Tuesday, August 25, 2009

**Kinda like Edward...in the Sun...Shimmerz...**

LOL....how's THAT for a blog title?
Kinda out there, right?
Well it's to go along with something.
something kinda cool and....well "shimmerz'y!"

I got GREAT news today!! I was asked to join
a very VERY fabulous team!!!
SHIMMERZ! They asked me to be a Shimmerz girl!
I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Stacey, thank you Danielle, thank you all!
I'm so excited....SO excited. I'm like a kid on Christmas Day!
Go check out Shimmerz <---------click there!

I have a project to share.
My sweet girl asked me to make
her an "inchies" projectfor her dorm.
How cute is she asking me to do that!
Here's what I made: think she'll like? I just mailed it to her...
can't wait to hear!

closeup of her name:

***I've noticed there's been a TON of giveaways on blogs, I've
even done a few myself. I like the idea of sharing
with others...alot!
Today I'm going to fill a flat rate box full of goodies.
something old, (but not TOO old), something new
something borrowed (except I haven't borrowed anything...besides
that would be rude!) and something blue (ok I'll share my blues)
so if you need anything or just want anything...
leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my
made by my talented friend
Andie Smith
who takes amazing photographs
(she took Savannah's SR pics and she's going to do Shayphers too)
go check out her site: eight18 Photography
go check out her design site: Andie Smith Designs
go check out her blog....Andie
and I'll enter you in a drawing to be done Saturday evening
by random draw.....
have a fabulous day....