Thursday, July 30, 2009

***PINCH ME***

(for all of you pinchers...THAT is a play on words, LOL)

I am SO EXCITED I can't hold it in any longer!

Tonight I received an email from Scrapbook Trends.
That's enough to make a girl's day, right?!

Well...they asked me if I would be their "Award Winning Style"
girl for November's issue. So here's where the "pinch me" comes in!
I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!! So in my best Texas accent....

Would somebody please...

PEEEEEEE-nch me? ;D

Thanks for letting me share with all of you!
I hope your day is just the BEST EVER!
Have fun and make lots of memories.

I'll be having lunch with my SWEET friend Daniela
today! I can't wait...I love it when we get together for lunch!
Too much time has passed since our last one...
I'm going to give her that monkey book I did of her sweet boy!
Can't wait!
Then Michael's after...I have an itch to go in. :D

OHHHH wait, one more thing!
Have you checked out The Girls Loft blog yet?
It's up!! AND...just finished my projects for August.
Can't wait to show those!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

**It's another Blog Hop**

I can hardly believe it's time for another Create My Keepsake
blog hop! The August kit is yummmmy!
TONS of Creative Imaginations...loads of beautiful flowers,
loads of ... well...just loads of FUN!

Don't forget to check out the other girl's blogs for their
reveals! Some are away at CHA so keep checking theirs!

Here's my layout for the blog hop:

The die cut paper...YUMMMYY!!

That's a picture of the princess @ her college orientation a few
weeks ago...she's dreamy!

and here's a couple of closeups:

the wooden brads are gorgeous!!!

So there you have it...August kit by CMK...
get one, 2 or even 3! You sure won't be disappointed!

Have a great week!

Check back soon for The Girls Loft August kit!

Monday, July 27, 2009

***Blog Hop Anyone??** about a few sneaks? I am so excited to show you
my first ever sneaks with Scrap For A Cure's August kit!

Check it out...


that is a FUN kit! Make sure you get your hands on one!
You'll adore sure to check out the sneaks on all
the girls blogs! Be sure to click on their names
on the right and...they're all on the SFAC website :D
Oh...and...umm....coming soon to a September near you....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

**Monkey SEE, Monkey DO?**

Here's the Monkey book I was talking about:

It's a wooden book made by: Genuinely Jane Studio.
I am honored to be their guest girl ...
Thank you SO MUCH Genuinely Jane...LOVE your products!!
(GO check them out, you'll be hooked!!
They make embellishments too!)

I got to create this monkey boy:

front cover...I TRIED my best to make him look
like a sock handed might I add...LOL!!

closer up:

I painted him a dark brown, edged him in silver and a little
bit of copper....

These pics are from my sweet friend Daniela and her little
A man. GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG...Daniela <---------(go there)
pages 1 and 2...

just look at him...
is he NOT adorable? Thanks D...I LOVE these pics...

pages 3 and 4
and a little closer...

final pages...5 and 6. Making those polka dots was FUN!

I just adore polka dots..had to incorporate them somehow...

and my back cover:
which is funny...this wood stuff is not meant to be doused in
embossing powder and lit by a heat gun...let's just say...
I was wondering what was cooking?
LOL.... but in the end, I actually kinda like how funky it looks.

so I kept it...
and there you have it...the monkey book.
OHHH and look!!
It got LOTD at CMK!!

Check it out: Create My Keepsake LOTD

TOTALLY made my day!
Hope you have a fun rest of your week!

Oh wait...before I go...
I often get asked how our sweet furboy -- Potter is doing.
If you're wondering what I mean..long story short, Potter was in
a terrible accident and it's a total miracle he's still with us...
anyway, I thought I'd share a picture I snapped of him just a few
hours ago:
he's doing WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! Can I tell you how cute it is
his tongue is always out? (due to accident) and he's in dire need
of grooming..but here he is. He's adorable, full of spunk,
tells me when he needs water, food, to go outside.
Oh and he loves it when you ask if he's ready to "GO".
(he's a chihuahua/yorkie mix)

but see...if one furboy sees he's being higlighted, they ALL want to:
That's our Bandit. He's sure to let the other boys know he's
"Alpha" man. He's the friendliest thing ever. Quick history...
when we adopted him from the shelter..his name was Albertson.
His brothers were: "Kroger & Tom Thumb" no joke...they
were dumped at a grocery store as babies. We got him at 3 months.
He's 7 now. He's a terrier mix. And needs to be groomed.
When groomed he looks like a blonde schnauzer...

