Friday, January 30, 2009

**Five Faves Friday & some FunDerFul FUN...**

Today's Friday Faves are brought to you
by the makers of the following photo's:
(which happen to be my #1 Fave this Fab. Friday!)

(wow, the better to see YOU with!)

(she's gonna EAT ME!!!!!!!)

(that is some scary stuff right there)

(we are martians....)

(who have come to take over...)

Nothing like Mac Book picture taking fun...
courtesy of Savannah & her Mac book....
(that's me, Savannah & her best bud Abbie)

Oh man I haven't laughed so hard in my life!
(the last one of me and my pup Duster
cracks me UP!!!!!! LOL)

and on with the list...

#2) this week is none other than the gorgeous
CHA Winter release from Pink Paislee! Check it
Pink Paislee's Releases

#3) Dr. Pepper from Dublin, Texas..made with
Imperial Sugar..oh my such sweet nectar!!

#4) this new bad boy that's sitting on top of
my desk as we speak: HP TOUCH
(I'm a hands on type of girl...)

#5) Savannah's got me stuck on
THIS <----show
....oh my gosh it's so good!
You gotta watch it if you don't!!
Gossip Girl...

So there's my list & now Dena can stop whistling...

We're off to Baylor this weekend.
We're going to this: Winter Premiere

(p.s. thank you everyone for the congrats!!!
I appreciate you more than you know! :D)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

**Want to hear some exciting news??**

Go here -------------> Paper Trunk

Excitement doesn't even begin
to describe how I'm feeling!
I am honored, overjoyed
& extremely elated! :D
Thank you Paper Trunk!

I just dove into the most
generous amount of Paper Trunk
goodies...I can't wait to show you
what I'm creating :D

Be back soon!!

Speaking of exciting news!
I have 2 more things to share!!

1) Savannah got accepted to the college of her
Baylor University :D
Sic 'Em Bears!

2) I got a fun new job!!
I start Monday & I'm so excited!!!!!
The hours are great & I get a day off
during the week!! :D I can't wait to start!

Thanks for letting me share with all of you :D

Sunday, January 25, 2009

**CMK February Kit Layout Reveal**

So how about something *NEW* this month at CMK!!
On the 25th the DT will post not just *sneaks*
of the upcoming Month's kit - but a full layout
reveal! :D
All of the DT members will be posting a reveal on
their blog so be sure to check out ALL of their blogs
to see LOTS of gorgeous reveal layouts! :D

Here's mine:

a little closer....

Don't forget to check out the CMK BLOG
to see all of the challenges, layouts, projects,
etc for the rest of the month using the kit :D

It's a gorgeous kit!!! Another MUST HAVE!!! :D

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's FUN Being Cool & I Mean I Guess I'll take You...**

Have you ever done a Friday Formula at
Create My Keepsake?
They are SO FUN!!!
Go here: CMK Blog to see the 'formula'
Lisa has us doing something a little different!
Each week, the DT takes the sketch & posts it on
the blog our layout based on the sketch.

This is my layout...

close up....

You can see the formula on the link above
and also in the CMK forums <--------(click there)

My layout is about my son on his 16th birthday...
he thought he was "too cool" to wear the sombrero
they put on him in the restaurant

but we got it on him
later...I've got the pics to prove :P
My journaling just says....

"Happy 16th, cool boy! I love this shot
I got of you at your party
as the waiters sang to you..."
I used embellies from the FABULOUS January
CMK kit "First Crush" & the mini kit "Smooches"

I'm sure you're wondering what the

"I guess I'll take you" is all about...
I say that in the most

"I don't wanna" tone...LOL!!
Like my word.."really?!!"

- it's THAT tone.
Tonight we're leaving to take

Savannah to the tiny town
of Stephenville, Texas.

Why? She's visiting a college there.
One of the colleges that's accepted her

for fall of this year.
I am so excited for her!!
But also so sad...but more excited than sad.
Sad because...really?

It's TIME to be doing THAT?
I guess...I mean I guess.

Have a happy weekend,

p.s. all you CHA goers...HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

*Leaving something behind...TDX....**

This week at TDX:

The prompt is:
"What burdens did you leave behind in 2008?
How did you overcome that feeling to just LET IT GO?"

