Tuesday, December 30, 2008

**My Faves - 2008 STYLE**

Alexis made me do it :P

No I'm kidding...but Alexis at Label Tulip
gave us this GREAT idea to blog about our
fave layouts and/or pics of 2008....
These aren't necessarily my faves
because of the design...
but there's a story behind each one. :D
Here's my go at this fabulous idea!! Thanks Alexis!
(layout removed for publication)
One of my last TDX layouts -
this one is my #1 because well...
that is my #1 guy!!
I love him...that's our story.
Our crazy crazy love story...
no wonder it's my #1 fave...
HE's my #1 fave! :D
I couldn't BE any luckier -
if I was Chandler Bing! (bwahahahaha)
My fave pic of Savannah this year...
it's so bittersweet to see your oldest
and only daughter
growing into such a beautiful
young woman...
that girl is going to be 18 years old in 5 days.
WHAT????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's my boy. My boy who'd never
admit he's a "momma's boy" - nope but he is.
I mean he's such a teenager
but yet he's still got that little "spark"
of being my guy --
so all of you mom's of guys that have
"mommy's boys"...hold tight to that...it lingers
just a little bit...
I will say I love how this one turned out!

Now for my #4 fave...it's one of my latest
Label Tulip designs.
I love that picture of my kids.
See, we're DEEP in a cave when I took
that picture. It's DARK as all get out...
I told them: "K, smile because
I'm going to take one REALLY fast
(we were walking FAST) and maybe
just maybe it will be a keeper..."
Oh boy, was I lucky!
Look at them..aren't they ADORABLE!
I seriously savor that day.

and yeah...#5 is one of my fave layouts.
Why? I don't know if you remember but this is a
CMK challenge I posted a while back.
Post a layout using your FAVE song lyrics...
I'm lucky -
I must have done something right
because look where I am, look what I've done,
look what I have...
I love my family.
I love my life.
I am blessed.
Happy New Year everyone...
(p.s. Like Alexis...I challenge YOU to do the same..
post your faves of 2008!)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

**It's ALIVE & Some Tulips**

Files.email contacts.favorites.etc, etc.......but
the most important thing was recovered - MY PHOTO's!!!!!!!
They're all backed up and living on cd's....

let me be a reminder to ALL of you - burn those pics on cd's,
get them on a hard drive....whatever, just save those pics!
Mine could have been lost forever.
That was enough to make me cry.

BUT it's all better now and we're back
up and running again :D
Thanks to my awesome brother in law!! :D :D :D

Now I can share my Label Tulip creations:

(the white is not part of the layout -
it's a backdrop I used)

All layouts made using Label Tulip's December kit
and both add on's...
You must have this kit - it's gorgeous!
Go here to sign up:
Label Tulip
Get your kit today!! :D

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
We did...it was a day full of family & fun
(I've got the pics to prove it! :D)
Enjoy your weekend,
I'm off like a dirty shirt....

Monday, December 22, 2008

**We Interrupt This Blog***

for a very important announcement.

My computer has CRASHED & BURNED....
I'm SO SAD! It's currently being repaired....
(thank goodness I can use my hubby's computer when he's not working!)

will return shortly (I HOPE) with a new blog post &
my Label Tulip layouts! :D

(p.s. the gallery is live! go check it out....


If I'm not back up and running by Christmas -

Thursday, December 18, 2008

**We'll call this one A day with a couple of Cowboys**

Sounds good, right? ;D

Shaypher experienced a dream come true
this past Saturday.
Just take a look:

Shaypher meeting one of his very favorite
Dallas Cowboy #82 - Jason Witten :D

And the rookie Cowboy - Martellis Bennett :D

What a day! My goodness - this kid couldn't
have BEEN (big emphasis) more excited!!
He had his helmet signed & Witten even signed
Shaypher's Vols (University of Tennessee) lanyard
(Witten went there, Shaypher would LOVE to go there).
Fun fun day :D
Just look how excited my boy is:

and his helmet's pretty cool too -
(I like how this photo turned out!)

