Sunday, January 31, 2010

*FAVE CHA Release....HANDS down**

is this line RIGHT here: 
Margie is the SWEETEST lady ever.
The most TALENTED designer too!
When she asked me to make some
designs for her CHA booth...
as I said below...
I was feeling like
the LUCKIEST duck
that ever quacked.
Thank you Margie...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your
new lines and I KNOW all of Scrapbook America
is going to SWOON over it I did!
She gave me the "ok" to here we go!

Here's what I did with Margie's line
"Paper Girl" :

(click on image to make it larger if you want to see details)

I've used this photo before..
{it really IS ok to do that you know....}
**photo to return soon -- out for publication**

everything you see is from The Girls Paperie by Margie
Have you SEEN pictures of her full line? Go check it out!
The letters...swoon.
The flowers...swoon.
Just everything...SWOON!

another project:
so me, so girly, so FUN!!
I LOVE the flowers AND that metal frame? Already distressed. Score.

Now this line is perfect. It's the travel line, called: 
"On Holiday" but my fave thing about this line?
It can be used FOR ANYTHING!
boys,girls, family, travel...whatever.  I.LOVE!
Here's some things I did:

check out the POLKA dos. I LOVE polka dots.

the ribbon...oh my.  I ADORE the postage stamp paper. ADORE.

and he has these packs of die cuts to go with each line.
again...bring on the swooning.

and one more thing:
DID you SEE the buttons? Not only is that's
SUPER swoonworthy. Her buttons are delish.

Did you see Amy Coon's vide with Margie about her new line?
You can check them out right here:
AND...there's a part 2: 

Don't forget to click play (the arrow) , turn up your
speakers and enjoy the show! Isn't her booth

AND...Margie's website is UP:

Thank you again Margie for the honor of working
with your gorgeous lines. I had SO much fun.

**be back soon with Shabby Chic goodness...
where I'm prety sure...♥ is IN the air.



metrochic said...

i kid you not, these are the exact words we said when we saw her booth: "I WANT TO MOVE IN!" it was SO amazing! and margie is as beautiful and sweet in person as she is online. she was SO one of those people who floored me. i think i may have even stuttered. heh. you are SO lucky to have had the chance to play with her gorgeous stuff already. SWOON is right!

Charity Hassel said...

yes. this was my favorite booth other than the one I was working in, lol! I kept saying... that's Leslie's page! hee! gorgeous work!

gscrapbooks said...

Oh my Leslie! I am completely blown away. I look at your stuff - which is so different than mine - yet it completely fills me with inspiration and makes me happy. You my friend are an absolutely gem. I'm loving Margie's line. Good job girly! :-)

Juliana said...

These LO's are gorgeous Leslie and so are Margie's products! The perfect combination!!!!

Erin said...

gorgeous gorgeous stuff! I love this line and your samples are beautiful!

Amy Coose said...

I know I've already told you this, but these are AMAZING! I can't wait to get my hands on these gorgeous lines!!

Lynda said...

I love all that you have created with this yummy new range!!

Thanks for sharing.

meganklauer said...

Beautiful layouts!

Pearl said...

these creations did catch my eye even as thumbnail sizes ! woot ! lucky ducky are you too to get to play with this beautiful new line so early ! hey hey ! you did justice to the the brand !!!

& my interest is piqued ! hope it lands on our sunny shores !

Diana said...

Fabulous work and yes, WE LOVE MARGIE TOO!!
We ordered it all!! It was great seeing your stuff there too. It was awesome to say, We know Leslie, she's on our Design Team!!
You rocked it!!

Danielle said...

these are beautiful, I have heard so many great things about her new lines and everyone LOVED her booth! looks like a hit! she was lucky to have you design for her booth. oh and congrats on the button gig too! you are on fire!!

Daniela said...

I am in love with these collections. I am so happy that you got to play with them. Beautiful work. Do you have andy scraps left for me???? Are they coming to our favorite SB store???? I want some!

NancyJones said...

LOVE IT!!soooo beautiful!