I left behind something kinda big...
only to take on a new adventure...
a bigger one....
Here's my layout:

a few close ups:

Head over to the blog: The Design Experiment
and take on this challenge :D Just link your layout
in the comment section....that's all you have to do! :D
OHHHH and speaking of TDX...did you SEE our news??
2 fabulous designers have joined our team!!
Lori Renn & Glenda Tkalac -- we're THRILLED &
so excited to have you girls join us! :D
Go visit their blogs & look how TALENTED they are! :D
I hope your day is the best!

Friday, January 16, 2009

**It's Rather Revealing**

..........hee hee.
Label Tulip's January kits are LIVE
as of last night...
Did you get one? An add on?
Oh should!
(If not - go here: Label Tulip Kits)

Here's a few of my layouts....

Gosh I LOVE my girl.....
this one is a gallery lift of
this sweet girl: Amy Parker
(p.s. I am in LOVE with the flourish corner stamp
that comes in the LT January MAIN kit)

I've used those pics before -
they're too cute to not use again ;D
Well I mean
SHE's too cute anyway....

Aren't these girls adorable? :D
That's my main girl and my niece :D

I just love that guy....

(I almost forgot my challenge page...oops!)

This was quite the challenge for me!

We were to use only 5 products
from our monthly kit.
I used: Label Tulip's cool bubblewrap stamp,
stickers, patterned paper,
trim & cardstock.
It's a tad bit nakey to me but I did it!! :D

So there ya have it....

Be sure to check out the other
Tulip Girls amazing pages...
Here let me give you that link again:
Label Tulip Gallery
(I just LOVE what our guest girl
Lisa Truesdell did!!)

Oh and you should check out THIS page too...

it's the CHALLENGE page...
Go here: Label Tulip Challenge
and here's a few tips for ya....
well go to the link above and scroll down
to "DETAILS".....

That's all folks

It's Friday. It's cold here in Texas.
(but I know it's not as cold as you guys

are up North!)
-- stay warm everyone!
**Oh my I think I might see
snow clouds outside?
Could it be?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

**Want to take a PEEK???**

at a sneak?
Here ya go...

Here's a few....
Label Tulip's January Kit....

which goes LIVE tonight at
6pm PST....(9pm EST, 8pm CST)
Go here.....Label Tulip to get this
gorgeous kit and it's add on's!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

**An Interview....**

So today was my day to post on the CMK Blog.
It's Writer's Block Wednesday :D
Today's journaling idea is how you can journal using
Questions & Answers.
For example:

I interviewed Savannah in the car yesterday. I asked her
what it's like being 18....

close up...

another close up --

I challenge you to journal this's FUN! :D

I apologize my top photo is blurry, I can't figure out why
it's clear as a bell here. Ahh can still see it :D

Be back soon with the Label Tulip reveal! :D

Have a great day....

Friday, January 9, 2009

**Label Tulip SNEAKS & CMK news & stuffs....

Ready for some Label Tulip sneaks????
Here ya go...feast your eyeballs on this:
January Main Kit

Add on #1 - Ever After
Add on #2 - Time Flies
Goes LIVE on January 15th!!
You don't want to miss the chance
to get these gorgeous kits!!!!

It's so yummy you want to EAT them.
Well not literally but get what I mean, right? ;D

Have you seen the latest
Create My Keepsake news?

I'm so excited to be a part of this fabulous team of
UBER talented girls!!! :D :D :D

Speaking of CMK! I posted a blog post about this picture:
(I did not take this photo - it was given to me for
inspiration purposes...)

which led to this layout:
(layout removed for publication, be back soon!)
Yes I've scrapped that photo before.
For a Glitz project...
I loved it so much I wanted to use it again.
Savannah's on the left
and her best buddy Abbie is on the right.
Here's the blog post I did:
OH and you know what? My heart is so full of happy!
Want to know why? I adore each one of YOU!
Thank you for the birthday wishes :D

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Leslie has left the building...
(gah I'm cheesy!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

**So there's this rumor that someone has a birthday today**

it's in all the news....
something about someone who likes blue suede shoes?

oh yeah and someone else....
;D ;D ;D

(ok, so it's me...I've officially left my 30's today!
Bring on the 40's. I'm ready! :D)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

**I love PINK**

Pink Paislee!! :D
Thank you SO much for the honor of being a GUEST DT girl!
I simply cannot wait and I am thrilled beyond belief :D

Sunday, January 4, 2009

**She's 18 TODAY!!**

I can hardly believe it - this day is finally here....
My "little" girl is 18 years old today!
Happy Birthday Savannah!

We're off to celebrate her special day...
be back soon with a lot to tell you!

Have a great day!