Monday, November 22, 2010

*This is what happens when*

you mix denim with Wendy Hammer's gorgeous felt rosettes
with Shimmerz and put them all together on a:

(to see how I made this tree, simply visit the Shimmerz blog)

It was alot of fun cutting strips all willy nilly and adding
the beautiful Wendy Hammer Designs rosettes:

I had some denim flowers I'd made a while back left over
so I used a few of those on there also:

and of course I added some shimmery goodness,
with all kinds of Shimmerz:

it's super sparkly in the sunshine & so bright and pretty
inside with lights on it..
I'm adding it to my collection of tree's I have all over my house.

I hope you enjoyed my little tree as much as I enjoyed
making it!

Before I end today...
I just wanted to send you ALL lots and lots of thank you's.
For your prayers, thoughts, support & kind words about my
brother.  He's still recovering in the hospital
and our family is forever grateful to each of you for
all you've done. 
My brother is still in VERY serious condition...but
We know that God is in total control!
He is sooooo good.

Have a wonderful day,


Melissa Mann said...

Simply gorgeous, Leslie!

trish.chamberlain said...

LOVE this tree! I will continue to pray for our brother!

Kristi (aka T!) said...

I love these Leslie. Denim is one of my favorites to create with. The flowers and Shimmerz...oh my!! Over the top.

Daniela said...

Adorable tree!!! Love the denim and felt together!!!!

Wendy Hammer said...

You know I think it's beautiful!!! :) Super duper creative, I love it!


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MaRLeNeF said...

Hi Leslie, I really love your blog! Come on over to my blog, I have something for ya:

scrapbook point said...

It's so pretty! Great work, congrats!!

Jennifer said...

love it!! :)

Jennifer Yates said...

Leslie this is gorgeous! Just love it! I had no idea about your sorry to hear that. Lots of hugs and prayers going your way!

Blossom inch said...

gorgeous Leslie, my prayers for your brother and may he will recover soon!

Renee said...

Wow, what a creative way to use denim, Leslie! I agree with Kristi about the flowers and the Shimmerz! 'Still keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. Take care!

Jessica said...

WOW, that is gorgeous!! I am wanting to make a little tree like that for Christmas!!! Beautiful work as always:):)

Mel said...

Such a fun tree Leslie! Praying for your Brother and sending (((HUGS)) to you. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

you should sell that tree... or accept orders! my prayers are with you.. all of you, babe!