Friday, April 30, 2010


Just a little peek at something I've just finished:
will share more soon.

and a little peek at my now 18 year old boy:
and his cake I fell in love with. Even if he's 18. Never too old for cupcakes. And footballs:

More soon,
Happy NSD.
Lots to share soon...
News too...well maybe.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

**A New Me**

Hello cute new running/walking shoes:

Good bye fluffy fluffernugget body...
Hello new me...

(I'm on my way!)

(back soon with creations, the boy's prom pics
and where I'll be this weekend...)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

**Lucky doesn't even come CLOSE**

to me being the one chosen to be this kids mom:

Happy 18th birthday, son.
You make my heart so happy.
Your smile, your laughter, your desire to be all you can be...
are the light of our lives!
Go  forth, press on...enjoy your day!

Because it's Shaypher's special day...
I'm showing you some of my favorite layouts
and photo's of him...

(heading to pick up his date for her prom this past weekend)

(Shaypher and his date...they just sent me this pic, I had to upload!)
--his prom is this coming Saturday, I'll load my pics then...yay!--
and some of my fave layouts:


and just because I adore this one from eight18 photography:

Happy Birthday, Shaypher.
Happy Day everyone!

(be back soon with lots of fun things I've been working on!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

**Singing In The Rain.....**

and here you have it...
what I did with the April kit from
The Girls Loft...

"Singing In The Rain...."

Just us girls...isn't she the cutest!


and one more:


(photo's courtesy of eight 18 photography)

Still can't believe in a few months she'll be OUT of her teenage years.
Didn't we just get IN them?
Seems like it.

Silly time and it's wings...

Alan and I went on a picnic at the Botanical Gardens...
I'll be back with some of the photo's I got.
All I took was my Canon (TSi) and my 50 mm lens.

(dreaming of my new day, one day!)

have a lovely day!

*The Girls Loft, Spring Sprung & what a weekend*

*whew* finally.
I can FINALLY post on my blog today.
Thanks to AT&T, our internet/telly/tv have been out for 3
days straight.  All's good now. We're fixed, yay!

So, without further adieu, let me show you a few of
my sneaks of April's The Girls Loft kit: 
"Singing In The Rain"

GORGEOUS, gorgeous kit FULL of gorgeous goodies.
Just check it all out here:

SEE! Told you...beautiful kit.
GET IT!! Hurry, only a few are left!

how was YOUR weekend?
Ours was full of:

getting this girl well again. She is starting to feel better again.
She was down sick...went to her college infirmary at Baylor
and they diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection.
Gave her plenty of antibiotic and a few other things.
She just wanted to sleep in her own bed.
I couldn't have her drive herself home...
I went and got her Friday afternoon,
brought her home to rest...
took her back yesterday.
Didn't want to, but I did.
She's feeling better today....
she comes home for the summer in a month..
can't believe her first year is almost done!
That means...
the boy.
has 25 days of school left .
then graduates high school.

Ok, no time for sappies....
on to other business...

like this:

Spring Sprung
there's still time to sign up for my 2nd
class @ Scrappers Boutique!
Call 817.503.0777
for details!

Final class:
April 24 @ 10:30 am

I hope you are able to make it!
I'd love to see you!

Had such a GREAT time in my first class this past week...
can't wait to see the pics the girls took!
(you know who you are...hint hint...)

I hope your Monday is a fun. day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

*A Plus L, Photo Op & Dream A Little Dream*

Wow, that's certainly a FULL loaded title, huh.

I've been up to my eyeballs in creating...
of course there's NO WHERE ELSE I'd rather be.
I love it.
Live for it.
I even laugh while doing it.
Yes...I'm one of those.'s.
"awww,'re so CUTE here!"
"lookin' at you here can TELL the bug of ♥ has bitten you."
"is that really a chicken on your head?"
"wow...we look good together!"
so on and so forth...

Here's what I've been up to:
First's my Creative Team spotlight
over at Tessa Ann's "The Button Shop".
and this is what I created using her
"just the 2 of us" set... (you gotta go get them...hurry!)

a couple of close ups:

that's me and my sweet, cute hub.
we've almost been married 20 years (whoa!! coming up in May ;D)
the 2 of us are about to experience something I didn't think would sneak
up on us so fast.
Boy was I wrong.
Our baby birds have their wings.
They're about to fly...
Come May, the boy will graduate high school.
Come August...he'll be at Hardin Simmons.
Come August...she'll be in her 2nd year at Baylor.

Come August...our nest is empty.

W.H.A.T in the world.
W.H.E.N exactly did time just take hold and FLY?
Golly! (in Texas we pronounce that as Gawel Lee.)
I see lots of road trips  in our future.
Waco, Abilene...let's see, where else can we explore?
Ok. Phew. Enough of that...

Want to see something else I did?
I made a card.
I're thinking...
But..yes, I did!
Here it is:
kinda ok, huh? I'm going to have to give myself a pat
on the back...I never make cards. I think I stink at it!
here's a little closeup:

and one more thing I did for Shimmerz (look for it on the Shimmerz blog soon
with deets on how I did what I did...)
another one of my son's SR photo's
courtesy of:  eight 18 photography.
some closeups?
see those buttons?
Aren't they GORGEOUS??
They're also Tessa Ann's creations...
they're called: 
(just click on the link to get them!)


one  more:
I will have instructions on how I did this cool background...

Well, that's all for today!
are you wondering where my The Girls Loft things sneaks are?
(2 projects finished, working on a few more...will share soon!)
Have a lovely day...
I'm off to get ready to have Bunco at my house tonight.
Thank you Air Conditioner for working again.


Friday, April 9, 2010

*Please Leave A Message Because Leslie...*

is completely under this....

(The Girls Loft FABULOUS April kit...)

and a certain something that has to do with these:

(Tessa Ann's GORGEOUS The Button Shop buttons)

and a little project for:

not all at the same time....
be back soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

*Blessings to you....*

and hoping your Easter was as blessed as ours was.
Today is beautiful and I bask in the joy knowing that
HE has RISEN! ♥

How did you celebrate your day?

Did you decorate? Put anything on your table?
I did.
I've  had the idea for a while now to
cover some nakey eggs
(nakey of course being either paper mache
or this case, both.)
So I sat down, thought and thought about
exactly what I wanted to do....
and had some interesting ideas pop through.

all in all, here's what was on my table:

Oh, these are just some eggs I've been working on for a while...
some button eggs, some fabric eggs, and paper mache eggs
covered in music paper and book paper...(plus glitter, of course!)
Hope you enjoyed peeking...

I hope your Easter was a very sweet, joyous occasion!
Our plans changed a bit, but all in all...
it was a beautiful day with
(minus our girl, she was GREATLY missed)

**Be back soon with more crafty things...
Have a wonderful day!