Friday, January 30, 2009

**Five Faves Friday & some FunDerFul FUN...**

Today's Friday Faves are brought to you
by the makers of the following photo's:
(which happen to be my #1 Fave this Fab. Friday!)

(wow, the better to see YOU with!)

(she's gonna EAT ME!!!!!!!)

(that is some scary stuff right there)

(we are martians....)

(who have come to take over...)

Nothing like Mac Book picture taking fun...
courtesy of Savannah & her Mac book....
(that's me, Savannah & her best bud Abbie)

Oh man I haven't laughed so hard in my life!
(the last one of me and my pup Duster
cracks me UP!!!!!! LOL)

and on with the list...

#2) this week is none other than the gorgeous
CHA Winter release from Pink Paislee! Check it
Pink Paislee's Releases

#3) Dr. Pepper from Dublin, Texas..made with
Imperial Sugar..oh my such sweet nectar!!

#4) this new bad boy that's sitting on top of
my desk as we speak: HP TOUCH
(I'm a hands on type of girl...)

#5) Savannah's got me stuck on
THIS <----show
....oh my gosh it's so good!
You gotta watch it if you don't!!
Gossip Girl...

So there's my list & now Dena can stop whistling...

We're off to Baylor this weekend.
We're going to this: Winter Premiere

(p.s. thank you everyone for the congrats!!!
I appreciate you more than you know! :D)