.

Oh - I have to - scuse me...**woof - woof** (I had a little cough) say thank you for your prayers for me. Mom and Dad say I'm going to be ok. They say because all of you prayed for me and thought good thoughts for me - I'm so happy! **RUFF** you! (that's thank you)

and I **woof ** you!! (I love you!)


PPP - signing out.

p.s. My mom says hi.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

**Save the DATE - Scrap PINK**

September 26 - 28th Create My Keepsake will be celebrating SCRAP PINK with an online crop, mini classes, challenges and PRIZES!!! (be sure to check out ALL of the challenges and online class our Design Team is doing on September 27th.)

Scrapbooks etc. is partnering with Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to hold a “Scrap Pink” fundraising campaign in September 2008 at stores across North America. CMK is hosting a fabulously fun weekend full of fun things for scrapbookers everywhere!

Check out the CMK details here:

I hope all of you can make plans to be a part of this fun day!!

I thought I'd show you another sneak of the challenge I'm hosting:

It's TGIF - and boy am I ever glad!!

Tonight's the homecoming game...ahhhh my fave time of year!! Fall, football, chilly weather..ahhhhhhhhhhh

Have a great one everyone!
(p.s could someone PLEASE tell me WHY it says THURSDAY the 18th up there when it's clearly FRIDAY the 19th?? Did Blogger eat my day or is it just not ready for the weekend like I am??? LOL!!)

**You HAVE to CHECK this OUT**

I have to show you something.

Look at this:

and this:

oh, and this:

are those cards not GORGEOUS?!!!! Want to know who made them and with what?
That's my sweet friend Danielle Flanders creations. Isn't she SO CREATIVE!

She sure makes GORGEOUS cards. :) She made those cards with the CMK card kit for September :)
So do you like them? YOU too can create these cards!!
Dani provides wonderful directions and examples so you can do these or you can make whatever you want with the kit :)
I picked up a kit! You should too!! You can - just click that link :)
In case you're not sure what link to click let me give you another one.
Just go here ----------> CMK Sept. Card Kit

(thank you Dani for letting me use your images!)
In other news:

Potter went to the vet yesterday for his re-check. Good news! He's progressing exactly the way the doctor wants him to. He's doing so much better than a week ago. SO much better.
Doctor Hill told us that it will take up to a full YEAR for his chin/jaw to form and be totally healed the way it should. He doesn't want to take his stitches out because he didn't want to cause him any more trauma than he's already had. He said he's got SO MANY stitches he'd have to knock him out again and he just didn't want to do that. So his stitches will dissolve on their own. I was worried it would hurt him to leave them in but he reassured me it won't. He was very thrilled with how he looked, his weight, that he's eating and starting to play and become active again. He just started barking today!! It's so cute - he sounds all raspy like when you've got a cold...it's the best sound ever to me! I know that sounds weird - but if you could have seen him this time last week - gosh....

So thank you EVERYONE for your thoughts and prayers for our little guy - BIG hugs to ALL of you!!

I have loved all of your comments - they've made my day!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, September 15, 2008

**Pitter Patter Potter, TDX & more**

~**From the bottom of my heart - thank you. We all thank you. Pitter Patter Potter says thank you and he "woof's all of you"**~

This is a recent pic I took of him. He just looks so pitiful! Look at his little face :) He's so precious! I took more pics of him where you can actually *SEE* the trauma - but I'm only sharing this one. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that you'd have to see him yawn or look under his mouth (chin area) to see where he was injured. He's slowly but surely making a comeback.

Today he *TRIED* to throw a toy in the air like he always does. It freaked him out a little when it didn't go in his mouth like it used to He left it there and laid down and whined this pitiful whine. It must have hurt. Poor guy - but he IS improving. Thank you everyone!! He goes back to the vet this Thursday for his follow up. Today is 1 week since the accident and I'm very happy with how he's doing. The vet warned us that he would get worse before he got better He said that it would take a bit for him to figure things out and adapt to his new way of life. :) He's on his way! He's our little furry miracle!

You have to see this CUTE card Potter got in the mail today:

Shanna - a girl with a heart of gold - sent this to him and we have it displaying proudly for everyone to see! :) Thank you SWEET sweet Shanna - "luv 'yer guts" too, girl :) Check her blog out - she did the nicest little post about Potter :)


So our new challenge is up at TDX - it's a fun one this week!! Cute Kimmi came up with it:

Challenge: Close your eyes, open the dictionary, and point to a word. Does your word mean anything special to you? Why?

My word: LIKE. Here's my "LIKE" layout :

(layout returning soon)
I hope you play along with our challenge this week!! Be sure to load your challenge layout in the comment section of The Design Experiment blog for your chance to win a fabulous RAK!!

