Friday, May 29, 2009

**Thank you for Hoppin' Over!**

Hi everyone!!
I'm so excited to have you hop on by my blog!
How lucky am I to share this news with you!
Bo Bunny asked me to be their Guest Designer for June!
I got to play with one of the new summer releases...Calypso.
I ADORE these colors! ADORE them. They're so beautiful.
The stickers, the chipboard, the albums, the papers, the ribbon..ahhh the ribbon!
The entire line ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

This is just a little glimpse of what I've done for them:

Everything else will be posted on their blog on be sure to check
it out! I can't wait to show you everything!

So I get to share with you a little about me....

as you know, I live in Texas with my hubby & 2 teenagers.
I've been a scrapper for at least 12 years or more and I love it!
Scrappin' is such a passion!! I love making a huge mess and boy do I
do that! It's part of the creation process...for all of us I'm sure!
I love making layouts and books!
I especially love to scrap about my family. They are my world!

Love to to hang with the to hang with friends!
(and my most the color pink. :D)

Thank you again for stopping by my blog today.
Don't forget to check the Bo Bunny blog on Monday to see
what I did using the Calypso line!

Have a fabulous day!
(p.s. it's t-2 days until "g" day...)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

**A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta DO**

and I'm doing just that!!

CHECK out this fabulous giveaway that
Margie Romney-Aslett has on her blog!

check it OUT!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

**Random + Leslie = a new post!**

I know I know would I like some crackers with
THAT cheese....hee!

I love my Random Blog post days @ CMK --
it's my turn again and I decided to do a "simple" layout
with a bit of a "ka-pow" factored in....
(the ka-pow being all I did was "3D" some of the letters
in my title to make it look all dimensional like...

Here's my layout:

with a teeny closeup (oops!! got a little close & you can see pop dots, duh!)

Couldn't have a post without telling you how proud I am of her:

(photo by Andie Smith @

This morning we're headed to see her honored (amongst other students)
in a Scholarship Assembly. She will receive an award (her recognition) for
being awarded the "DEANS GOLD" scholarship from Baylor University
for her academic achievements. We are so proud of her!! GO Savannah!
Not only that but she's also been noted as a "Texas Scholar".
She rocks...that's for sure!

Have a blessed day everyone,

Monday, May 25, 2009

**Time to Blog Hop**

Seriously? It's that time again? June's creeping up on us...
It's that time to go blog hopping again over at Create My Keepsake!

The reveal of the June kit's here....

Be sure to check out all the girls layouts to see
all of their beautiful creations!

Here's mine:

Is that NOT the most beautiful little baby? I ♥ her!!!
Kinda partial to her name too...Addyson. This sweet babe
is my friend Brandi's new baby girl!
She was born just a few weeks ago.

Here's a couple of close ups:

Hope your day is going wonderfully....let me know how you are!
So today's the countdown. 6 more days to "G" day.
It's the princess' last full day of high school.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

** TheGrammy for WORST Blogger Goes to...**
I am SO sorry for not posting sooner!
You sweet girls that have sent me awards....thank you!!!
(and if I knew how to put them on my blog I would..but I'm clueless!)

So how is everyone today? Have you SEEN the May kit at Create My Keepsake?
I just finished another layout. Yesterday was "Friday Formula"
here's the formula:

and here's what I did with the formula:

a little closer....
Go, hurry now and check out the kit! CMK <----just go to that link
Check back in a few days I'll have SNEAKS from the JUNE kit!
You will ♥♥♥'s beautiful!

In other news around here:
It's getting closer and closer and closer to the big "G" day.
SOOOO not ready....well literally I am ready but

The Princess had a Graduation Tea last weekend. She and 2 of her
childhood girlfriends (that have known each other since they were babies)
were honored at their own's the girls:
(Amy, Savannah & Britainy) ♥ those girls. ♥ them to pieces!

