Saturday, July 24, 2010

**CHA + Shimmerz +GREAT SALE!**

equals...a busy blog post today!!

First up I can't WAIT to show you the Summer 2010 release from Shimmerz:

Aren't these colors just delicious?? I don't know about you,
but this makes me crave a snowcone something fierce!

I made a little mini for the Shimmerz booth at CHA. If you get to go,
stop by and check it out in person. (they're sharing a booth with Glitz Design)
I wish I was going...maybe next one.
My mini is kind of like an album I've done before (for my mommy) with
bible verses and positive thoughts...Shimmerz requested one, so I happily
made this one:

(the cover is FULL of the new Pop Art Pink. Is it NOT the perfect pink?
I'm drooling...I even finished my entire bottle on this project. I need a refill!)
here's the guts:
lots of other colors of Vibez see the orange page?
that's the new Fiery Fiesta Vibez. Umm...YUM!

here's some more closeups:
flower and canvas page are loaded with the new Fiery Fiesta Vibez.
I LOVE that color!

hope you've enjoyed seeing glimpes of some of the pages of this book.
I enjoyed making it..using all the GORGEOUS new colors.
The pearlz are DIVINE.
The Vibez are DELISH.
get you some....NOW!
Happy CHA...

Oh wait...speaking of CHA.
A little bird told me about a GREAT sale going on right now!
Get yourself over to For The Luv of Art
and check out THIS:
(sale coupon good until 7/26/10 so HURRY!)

Happy Saturday.
I'm going to a bible study fellowship bbq/swim party
so excited to go...
hope your day is beautiful!!

Be back soon with another snippet of my *fun news*
and my last project for The Button Shop.
(sad face)



JessiW said...

SO beautiful!!! I need to try some of the shimmerz...sadly I don't have any:( I guess I'll have to save a little and purchase that as my next scrappy purchase:)

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Gorgeous! I love this canvas tag book. I've got to get my hands on some of that new Shimmerz....such luscious colors!

Daniela said...

The colors are awesome!!!!!! Love the mini!!! So pretty! Who makes that stamp on page 2 tag?

Linda said...

This book is beautiful. I love those colors. I hope you get to go to CHA next time!

Nicole said...

Hola! Ms. Leslie,

I think you should so teach this class. My friend Tasha and I took your "Spring Sprung" class awhile back and we would so love to make this goody. Hope life is treating you well

Danielle said...

Love this tag book - love the canvas and what you did with it!! I need one of those! It looks like so much fun to alter! Is that by Shimmerz too?

Mel said...

***LOVES*** it!!