Our sweet Cajun. Got him at 6 weeks old.
Went through hell and high water
to get him. Adopted through "love my pet"....
I was like adopting
a child, no lie! But so worth it...he's also a rescue.
Would you believe
he was all of 5 lbs when we got him? Who'd a thunk it...him to grow
into a 30 lb tootsie roll? He's our corgi/dachshund/who knows what mix.
He's often known to scare people because he
needs to go to the dentist and have that bottom tooth that sticks
out removed. He's a rescue too.
This poor little guy and his brothers (4 of them) were dropped off
at Grapevine Lake. His foster parents found them. When they got
Cajun -- (who they named Brutus, I should have kept it, he sure grew into
a "Brutus") he was near death. He's the runt (really? LOL) and
they nursed him back to health...TWICE! He's a miracle.
Oh and he's always telling
us which way to go...with his ear. He's got talent.

I leave you with the baby. This guy is my boy.
He's my Duster. Duster was already named. I wanted to change
his name. But I couldn't....
I felt bad he'd had his name since he was 8 weeks I left it. Now I love it.
Duster buster is what I call him.
He helped me. He's the little guy we got a bit after
my chihuahua girl (Ashton) died
(she was 16 years old...I will have to blog about her sometime)
and he helped me...he's my lap boy. I see white hairs on his mouth?
WWHHAATT!! he's only 4....LOL!
We got DMan at 8 weeks. He's also a rescue.
He's a dachshund/chihuahua mix.
He's all of what...10 lbs. LOL! His foster mom told
us he's part yorkie too...but uhh
do you see yorkie? I don't...
LOL she swears his mommy was a yorkie.

Anyway...that's my boys! they think they're human. I let them. ;D

and tomorrow I've got some fun vintage finds to share with you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

**Next Stop....2010, Oh The Places & oh boy oh boy oh boy!**

Happy Wednesday!
Today's my day for "Wednesday Words"
over at the Create My Keepsake blog.
I came up with this challenge:

Take a line or 2 or 3 (however many you want to use) from Dr. Seuss's book:

and create a page surrounding it.
Either as journaling or your title...any way you desire.

This is what I came up with:

I used this line from the book:

"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy
who'll decide where to go."

here's a closeup:

I had such a great time with this...
this book is perfect for where our lives are
right now. With the girl just graduating and starting college
in 3 weeks and the boy starting his Senior Year in high school
in a few weeks....this book is perfect
for the advice you get from Dr. Seuss.
I LOVE that man.
His enthusiasm, his quest for life and laughter,
his joy....he was one amazing man. I always wanted to
meet him; since I can remember!


I also thought I'd share another layout I did for CMK this week:

Check out the progression of those dimples...what a cute boy he is.
I love him to pieces!! TIME...stop, just a little longer, please?

and a close up:

HEY have you seen that The Girls Loft has a blog now?
Go right here ----------> The Girls Loft Blog <----------
hopefully soon I can share my monkey book with you!
I'm just waiting for the word...
In other news:
--The Princess is off on a SR. trip with the church group
she comes home Friday & I can't wait!
--just 3 weeks until we move her into her dorm.
SOOO much to do up until then, so so much.
(doctor's appts, shots, hair appts, the rest of the dorm gear, etc....)
--4 weeks until the Boy starts his Senior year of HS.
--the hub (or as I endearingly call him A2)
is busy training for his big ride of the year.
Riding lots and lots, getting in as many 100 mile days
as he can. I can't walk my bike a mile without feeling
like I'm going to fall over...he's my hero!
{Oh and a bit of sad news....
--a dear sweet friend of mine has a french bulldog
who had a c-section yesterday to deliver
her litter of 11 puppies. I went to her house to help her bottle
feed the 8 babies that survived
the birth...little by little throughout the remaining babies passed away.
Still not sure what happened other than Miss Lexi Lou was just too
tiny to have 11 babies or they might have been born too soon....
either way, please remember my dear friend and her sweet
children as they endure the happenings and help sweet girl Lexi heal quickly....}
Hope your week is wonderful. Go hug your family today....
I'm reminded daily how short life is, how fragile, how precious....
make sure they all know you love them dearly....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