**ALSO - check out our new 2 design team members!! SO excited for Dena & Divian!**

Do you have any scrappy plans for the weekend of SCRAP PINK which is Sept. 26th-28th? You should head over to Create My Keepsake for some FUN!! We'll be cropping all weekend! We'll have great classes and challenges!
I've got a challenge all ready to go - here's a sneak peek:
I hope you come crop with us! It's going to be SO FUN!
So with a week like I had last week - everyone deserves a little fun news, right? ;)
--a few days ago I received an email from Scrapbook Trends requesting a layout for February 2009 issue :)

--I was asked to create cards for a new Dutch (scrap) cards magazine. It's Cards Only and I am HONORED to be asked to be a guest for November :)

(I also have a couple of other fun things to share with you soon, very soon :))

Thank you for letting me share my news with you.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week.

Lots of hugs -


Saturday, September 13, 2008

**HEY IKE --- take a HIKE!**



I mean **REALLY???**
Look what you've done! Look what you're doing. It's time for you to go....so Ike, get your hiney outta here!

**I'm praying for ALL of you in Ike's path...Houston, Galveston, etc....

I wanted to update to let everyone know that yes..Ike's here but we're a-ok here. No power outage, no damage.

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we're getting some of Ike's yuck - it's windy & rainy. It's nothing compared to what the guys on the coast are getting, so please, please pray for everyone.

Ike's heading towards the eastern part of Texas and going up.

(Alright Ike, Tina called---dinner's ready)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

**HE is HOME!**

One day I was playing with Potter and I said..."Come here little pitter patter, Potter".

It stuck. He's "Pitter Patter" Potter. I have no idea why - I like to rhyme things sometimes. That's the only explanation. That and I just think it's cute. Say it. It's really fun to say. Go ahead...now it's in your head and you'll be saying it all the time. ;)

He's home and boy are we all relieved he's here!!
He's resting right now. Right here next to me. We are both snuggling in my big chair with my computer on my lap and his little body right next to me. He's doing well.

I've taken some pics of him :) When you first look at him he looks no different. The swelling's gone down so much it just looks like his little mouth is closed. You'd have to see him yawn or hold his head up to see the damage. Well it's not damage anymore- it's his totally rebuilt chin. The doctor did an amazing job. AMAZING! ! Thank you Dr. Hill!!

He's on ALOT of medication. Many of you have asked what he's eating. He's having to eat soft cat food for 2 weeks. Well cat food and it has to be mixed with the soft dog food to make sure he gets the fats he needs to restore his energy and strength. He loves it. I've fed him once tonight (because they tried to tell me he LOVES his medicine with his syringe...umm yeah right. Not so much. SOOO I had to put it in his food so he'd lap it up)

I'm off to go snuggle closer with my brave little fur guy - but before I go I wanted to share my TDX layout with you:

We had to scrap our biggest fears. I've already done that with my fear of clowns (YUCK) so I went another route - my fear of "have I taught her everything she needs to know?"

Night everyone - thank you from the bottom of my heart. All our hearts.
Much love to you all -
~Me (and Potter)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

**I Totally BELIEVE**

in the power of prayer.

I truly do.

My sweet little Potter is alive and alert. I believe prayers are the reason.

We just got home from the ICU puppy clinic and here's the latest update:

First I have to tell you - Potter is amazing.

Potter was severely injured. He's had reconstructive surgery. He lost almost half of his lower chin/jaw and all of his incisors. He has one canine still there. His back teeth are all still there - that's amazing! Meaning - once he's healed and gets back to eating - he can eat anything. (Although - I'm going to put him on soft foods and will probably leave him on them.)
He's got so many stitches on the inside and outside I lost count. He will have his stitches in for a minimum of 14 days - maybe 30...depending on how he looks in 14 days.

The vet is amazed at how he is recovering. He says he's never seen a dog who was damaged so badly have the will Potter has - the fight in him. Especially being so LITTLE. I told you - Potter is amazing :) He told us that he's going to let him come home tomorrow evening. That is sooner than his original thought of at least 5-10 days! WOW! He will have to learn how to eat again. That won't take him long though - he sure loves to eat!

Just yesterday we thought we were losing our little guy. Today we get the best news ever. We are so relieved and happy. It doesn't matter to us that he will look different. He's the same Potter we've always loved - in fact - he's even better now. Potter's my hero! :) I love that little guy.

This has been a rough & emotionally exhausting journey. Now that we've got the bad behind us, we will focus on getting Potter on the road to recovery and life at home. It will be a LONG road - but one I'm very happy to be on.

My family & I are grateful for the phone calls, emails, thoughts and prayers. You all hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

**PLEASE Pray!**

For my little guy - Potter:

I only have a few seconds - I wanted to post this before I leave again:
I'm not sure I can type this without my hands shaking. I may not make sense. Forgive me if I don't. I think I may be in shock? I don't know what I'm in other than my emotions have taken over with a force I can't even describe.
We've just come home for a little bit. I've been at the 24 hour dog hospital. I had to rush my youngest puppy, Potter (he's a year old) there.
It's ok - you can tell me it's just a dog but I won't believe you. He's more than that, he's my baby boy. he's my family.
Would you please say a prayer for him?
All I know is I let my dogs out this afternoon (I have 4 small pups) as usual. They're inside dogs so I only leave them out for 15 maybe 20 minutes. I went back to let them in and I noticed something odd with Potter. I won't go into the details other than tel you this is bad. I knew this was not good. I thought he was dying. It looked like he'd been into something - bad. Alan and I rushed him immediately to the hospital. I just knew they were going to tell us they had to put him to sleep. The doctor described in detail what he had to do to make him better. They won't have to put him to sleep - that's the good news. The bad news is he's really REALLY bad.

