Wednesday, October 28, 2009

**Scrapped for ME, Another Class and an Update**

I haven't done THIS in a while:

or this:

I went to a crop and scrapped the layouts above.
It's been SO LONG since I've left the comfort zone of my home and
my scrappy space to scrapbook with friends.
I had the BEST TIME!!!
I went with my sweet SWEET friend Daniela to Scrappers Boutique
and we scrapped our little hearts out!
(not to mention did some Shimmerz demo's...woo hoo!)
Don't get me wrong..I LOVE LOVE LOVE
scrapbooking for my teams I design for...It's my DREAM to work
for them....
it's like a mojo booster to sit and scrap....
like that. :D
I  used TONS and tons of Shimmerz...
and had the best time visiting with everyone....

Just a note....
Don't forget to leave me a comment right here: 
in my Flat Rate Box giveaway! (International entries welcome...
just know you'll have to help me a bit more on shipping...thank you!) 

My next class @ Scrappers Boutique:
This class is November 3rd @ 6:30 pm
(click store name for more info)

Oh one more thing: 
and class update:
this class scheduled for tomorrow 10/29/09:
has been rescheduled to Saturday, Nov. 7th @ 2 pm.
So you still have time to get a spot AND if you aren't able to make it and
want a kit...please contact Cheri @ Scrappers Boutique for info.

Make it a great rest of your week!
Don't forget to leave me a comment after watching my Shimmerz Video Tutorial
(Scroll up....)

p.s. I'm so excited...I can't wait to get my November Scrapbook Trends.
a little birdie told me something fun was in there....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

***Polka Dot**

It's time for a Shimmerz Education Tutorial!

to see how to create this polka dot layout using
something you use every day around your home...
go to the SHIMMERZ blog
go now...hurry!
Go, then come back
and tell me what you think
of my video...

I'll wait....

you back?
What did you think?
If you liked it, leave me
a comment here....
I'll enter you to win
a flat rate box FULL of goodies...
(some old, some new, some used...time to clean the scrappy space! )

(winner to be chosen Friday, Oct. 30th before we leave for Abilene, TX.
for the weekend)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

**HEY DFW'ers...Mark Your Calendars!**

Save the date:
October 29, 2009
I'm so excited...I'm going to be teaching again!
Cheri @ Scrappers Boutique asked me if I would
be interested in teaching and I jumped at the chance.
I miss it immensely!
So Oct. 29th is my first class....

here's the layout you'll be doing in the class:

little closeup:

6:30 pm

Scrappers Boutique
6714 Smithfield Rd. Suite 2
North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Be sure to click the link so you can see more of what this class
is about AND to check out my other classes
and dates...mark them on your calendar!
Don't forget to call Cheri @ Scrappers Boutique (817)503-0777
to get a spot.  Space is limited and I hear that the classes are filling up FAST!

Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

**Birthday Presents, Tulip's Revealed and life...OH MY**

I love birthday's. I love presents.  I love making people smile.
I sure hope I did that for my friend Lisa this week..
I made her these:

for her birthday :D The photographs are by
Andie Smith @ eight18photography
Andie took Lisa's girl's pics and I was able to get a few for my idea
I had brewing in my head. 
I love how these turned out. 
The top one is Amy, who's the same age
as my girl, Savannah...they're such sweet friends!
The bottom canvas is her little sister, my sidekick..Alexandra.
She's the cutest thing...ever! You can just SEE her personality
in those photo's...sassy little thing. ♥ her!
Besides paint, Gesso, paper, embellishments...I of course doused those
canvases in Shimmerz..
and it's time for the Label Tulip October reveal.
I had so much fun with this kit.
I got the add on's this time too...used them on ALL my creations.
Here's what I did:

(isn't that photo HILARIOUS! That's Savannah and her roomies
at the Pumpkin Patch a couple of weekends ago)
this layout was also my member lift layout....
Every month the DT does a member lift layout from a member in the
LT gallery...this month Mette's layout was the one chosen and here's her layout:

the add on kit came with this COOL spider lace paper...
I cut it up and used it as a mask on my background here..
this again is Savannah and her college roomies...
with their pumkin they picked to carve :D

Look! It's little Shaypher...isn't he cute! That's him on his 5th birthday
showing me how he felt about his new beanies one of our dear friends
gave him for his birthday. I believe he got 5, LOL! He's so silly...hard to believe
that little 5 year old is now 17 1/2 years old! I stand by my statement
that time flies when you're having fun!

and my last layout:

My beautiful girl and her beautiful smile
(braces coming off in a few months! woot!)
Thanks for letting me share those with you!