**Revealing can be quite therapeutic... {plus a little news}**

{what? well it can! WAIT...not THAT kind of revealing silly...this kind:}

**warning -- post is picture heavy and kinda long...I apologize in advance
I guess I just had LOTS and lots to share!**

It's time to show you the July gallery at Label Tulip!
Did you see our guest designer? Donna Downey!
How cool..I've always LOVED Donna and her work!

Check out the gallery right here: Label Tulip Gallery
Don't forget to check out the challenge right here: LT Challenge
AND the member lift this month is by my friend Amy Coose!
Check out her layout right here: Amy's LT Layout
and check out her blog here: Amy Coose's Blog
(check out her work, she's FULL of talent!)

So in all honesty...I was SCARED to the GILL (what does that mean, exactly???)
to make this album by Donna Downey. I was afraid I'd mess it all up and poor
Donna would be like......"ummm what exactly IS that?" LOL!
Anyways...I decided to put my fear aside, give this my all,
hold nothing back...this is the final outcome of add on # 2 (port of call)
((which by the way is SOLD!))

Alright, here's my book:

(cover, I rolled the material for a dimensional effect. the flower
has been litereally DOUSED in Glimmer Mist and it's layered with 3d
glue dots to make it stand up a little...)
I took the flower, traced it on some cardboard, used the cardboard
as a mask and painted all around it for the cover. Then added
the other dimensions (fabric, flowers, buttons, etc...) this was fun
to get all grungy! I'm a fan of the grunge...

first page...I doubled the fabric houses. The pink one I sprayed
glimmer mist until my fingers were bleeding joke.
It' s bubblegum pink. the BEST pink out there! Anyways...I sprayed the house
& the tags. the house on top had a pattern so I painted over it with green paint.
I added fabric in the windows then tied fabric at the door...
(this book was intentionally supposed to be a quote book filled with
favorite quotes and I decided to shorten it up a little and put
a few words to one of my favorite christian songs, a bible verse (seen here)
and just a few other quotes surrounding the photo's...)

my girl!

oops...I dropped a lid from my Glimmer Mist into paint and "had" to use it
as a polka dot maker (I LOVE polka dots). That's how this page came to be.
My boy -- gosh he's growing too fast!

yep, you guessed it. Glimmer Mist AGAIN. I love that stuff. Can't get
enough! It took me forever to try it. Once I did I can't put the bottles down.
I seem to think that almost everything HAS to have some sort of
GM added to it...silly me. the page, the bird and even the tag...all
loaded with glimmer mist. (I cheated and used my heat gun to
dry my things....shhhhhhhhh)

Yep, once again. But added with paint and rub ons.
I gm'ed the lace under the kids photo (and you'll see this photo again
soon on a layout...well ok so you'll see ALL of these again on layouts, they're
new and I gotta scrap 'em, LOL)

SEE? Can't get enough...I used the lace that came in the kit
as a mask. Glimmer Misted away.....(even a bit on the flowers)

and here..used an arrow as a mask. I have no idea what it is
about that photo but it is one of my faves right now! He's
starting his senior year in a

Last page...remember that flower I was telling you about I used
as a mask for the front cover? Here it is. LOL! See the paint?
I added the Hambly rub ons on toop and a silver pen for detailing...
(had to add my favorite Dr. Seuss quote..)

this is the very back page of the book.
I tried something kinda odd...
I doused this bird with a glue pad. Then loaded silver embossing
powder. I know I know..what WAS I thinking? Well...
I kinda like how it turned out. The smell though? It smelled like
burning rubber...LOL I stopped once I saw the bubbles come up.
the wing I sprayed gm first THEN did that with the glue and powder.
I think I'm afraid of NOTHING when it comes to scrapbooking.
I just proved it to myself here...LOL!
Not sure what the kick is lately with the grungy feel...maybe it's
a phase...let's hope, right?