In other news in our little world:

-Savannah JUST received 2 letters of acceptance
from 5 of the colleges she's applied to for fall of 2009
(am I really typing that?)
(3 haven't come in yet).
Pretty exciting news!!
and I'm so excited!! Guess WHAT! Scrapbook Trends
requested 3 layouts for their May 2009 issue!
What's even better? 2 of those 3 layouts are
Label Tulip layouts :D That makes me so happy!
(they chose layouts for "Fast & Fabulous",
"Stories to Tell" & "Showcase")
Thanks ST - you made my day! :D

**in close...
I have some sneaks coming up for you!
I've been digging into my Label Tulip December kit

and will post some things in the next few days.
Also I have a few sneaks too for CMK's Sponsor
Kit this month - which is Teresa Collins :D

Hope you have a very Merry rest of the week...
Finished shopping?
I will be after today - just ONE more thing

and I'm finito! :D
I'm off like a dirty shirt....

Friday, December 12, 2008

** Ten Minute Inspiration**

Glitz style!! You can find complete step by step
directions on Glitz's new blog: 10 Minute Scrapbook Pages

I made these quick & EASY ornaments using Glitz's holiday
line, Kringle as well as Glitz's frosting and letter stickers.
Each one took me 10 minutes.
Here's a few close ups:

Hope you're having a WONDERFUL week! It's Friday!
WHOA!! I totally forgot to get my Friday Faves up
last week & this week! I'll work on that tomorrow for you guys.
Enjoy your weekend!
Merry Merry!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

**Me Crazy? You Better Believe It!**

Have you ever done something crazy?
That's what our challenge is this week is over at TDX

I'm crazy, I'll admit it!! Here's my craziest thing:

Oh what a story we have!! I've been smitten by this guy
for quite a while :D He's my "craziest moment"...

Oh hey!! Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?
My Label Tulip December kit! There's even SNEAKS up!
Go here -------->
Label Tulip Sneaks to check them out!

Have a great week everyone!

p.s. you all made my day by your sweet comments about
my ornaments!! Thank YOU!! :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

**Label Tulip NEWS, A Merry Ornament & Random thoughts**

News from Label Tulip!!
Label Tulip's BOUTIQUE is OPEN!
Check it out:

Up until December 10th you can purchase some
Label Tulip EXCLUSIVE stamps! The designs are so fun

and funky! Designs ranging from woodgrain to potty people
to frames...go check them OUT!! Click on Boutique to see :D

AND - to top it off....they've got GRAB BAGS for sale!
The GRAB BAGS are FULL of Label Tulip goodies.
They're selling for $18 and are valued at appox $40 in product!

SOOO go shopping for you! For your family! For friends!
OHHHH and one more thing...they're putting all PAST kits
(NOVEMBER EXCLUDED) on sale at 40% off!! WOW!
GO check it out HERE -------> LT GRAB BAGS.
Grab Bags are on sale until December 31st....so have fun

shopping!!! :D
I'm so into the holiday spirit! I love making things
at this time of year. I am in an ornament swap and
I made 3 of these to send:

I had so much fun making them I think I'm going to make
a few more for my tree & for some family & friends. They
are so EASY and festive :D
My sweet friend Danielle tagged me the other day.
I have to list 7 random things about myself. I've done this before
but I just thought of 7 more random things you might not know
about me...
1. I love love love broccoli. BUT I only want the "tree" part. NOT
the trunks...yuck. I have this fetish about the trunks.
I will not eat them.
2. when I was a little girl I used to walk around with a stick of
butter and eat it like it was a lollipop. My mom would always
have to hide the sticks of butter because I would sneak in the fridge
and go to town...I think of that now and go..."EWWWW" :P
3. Why do I think that every time I go in Target or Walmart I have
to push a cart? Random...but so me.
4. I have to turn on my alarm clock 3 times. Why? OCD perhaps? LOL!
5. My hubby & I met over the phone. Totally work related. What were
YOU thinking? NOT that way! I worked for my parents here in Texas...
he worked for a company that we bought parts from in California...
6. I bought 3 of the CUTEST pink flocked Christmas trees the other day.
they're prelit too...I can't wait to decorate this weekend!
7. I'm a list girl...I can't survive unless I have my list to go by.
If you're reading this...tag you're it.
I'm sorry I neglected my blog the past few days...a sinus bug hit me
like I've never been hit before and I was down & out for the count!
Not pretty..plus my hubby had to fly out of town for a family funeral.
Good thing my kids are teenagers and can take care of themselves huh!
They even took good care of me! :D

That's all folks....have a GREAT day!