Monday, September 6, 2010


today's an exciting nervous day...
a spotlight kind of day....
my first assignment is UP on the American Crafts Blog!

I'm just a TAD bit excited!!
that saying..."all because 2 people fell in love" is one of my faves.
It's GINORMOUS above my fireplace.
a true reminder of how much my family means to me!
Go check it OUT....
tell me what you think!

and meet fellow DT'er Chin Pooi Pooi!

And don't forget tomorrow...
at 12:30 CST (which is 1:30 ET, 10:30 PST)
it's our first: 

show!! Be sure to call in so we can talk about your Paper Life!
Here's the link to call in to join:
I look forward to chatting with all the Paper Girls and....YOU!

have a lovely day,