OH!! So listen....

Did you know you can now get a CARD KIT @ Label Tulip?
That's right! Our very own Danielle Flanders is our card designer and
has fabulous instructions you can get when you purchase the kit!
(Click on Card Kit and scroll down to Card Festival to purchase the add on)


SCRAP FOR A CURE is having a Design Team call!
WOO HOO!! I've had such a fabulous time
working for these girls, you will too!
Check it out!
Try out!
I'm cheering you on :D

Do you have any plans this week?
I'm actually getting all caught up after being
gone almost all of last week...
blog posts to catch up on, emails, photo's to be uploaded, etc...
happy to have a down week, yay!
I love the kajallion billion different directions
life has me going's what makes me...ME!
Have a happy week friends!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

***The Girls Loft & PINK....***

Would you LOOK at that gorgeous kit!
 Margie and the girls sure packed
a fabulous kit this month...yum!
I hope you got one!  Check it out here:  The Girls Loft the Girls Gallery
to see what all the fabulous creations by the DT.

Here's what I did:

poor Duster buster.....
and a little mini I threw together:

yep, you guessed it...topped my kit off with Shimmerz...♥

Don't forget it's still PINK month:  Shimmerz Pink

The girl came home this past weekend with her roomies..
we had a fun filled weekend..  "punkin" patch, pumpkin carving, Babes...
here's a little photo to share: 
aren't they gorgeous? they all from different walks in life, different cities, states
yet they meld together like sisters. Girls who  never met before....
best friends for life! Love them! ;D

Hope your week is blessed!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

**Going PINK in the most Shimmerz'y delightful way.**

This post...
this very one.
It's ALL about hope.  Hope for such a WORTHY cause.
Hope for a cause that's so NEAR and DEAR to my heart.
So close to home.
So heartwrenching yet so....heartwarming.
I'm sure you know this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
In honor of this...Shimmerz is posting PINK PROJECTS to the blog
and the new Shimmerz FLICKR site -
and wants YOU to do the same!!  All you do is either load
a pink project you already have or go create and load it to the Flickr site,

THEN each DT member gets to choose their favorite project and each winner
will receive SOMETHING pink!!! 
I cannot WAIT to see what you do!

Here's a couple of things I created...
this first one's special to me...
I'll explain after I show you:

This little house is just something I picked up at Hobby Lobby.
It's about six inches high and four inches wide.
I bought it a few months ago not sure yet what I wanted to do with it so I saved it.
SO glad I did...I knew immediately I wanted to create a little "House of Hope"

This house reminds me of someone. 
My husbands mom.
I never was able to meet her. 
See...she went home after fighting a BRAVE courageous
battle with breast cancer when my husband
was almost 7 years old.
This house reminds me of the house on 7th Street
in Etowah Tennessee where my husband grew up
with his grandmother and aunt and uncle.
after his mom passed away
(his dad was in the military, away...). 
It reminds me of  a place a scared little boy was held, nurtured,
 loved and cared for...and also reminded every day
how special his mom was. How she loved him,
doted on him and gave her every second to him.
Even up to the very second she went into the hospital, so so sick.
So you see...
this house is a reminder of all things good, sweet, heartbreaking, heartwarming...
and, if you look into my daughter's eyes...even though I never got to meet
my mother in law...I KNOW those are HER eyes....:D
(and Savannah happens to share her middle name with her grandmother,
in honor of her grandmother...
who I know would have been so blessed by her)

So because of that very reason...
I decided to also do a pink layout...
of my girl. who shares a beautiful  name with a beautiful lady:

that flower you see, the one with the pin through it.... mom made that out of ribbon.
It was white...I sprayed it with Shimmerz Spritz.
Isn't she incredible? I love my mom...she's so creative!

and this flower, the crocheted one? My SWEET friend
(and fellow Shimmerz Design Team member...)
 Daniela Dobson's mom...she's from Croatia..
SHE MADE THAT!!!!!! I love it.
(it was also white..I sprayed Ruby Shimmerz Spritz on it also..)

Stop by the blog ALL MONTH to see projects
and get all kinds of inspiration.

one more thing before I go.
I'm NOT afraid to say this...
In fact..after I say it I'll WAIT for you to do it.
**Right now...GO..FEEL...YOUR....TA-TA's**
I'm waiting....