So here's a few close ups of some of the things I did in my book:
(painted where I wanted to journal, waited for it to dry,
then went to journaling town)

while the stem to the flower was still wet with glimmer mist
I curled it with my rub on tool and let it sit overnight. this is
what it looked like when I was finished.

and now for my layouts:
my challenge layout. this IS the best thing to ever happen to me.
I could type for days and days about our whirlwind love. it's
the best love ever...especially when you know you can survive
living in 2 states FAR far away from each other.
(him - bellflower, california. me - arlington, texas.)
3 hours by plane.
2 days by driving straight.
forever and a moon away (to this silly teenage girl)
this picture is actually from halloween 2008. We were
at the HS football game to support our daughter and her band
and took this silly picture. I have NO IDEA why it turned out like this.
I wasn't going to scrap this picture actually, then I found it on my
computer and decided it was truly depictive of our courtship!
Soooo here it is...the story of my layout. LOL!

as if that wasn't want a close up too, right?

and my final layout.....which is my member lift (Amy Coose, see above)

Clingman's Dome , in the Great Smokey Mountains, is a place we
went to last's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
So for this technique I simply stamped the LT stamp and used
silver embossing powder, embossed ON the cardstock
and a few other places surrounding the layout
(on a sheet of cardstock I put in a circle,
on the photo itself, and as a border...)
I also did a COOl thing..well to me anyway, LOL. Using the
chipboard from this add on kit I coated the arrow and the circles
with glue, emobssing powder and used my heat gun. In person
you can tell how silvery and fun the effect is...I layered it twice
so it would be thick...that was fun! BUT you should have seen my desk.
Whoa...embossing powder everywhere!

Closeups so you can see a little of the techniques:
and one more....

Want to hear something fun I can finally share?
(stay tuned, there's still something HOT HOT HOT coming
in September!! Hopefully I can share THAT soon...)

I'm so excited...I've been asked to join the Scrap For A Cure kit club!!!
(click banner to check them out)
these ladies are incredible!! they are all about giving back. All for a
cause, all for a purpose...and that is exactly why I wanted to be a part
of this group!
Be sure to check out the Scrap For A Cure Blog (<-----click me)
So fun, I get to work with some girls I've worked with before!
I adore Danielle C (she's their DT coordinator) and am just thrilled
to be a part of such a wonderful team. You have to check them out!
Go to: Scrap For A Cure. Check out their kits,
BUY them! You will love them!
My first kit is on its way to me now and
I can't WAIT to dig in and play play play!
Thank you again for asking me to be a part of you!!

Hope you all have a super rest of your week!
We pick up the girl tomorrow! I can hardly wait!
We're going to make a fun road trip out of it...
stopping in a few small towns on the way back for some family pics.
I'm not sure when we'll all be able to do that as much when she hits the college
life for good August we're going to take advantage of it for sure!!
Can't wait to stop in West, Texas at the little Czech village stop (<----click there)
for some amazing kolache's and pastries to bring back home!

Hugs all!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

**Label Tulip Sneaks**

Are you ready for Label Tulip's July kit? The BIG reveal's tomorrow!
(6 pm PST/ 8 pm CST/9 pm EST)

Here's a few more sneaks at some things I did using the kit:

(main kit and add on kit sneaks!)

Check back tomorrow for the rull reveal! OHHH and don't forget!
There's only ONE MORE DAY until the big Birthday Bash!
Check it all out here on the blog: Label Tulip Blog
(there's a FUN new prize, go go go!)

I miss our girl! We go Friday morning to get her...I'm so looking forward
to it! I'm such a GOOD MOM...I'm waiting for her to get home to go
see the premiere of Harry Potter! (because of course I so would
have been there tonight at the midnight showing)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, July 13, 2009

**This is the Story Of A Girl, her Bear, a boy & a monkey.........**

This is the girl...
my girl.
my princess!
who leaves today for a week's long camp at her college.

we take her down tomorrow------->
(click on that picture to see how COOL this camp is...)
my fave part? SHE had to leave her iPhone at check in...
if you know my girl, you KNOW that phone is tattooed to her hands.
Not kidding....LOL. Love that...