My Potter will have surgery probably this evening or early in the morning. They are waiting to see how his little body will handle the anesthesia and then they'll get started on this long surgery. I will know more when they are done with the procedure. They're supposed to call me and I can immediately go up there and visit him for 20 - 30 minutes. I have to leave him overnight. I am so sad and so heartbroken over this....

Can you please pray that now he just makes it through his surgery and will be ok?

If you've read this far - thank you.

Friday, September 5, 2008

**Senior Pics**

FINALLY!! Here they are - my beautiful girl's Senior pictures. :) I am NO pro - just having fun taking pictures of the princess. I hope you've enjoyed looking ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

**Grab your Coffee, Have Seat and be prepared...**

This post is FULL of pictures! Lots and LOTS of them. It's our last journey on our trip - our final destination before returning back to Texas. We drove to Sylva, North Carolina - boy is that drive gorgeous!!!!! Nothing but the Great Smoky's as your scenery, going higher, lower and higher again! :)

This is the little bitty downtown area of Sylva:

My sweet family - I just love them!!!

That's the Jackson County Courthouse. I thought it was so pretty!

Doesn't every girl need a street named after them? LOL!

Then - as we drove up to Alan's dad's assisted living center - a feathery friend greeted us:

True story: When I was a little girl my mom told me a story about a gorgeous red bird. She told me that whenever I saw a red bird (or cardinal if you'd rather say) that God was near and was watching over me. That story has stuck with me! I just had to snap that guy. I wanted to get closer. Ok so I did but he went further in the trees and I couldn't find him...but isn't he amazing!

So then we go inside and visit with Alan's sweet daddy for a while. He was reluctant to take a pic - I have NO idea why, isn't he a dashing young man? (he's the one sitting)

He is 84 years old. He's so so so so cute. He's like the Mayor of his home! My gosh ladies are always walking by saying "Hiii Bill" in these cute little voices and waving...so so cute! Everyone says hi to him as they walk by and they always had such cute stories to share about Papaw! I'm so glad we got to make this trip to see him. The kids loved it. We loved it.

Later that day we drove up to
Clingman Dome - my GOSH that was HIGH in elevation!! It was 6643 feet HIGH in the air! It was sooooo chilly!! I got some great shots of it - just look!

Aren't those pretty? I love wildflowers!

That's the kids right before they started up the trail (which by the way I didn't go on - I stayed right there at THAT level waiting for my crew to come back down (remember the earlier trail and my ballet slippers? Had them on again - enough said, LOL!)

I have GOT to the be the LUCKIEST girl in ALL the world to have THESE guys as my family!

They were tanning....(not really, LOL)

Isn't that view just BEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL! :)

Now that view just before this is where I left the fam - so they could climb that hill - I think Savannah's wishing she'd had stayed with me huh? Shaypher's telling her his famous line: "You're SUCH A GIRL!"

On their way up to the top - it looks like she's telling Shaypher "umm yeah I AM Queen of all hikers! I came, I hiked, I conquered!" LOL!! (now if Savannah really read that she'd think I was a total DORK for typing that)

Remember those gorgeous red wildflowers I showed you earlier? Well here's a YELLOW one! Alan took this one up on the trail...

Yeah, like I'd get THAT close to a bee!! YUCK!

the view at the top (that haze is the Smoky Mtns)

This is actually in Cherokee - I had to have the Asheville shot!

On our way back home we stopped in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It's a BIG TIME tourist town!

We stopped in my FAVE place - a place where it's Christmas YEAR ROUND!!

we stopped here last time and I got some CAAA-UTE ornaments! Of course I had to stop again and shop! :) I got a few more CAAA-UTE goodies!

Ok is that train NOT the cutest??

My FAVE!!!!!!!! The candy tree!

they asked me "is this going to be our christmas picture?" Ummm no...

Ok so is THIS one our Christmas pic? Nope, try again....

This one? Well maybe - if Alan had been looking at ME and not whatever he's looking at...BWAHAHAHAHA!!

So there ya have it - our trip!! Thank you SO much for taking this journey with us! I loved being able to share! I didn't take any more pics on the way home other than the bridge we crossed over from Memphis (where we stopped to spend the night before we headed back to Texas) to Arkansas....

I hope you all have a better than ever weekend. Make LOTS of memories!!

I will leave you with a corny quote:
"Don't be SHY - Say HI" - unknown (lol)