Friday, September 11, 2009

****It's all about being ShimmerZy...just ask Edward!***

If you asked Edward to describe himself in the sun..
this is what he'd say......

He'd say....
I'm shimmerZ-y like Shimmerz.
Not only that...but like Shimmerz NEW website!
Did you see it?
WAY Easier to order product from!
Just fill your cart and GO.

Fun new new site!
What'cha think????


Sasha said...

Umm thud .. I see .. I see . . . COLOR .. love it and that vintage is the bomb too ..


Jennifer Y said...

okay this stuff is VERY cool...I must get my hands on it!!! Do you use this a lot on your layouts??

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

You have sold me on Shimmerz! I just went to the new website and placed my order!

dstandard said...

Yummy stuff - colors are awesome! I gotta try this stuff!