Isn't she CUTE next to "Joy?" This is one of the Baylor "BEARS".
they have this cool living habitat for Joy & Lady (the 2 bears right now)
SO CUTE we got Dolly to perform for us...we have NO IDEA!
This was taken a few weeks ago at Orientation...

To find out more about the Baylor University Bear Habitat
click here: --------------> Baylor Bears

and one more:
she has officially picked her major. Yep..the girl wants to be
the next "Elle Woods"...hee hee!!

the boy isn't able to go with us today, he'll be playing
in a golf tournament with his grandfather.
But here he cute with his new haircut: only question is...
when did HE get so big?
he's going to be a senior this year....WHAT! LOL!

I didn't want to leave this post without some scrappy-ness.
Here's one of my sneaks for the July kit at Label Tulip
Don't forget in just a few days it's LT's big BIG big GINORMOUS
Birthday Bash <-------------click to find out more information!

OHHH and just a little sneak of something I just did:

I'll be sharing the full thing in just a few days...
it's something I did for a guest spot at a very FUN company!

keep checking back for the very fun thing that starts Sept. 1st....

Have a lovely week!
We are Waco bound in a few hours.......

Friday, July 10, 2009

**Birthday Bash, a bitty bit of a sneak, questions galore..oh my!**

For all of the following:

--countdown to the BEST Birthday Bash
--a sneak of a July kit that aims to please....
--silly questions answered and one more asked

head on over to the LABEL TULIP BLOG

(you'll see we're on day 6 of our sneaks, counting down to
5 more days until the BIG birthday bash not to mention some

AND as if THAT wasn't big enough?

Keep checking my blog....
coming up in September?
BIG news. Fun news. I can't wait to share.....
it will be quite the challenge to keep this one under
wraps....(ha ha!)

I hope you have a fantastic day...
much love to yall!

{p.s. be back soon with a fun mini I made for a fun company, it's
kinda banana's around here. hee hee.......}

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

**The Girls Loft -- The Place To Be....**

"to dress up life!"
-- the kit is live now to order...I believe there's a waiting list, get on it,
you WANT THIS KIT! Trust me!!
GO here to check out the kit: Girls Loft
Be sure to check Girls Gallery for all of the inspiration needed by all of the DT
including the incredibly talented, cute and nothing short of sweet Guest DT girl..

Here's what I did with the July Girls Loft Kit:
My girl and her best friend going to their high school senior prom
with a big group of friends...

Aren't the colors in this kit GORGEOUS!! Margie sure put
together a unique and fantastic combination of all elements in this kit.
I LOVE it! I know you will too...
I had alot of fun distressing the Prima flowers with paint, medium, embossing
powder and glitter...

and another layout I did...
nothing was short of being distressed..I know, I got
somewhat carried away. Trust me...once you start, its hard to stop!

and my minibook I did...
there's a story behind the title, I'll make it short...
but first here it is:
My sister went to Baylor a while back. She bought my little girl
the CUTEST Baylor Bear sweatshirt @ 18 months old (good grief,
Shaypher was only 2 months at the time...whoa!!)

Looking back -- who'd have ever thought just 18 SHORT years later
my little princess @18 months would be the 18 YEAR old girl going to
Baylor in the fall and becoming a "bear!"
She was our little Goldilocks (she was SO blonde) going to live
with a big group of "Bears".

here's the inside:
isnt she the CUTEST little Bear there?

{the pictures you see of her @ 18 YRS. were taken by
Andie Smith @}

little close up details of one of the where I was paint happy...
all things you see here are created using the Girls Loft July kit
(except for the actual minibook-- I had a 4x4 Jenni Bowlin book
I was just DYING to use!!!!!!!!!

Do you...
Remember I mentioned a party?
Did you see this?
it started today....
It's ALOT of fun!
Be sure to check out the Label Tulip boards for all questions
and on the birthday invitation - it will
take you right to the site (click on message boards)

I sure hope you're having a wonderful week!
Fill me in on you and what your summer is like!
Hugs to all....