Monday, August 10, 2009

**The Gift**

Hi there!
How was your weekend? Hope yours was as fun as
ours. We finished up getting lots of dorm room goodies
for Savannah to take next week when she moves. :(***
Cute stuff...I can't wait to set up her room and take lots
of pics!!

Just wanted to share a gift I made for my sister to take
to a baby shower she attended this weekend. She asked
me to make something unique to match the baby's room.
I was SO excited when she showed me pictures of a poster
that was going in the new baby boy's room (to get the idea
of room colors)because the colors and patterns were SO BRIGHT.
Oranges, greens, blues..(more like turquoises), browns...
so cute for a baby boy, right?

I just loved the "inchie" idea that I first saw at Label Tulip
(then created a project using them for Glitz; and most recently
did a Girls Loft "2 inchie" circle one...) that I decided
what a GREAT idea for a gift!!! SOOO this is what I did:

I wish I would have taken a better picture but I had to get it
to her pretty quick so I just snapped this and sent it on it's way...

here's a card I made to go with:

I heard from my sister today and she said the gift was a HIT!
Yay!! Exactly what I needed to hear :D I'm so glad they liked
it...made me so happy!

Hope your week goes great.
We've got a full week with doctors appts, orthodontist appts,
last minute things to get before next week, getting the boy all
registered as a senior for HS, physicals for both stuff!
Plus some scrapping in there somewhere :D
I picked up some fun stuff over the weekend on my Michaels &
Hobby Lobby runs...

OH! If you know of a place to get Undo..please PLEASE let me
know...I'm OUT and I need some desperately.

p.s. got my Label Tulip kit this weekend...
can't wait to show you PEEKS of their August kit!
You will LVE!!!


Jocelyn said...

LOVE talented chickie doodle!!! I can't find the UNDU either!!!! Wishing you a great day!!!

NancyJones said...

OH I LOVE THIS!!! I may have to do one of these for Bella's teacher. She sat with her for 30 min this morning told her if she wouldn't go in class then she wasn't either. Maybe they should both just go home. ROFL. some first day huh? THIS IS SO CUTE!

Brandi said...

Oooooh! That is adorable! I'm going to put them on my "to do" list for Miss Drew & Miss Addyson's rooms--unless their favorite Aunt Leslie wants to make them one! ;) LOL!

Did you use a canvas as the base?

dstandard said...

How fun is that! Great card too! Can't wait to see Savannah's room. Know you are having fun helping her decorate!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

oh what a lovely handmade gift!that card rocks sweety! Thanks for the inspo.

Cant wait for your sneaks.

Anabelle said...

That is such an adorable project!! I love what you did with the inchies!! Can't wait to see what you do with Savannah's room. I'm sure it's going to be stellar!!!

RitaS said...

I bought the Fiskars "inchie" squeeze punch just to do a project like this...but alas, haven't done one yet. You're an inspiration to get 'er done Leslie! Its a great way to use scraps!

Christiane said...

i'm your fan!! nothing more to say!! ;)

Danielle said...

Love that baby project you did! I know what you mean about the dorm stuff...even though I don't have anyone going off to college, all the cute stuff they have out now inspired me to do Taylor's room over! Tonight I made a frame for her room to hang photos on...I took an old really big wooden frame and painted the frame red and took out the inside and then I stapled ribbons across...all different colors. It looks so cute! She painted some canvases for her room too. I'll take some photos and e-mail you..maybe tomorrow! =)

Sasha said...

I am liftin this shyt for real .. LOL I lvoe it lve it love it .. see I love it so much I spelled love wrong LOL 2x's

scrappermimi said...

Another fabulous project...that is a gorgeous gift! I am not surprised it was a hit!

Danielle said...

oh, I love that Leslie!!! I may have to use this idea!!! I hope you are enjoying your time with your girl! can't wait to see the pics of her dorm room!

Michell said...

Great cards!! Beautiful job with these colors...
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