Wednesday, September 9, 2009

***ShimmerZ + VintaGe = ♥love♥!!**


Ohhh look what I see!! I spy with my little bitty glasses covered eyes....
Vintage - ness from SHIMMERZ!!!!!! 
September 21st is ONE exciting day...gorgeous new colors,
exciting...wait did I say EXCITING? News....inspiration galore...
put it on your calendar, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!

Trust me.
I mean...really...TRUST ME!

LOOK who our Guest Designer is this month...Jennifer Beason
CHECK out her fabulous designs! LOVE her stuff...big big fan!

Hope you're having a great day!


lesley Oman said...

these look delicious. must get my hands on some of these fab shimmerz

KateB said...

I have a problem with the Shimmerz spray-always gets stopped up -they sent me a new top but agin...stuck! I love the product but not the packaging...can't wait to see Jenny!


Danielle said...

those look fun!!! hope you are having a great week, Leslie!!! :)

andie said...

love the vintage-ness!!! droolll if it goes missing i took it with your desk! lol

Juliana said...

You are so good with the Shimmerz Leslie!!! And these new colors look awesome! I have yet to get my hands on these and play...maybe one of these days! LOL!!!

Thanks for all the amazing's been awhile so I had to take some time and check out some of you latest work! Love it all!!!

NancyJones said...

omword that looks sooo cool I wanna try some of their spray stuffs is it like the tattered angels? whats the price compare?

You be rockin the shiney stuff girlfriend! But then no doubt you would lol