It was a gorgeous day...friends & family came to celebrate the
girls. We ate, visited, signed guest books, took pictures, giggled LOTS
and then the moment came where we talked to the girls.
You'd be SO proud of me!! I only choked up a couple of times and shed
maybe 2 tears! GO ME! :D
Savannah and the girls looked gorgeous. It was fun honoring them...

Here's a shot I got of all the girl cousins together honoring
the princess...
(Britni, Savannah, Taylor & Aubri) I ♥ my nieces!

and THIS cracked me up:
my sister gave her these glasses as part of her wrap
on her was priceless. She kept them on forever!
Who'd have thought...LOL!

after that we came home to relax for about an hour or so
and then the princess had to get ready for her NEXT ball....
the band banquet....

I won't bore you with tons of photo's but
I really like this one I captured while she was visiting
with friends...she looked absolutely gorgeous.

complete with KILLER shoes....
there is no way I could wear these without tripping on my
face...but she sure pulled them off!
Today the girl and I are off for a girls day...I'm getting all
the "girls days" in I can before she leaves in a couple of months...
Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


do you see flashing warning lights?
be warned....
this is a *photo heavy* post -- with a tear being shed maybe once.
or twice. or thrice.
See...the girl had her Graduation Tea today and I'm
about to show you something pretty personal I did for her...
well I'll show the world because it's something small I wanted her
to have - (but with some journaling that's tucked in envies for safe keeping)

Anyways, this kit ROCKS! (I see it's already sold out, wow!!! ).
Ohhh what kit you ask? This month's kit at Label Tulip!!!
Reveal day was last night - woo hoo!!!

So on we go with my reveals...this first reveal is a minibook that
Alexis Hardy put together -- it's called "little bitty pretty one"
I also used a little bit of the main kit (which includes the exclusive LT
paint splatter's so cute!
Without further's "dear savannah"

I knew immediately what I wanted to do with this album when I
bought the add on - (trust me you WANT this!!) I knew this
would be my letter to my girl at her Graduation Tea...(well the letters
INSIDE the envelope are what I read to her today.)

This is the opening page:

all photo's in this album are Savannah's SR photo's
which were taken by my very talented friend Andie Smith
( visit her site & see just how talented she is!
Tell her I sent you...say hi for me! :D

and here's the rest:


Don't forget to check out the GALLERY to see what all
the Tulip Girls created! Especially the books! WOW!
(and check out our guest's gorgeous work!! She's so talented!!
and here we have the 3 layouts I also did....
(main kit here:)

it's true, I LOVE to distress. It's almost like I can't complete
a layout without distressing at least ONE thing.
(that's a picture from her SR. prom)

Layout #2:

I love her boots...this shot is also by Andie (

and for my last layout - this one's our monthly challenge
(scrap something about yourself that no one knows) ya go:

Yep..that's me at 12 and 40. I did a teeny bit of modeling at 12.
I do NOT model at 40. I loved it when I did as a young girl.
The photoshoots were my favorite!!
So today was Savannah's grad tea (I'll post her pics soon)
and tonight was her final band banquet. We went, it was so fun!!
They honored all the seniors - quite a tearjerker!!!
Savannah was so thrilled to be nominated as "best dressed"...
What'cha doing this week?
I've got a few things on the agenda...
assignments, doctors appt's, hair appts (the princess), school stuff galore.
get this. today is May 17th. it's now 14 days until G day.
stop. it!
(Speaking of dates....Monday is kinda special.
a day I share with someone I ♥ lots and lots and lots!)

I better hit the hay...
Savannah's being honored at church tomorrow as a senior.
I ♥ that! :D
I promise to make sure the kleenex are packed.
I promise to not promise I won't cry. I mean come on...LOL!

Happy Sunday to you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

**I'm so sneaky!!**

Yes, today's reveal day (well later on, 6pm PST) and I'm a
little late showing my sneaks...been SO SO busy getting the girl ready
for her Graduation Tea this Saturday. :D

Here ya go sneaks using Label Tulip's kit AND
the add on kit....

**BIG big news is coming soon...VERY sooner than you think!!
So later tonight I'll be back with my reveal layouts AND possibly some news?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

**Bueller? Bueller?**

anyone know where Ferris is? Anyone? Anyone?

