Sunday, December 20, 2009

*hello tennessee. hello north carolina*

my how I love you both.
let's see...
if I could choose just one of you
to be my best friend
forever and ever....
I'd have to say...
I want you both!
I ♥ the mountains, the little towns,
the people and their accents...
(although they say I have an accent?
What? Have you heard YOURS? I could
melt away in yours! LOL....)
So let me share with you a few of my faves...
from our trip to my hubby's family's roots:

but *WAIT*
before I do that, I have to show
you something big, really REALLY big:

Did you see my post below?
Did you go check it out?
You want to win some...right? go HERE comment...and...

Now on to
(but not meaning to)
bore you with tons and tons of photo's...
I'll start here with a few of my faves:

<---the shoe tree.  We had just come out of Corinth, Mississippi  and passed this. We all saw it at the same time. Oh worth turning around. THAT is just hilarious!

<----One of these things is not like the other...
(WHERE's Savannah??)

I loved this wall in Cherokee...he's my only subject that would get out for pics...they were either sound asleep or over the photo's. I'll go with option one.
<----a sign in Cherokee, NC. I ♥'ed it.

<---love this!
the above and below's are in my hubby's hometown of Etowah, TN:

that almost made the "Christmas card cut" this year.  fan.tabulous.shot action.

<---wait, hold up. WHAT happened here?
well....according to the NEXT photo:

<---- says it all...
so was it Edward or Jacob? Hmmm.......

I just ♥ them.
hard to believe she's a college girl
and he's on his way next fall.
in 6 short months.
be back soon with more pics.

p.s. i can't wait to share something fun with you in Jan. '10.