Did you?

now go spread the word, tell every girl across the nation to do the same!
Thank you...

p.s. this post is not only dedicated to my courageous mother in law, Lucille...
it's also dedicated to my hairdresser who happens to be one of my DEAREST
friends...who also battled and WON her fight against breast cancer. She's
such a blessing to my life. To my family's life...we LOVE you Sherilyn!

and one more dedication:
to ALL of YOU, all you women who have fought this battle, to all
of you who have supported, fought right along with your loved ones,
to all of you who have been there, treated these ladies, given them the
courage and support they so deserve and need...THANK YOU.
This post is to you too....

Thank you very much for reading!
Don't forget to check out this Breast Cancer Awareness link:
Susan G Komen for the CURE....

Friday, October 2, 2009

**Slow...Enter with Caution...Revealing's in progress**

It's so hard to not be lame on my blog titles..just skip past it. LOL!!

Anyway..I'm here today to show you lots of projects
so go get your coffee/or beverage of your choice. Snack too. I'll wait.
I'm more than happy to wait.....

Good? All set? Ok, here we gooooooooooooooo...............................

First up I want to share with you a project I made with my Shimmerz
and Glitz Design:

I found these hearts, just wooden hearts for so CHEAP at a little boutique
in Waco, right across from the Baylor University campus...
I KNEW they'd be perfect for some SHIMMERZ and GLITZ...
I painted them with Shimmerz, Spritzed them with Shimmerz
and loaded embellies with Glitz and some buttons I had lying around....

bet you can't tell THAT one's my fave...

**next up is my Point.Blank.Period creation:
to see the challenge, twists, and what the DT has done...
click Point.Blank.Period...
We had to "Get Over It"
Here's what I had to "get over..."

Yep...that's Shimmerz all over the place...
Seriously CANNOT create one thing without it anymore.
it's like it's "nakey" and it needs clothes. Shimmerz clothes...
and a closeup at my journaling:

and another closeup of my Shimmerzed flower...

**and last but certainly not least...
my Scrap For A Cure October Kit creations:
For this first one...
Remember the book: "Love You Forever" ????
The words just came gushing out at me as I looked
at my girls photo...
I'm weird.
I'll admit it.
I talk to my photo's...
I even said to this one:
"I MISS YOU like no tomorrow...where's my baby??"
sooo the words hit me and that's where the title came from:

My sweet SWEET friend
AND Shimmerz Education Design Team Leader extraordinairre,
made the COOLEST flower on her debut video blog hop...
I just HAD to try one.
That's my attempt. That flower close to "forever".
Hers is way more rockin' and killer...
but I do kinda like mine...
I've GOT to make more. They're FUN!
You should try it too!
Click on her'll find her vid.
watch it. be inspired.
she's so inspiring!

(p.s. took that SR. pic
of Savannah....isn't it COOL! She's a fab shooter...that Andie)

**Not sure why the song "Green Acres" came to mind when creating this layout...
but did:
here you  have the princess and not the pea...but  her dorm bed.
Bottom bunker....

about the next layout. First I have a little diddy for you:
From the tops of their noggins to the tips of their tootsies...
these 2 are exactly alike. Get this.
They BOTH have the same right hand.
You know the lines inyour hands?
Look at yours. Go ahead, look at it now.
I'll wait.
Did you see?
What you probably have 2 or 3 lines either going up or down, right?
MY hubby and our firstborn...
they have the EXACT SAME LINE
going STRAIGHT acrosson the right hand. 
First thing we looked at when she was born. 
No joke. Not a lie....truly a fact...LOL!
NOT to mention the same exact TOES.
--oh and their personalities...yup, you guessed it. JUST ALIKE.
but the goofy side of her...
ok ok I'll claim that. LOL! came to see the layout, not hear their story...

and my attempt at a card...although I must admit? I almost like this one...alot.

That's all I have to show you today :D
I hope you've enjoyed your snack, beverage of your choice and
stopping by my blog to see what I've been up to....
I'm sure NOW you really DO need to go potty after all that drinking,
snacking and looking....;D

I'm EYEBALL deep in my The Girls Loft --October kit...
I've got one creation completed, working on more...
fun FUN festive're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

and again...I'm still waiting on my Shimmerz winner
if you want your lovely jar
of Shimmerz...
please contact me
So I can get it all
ready to go for you!
Thank you!