Just a little 80's flashback there for ya ;D
and to let you know I AM here, wow...this week is so busy!
I just have time to do a few quick updates...

News around the Ashe House:
~Savannah got a scholarship to Baylor!! The Dean's Gold Scholarship!
~grad tea's this Saturday - been getting all prepared for that!
~Alan's birthday was Sunday - (same day as Mom's Day!) and we had a wonderful
celebration with our family at Benihana's...YUM!!

Scrappy News:
~BIG big news coming soon...can't even begin to wait to share with you!
~Label Tulip reveal is this week!! In just 2 days!!
(Be sure to come back tomorrow for a sneak or 2)

I better run...I hear the dogs barking to go outside!
See you soon!!
Don't forget to stop being so shy and drop me a HI!!!!!!!!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

**Gotta ♥ Celebration Weekends**

That's what this weekend is all about...crazy busy fun,
one celebration right after the other...well wait, all on the
SAME day.

Sunday happens to be my SUPER cute hubby's birthday,
my nephew's birthday
& the one holiday I {♥♥♥} with all my ♥.

Not to celebrate me - but to celebrate MY
precious mom. I have the best mom. She's a lady
that's got a heart of gold. She's very loving, giving,
and all out the sweetest lady you'd ever meet.
I'm so lucky to be the daughter of such a wonderful
lady. She's taught me SO much. How to love, live, laugh...
all unconditionally and with all I have...
so mom...this day is for YOU!
For all you Mom's....this is your day. I hope

it's a day for you to always remember.

In honor of Mother's Day I made a little something....
This is a project I did for Glitz Design:

It's a tiny canvas I found at Hobby Lobby. It's 3.75x4.75 in size.
I used all Glitz products...for more information, go to the
Glitz Blog <-----------(click that link)
Here's a close up....

and over at Label Tulip one of my fellow DT members
Christina Clouse posted a fun project called "inchies".
I just KNEW I had to try them so I did! Here's the post
she did about "INCHIES" <----- (click THAT link)
Here's mine:

I did this using Glitz's new lines: Audrey & Hot Mama
(plus rub ons, glitzers, frosting, abc stickers, etc!)
check out their new stuff right here: Glitz Design
or you can also check it out on the Glitz Blog (link above)

Here's a couple of close ups:


to see the full instructions, don't forget to check
out the blog! :D

Have a VERY very happy weekend!
Happy Mother's Day to you, your Mom's,
and to all the mother's you know....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

**She was the Belle of her Ball**

Prom 2009 was a hit. she had a fabulous time.
at midnight she didn't even have to turn in
her slippers. No pumpkins...
it was a night for this Princess to remember forever....

and she will!
Savannah at her best friend Tiffany's house...

My goodness , I ♥ this girl...

Gorgeous...and it stayed all night long!

Didn't our hairdresser do a FAB job on her hair?
I love it!

oh my...just gorgeous!! At the Eddleman's house...

Here she is on the beautiful staircase of the Eddleman's house..
the back of her dress is my fave! it has a train...
she literally takes my breath away!
I can't believe I gave birth to this beauty!

I ♥ ♥ ♥ her...lots and LOTS and lots....

Never too old to pose with her bro...

Friday, May 1, 2009

**Warning....SAPPY Post...sappy POST**

***just feel like being sappy....

Dear Savannah.....

I love Mark Harris. He's got the best words in his songs. I found this today and boy oh boy did it remind me of all the feelings I'm having with you graduating and starting your new adventure in life. Your dad and I couldn't be more proud of you. We love you to the moon and back. You've accomplished so much in your 18 years. You go girl..

I have to tell you though....time is NOT my friend today.

**can't believe tomorrow is your SR. prom, next week is your SR tea

and in 4 weeks you'll graduate high school.

Time's taken it's toll and gone by soooo fast. I hope you know you are the most amazing young lady and we're extremely fortunate God placed you in our family. We are blessed.....

I ♥ you princess....

('ve only just begun)