Saturday, January 23, 2010

You're My CuppyCake....

and she always will be!
I used to sing that to her when she was little!
(she'd die if she saw that I wrote that..tee hee!!)
I made these CUTE cupcake flowers I was pretty
excited about for my Shimmerz project last night...

I gathered some cupcake holders,
Shimmerz Pearlz (Teresa Collins, new release!),

and the things I wanted to use for my layout
and came up with this:

(layout removed for back soon!)

(You can see more of my directions at the Shimmerz blog
here:  Shimmerz Cupcake Flowers)

I was having such fun! I also made a border around my photo
using Ballet Pink's just DELICIOUS.
SOME.'ll love me for it.

Here's one more tiny project I made using the same color:
I've seen this bubblewrap technique a few times and wanted
to try it myself...
I had a BORING plain letter "L"
that's about a 4x6 in my scraproom.
I painted bubblewrap with the Ballet Pink Pearlz
and this is my outcome:

I think it turned out quite cute! ;D

So...I said something about a giveaway...didn't I?
I'm filling 2 Flat Rate Boxes with goodies again...
Leave me a comment here on what you think
about the newest Shimmerz CHA release,
the Shimmerz - Teresa Collins Pearlz....
I'll choose a winner AFTER CHA...
so Wednesday I'll draw 2 names.
(Please..Internationals, you are welcome to play...
just know that you will have to pay for shipping, it's
quite costly...thank you!!)

Speaking of CHA...
I sure wish I was there!
Hugs everyone...