Thursday, January 7, 2010

**Pay It Forward? Would YOU? **

That's what's on our minds @ Point.Blank.Period.
Have you BEEN to check out the January prompt?
You should....
We'd LOVE to see your design....
be sure to click the link to see how
to submit your layouts for our challenge AND
to see the prompt.

Here's what I did.
I'm ALL about Paying It Forward.
No doubts, no questions.....
No looking back...

So think about it, scrap about it and send it in...
We're excited to see all you've done.

I've got a little peek for you @ The Girls Loft January kit:

Ok seriously? Can there BE any more gorgeous of a kit?  Don't Margie and her sweet girls, Brooke & Megan
pack a SERIOUS kit? Yum. Delicious. Fantastic...
Go to The Girls Loft , HURRY! :D

Speaking of Margie...
Check it:  Margie's Blog
EEK!! I'm so excited for her!
She's a wonderful lady, so sweet and TO DIE FOR
talent!! So happy for her....

and....before I go, I just wanted to ask....
have you felt the VIBEZ?
Wait...what is that you ask?
Well..since you asked , I MUST show you....

Are you feeling it? Can you SEE it? Wow...I'm SO EXCITED
to share this.  Shimmerz has a few things up their sleeves... a mere peek.
I hope you've enjoyed this sneaky!

I hope your day is full of beautiful things!