Sunday, May 30, 2010

**Graduates, please move your tassels...**

it's here.
THE day.

way to sneak up on me time.
SO not ready.
Just one year ago today I was in this exact spot with my girl.
Now it's HIS turn? Seriously.
Well today I dedicate this post to this this little guy:
this one that probably had NO idea what it meant that
day to hear the words:
"Graduates, please move your tassels...."

this little guy, who is STILL a ham today:

this little guy who, to this day, can't go a day without flashing those dimples:

this little guy who has big dreams and will pursue them each day:
this little guy who's the light of our lives.
the joy in our steps.
the sunshine in our rain.
(or, our umbrella's.)
this little guy who
as of 7:30 pm tonight
will not be so little anymore.
(I mean he's already NOT so little, but you know what I mean)
this little guy will walk across the BIG stage.
will accept that big diploma and shake a big hand.
will take a photo holding that diploma.
will stand as they honor him (and others) as a Texas Scholar.
will shout, woo hoo, throw that cap afterwards
and most of all...
will know EXACTLY what those words mean as he hears them:
"graduates, please move your tassels....."
Godspeed little guy.
you did it.
you finished 13 years of school.
next stop?
Hardin Simmons University.
Way to go son:
We are so proud of you.

(graduation pics to follow)

Friday, May 28, 2010

*So I pretty much love them*

this is a weekend of mush.
I mean a good kind of mush of course.
My sweet boy is graduating high school Sunday.
He is.
Be sure to check back Sunday.
I've got a cute post just for him...(he'll die of course)

But until then....
I just wanted to let each one of my fam know
how much they mean to me.
mush. see, told you.


makes me proud. makes us ALL proud.
is always smiling.
the first to make you laugh.
he loves life. you can just tell by looking at him.
that's my boy.
my light.
the youngest in our fam.
the last bird to leave our nest.

is my world.
has a laugh that's so contagious, you'll be laughing too.
for no reason.
is my firstborn.
made me a mom.
makes me the proudest mom ever.
just finished her first year of college.
is very strong minded, yet gentle hearted.
is my girl.

and finally...the best is last:
is my everything.
is my rock. my shield.
my best friend.
my #1 fan of what I do.
and the best cheerleader ever.

I love you guys.
just had to tell you.

Monday, May 24, 2010

**I played with paper and glue today...**

& had doing so!
A little Websters love today...
(this is made for my local scrap store:  Scrappers Boutique)

close ups:

I LOVE that I get to play with fun new pretty things. 
Thank you Cherie!

{photography is by:  Eight 18 Photography}

I hope your day is great today!
It's a beautiful Texas day....
even if it is already starting to get stifling hot.

Make it a happy one!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

**Girls. Girls. Girl.**

are you asking..."huh?"
"what's that title mean?"
It's me at 3 am (duh...tea @ 10 pm was NOT a good idea, take note.)
being goofy with titles.

By Girls I mean...The GIRLS Loft.
By Girls I mean...The GIRLS Paperie.
and by GIRL I mean...Paper GIRL.
Wait. what?

The Girls Loft kit for May is PACKED
with The Girls Paperie - Paper Girl.
and by packed. I mean...packed.
This kit is FULL of it. (LOL)
Lovely lovely stuff Margie has designed!!!
Well..if you go to the blog - The Girls Loft blog -
you can see all of the beautiful work done by the Design Team.

These are my projects:

First up - in honor of our 20th wedding anniversary...
I did this layout about my super cute boy.
(photo's taken just the other day on his birthday)

speaking of our anniversary...we wanted to say thank you
to all of you DEAR dear friends
who wished us happiness and many more years together!
I read Alan all of the sweet comments from all of you.
He loved hearing them and is as touched as I am!
So thank you.
We had a wonderful celebration!

Our SUPER sweet children gave us a dinner at PF Changs
for our anniversary. ☺☺☺
Aren't they the BEST? We were SURPRISED beyond belief
and so thankful for their kindness and giving hearts.
LOVE those kids!!  ♥♥♥
So we went to downtown Fort Worth and ate at PF Changs,
walked thru downtown, shopped in Barnes & Noble,
stopped by Target on the way home
(I HAD to get Valentine's Day! it came out on DVD today.)
then came home to watch our tv shows we missed...
and just had a nice time being with each other.
Seriously boring to most...
but we roll like that. B.O.R.I.N.G
Wouldn't have it ANY other way.
Love love LOVED tonight.

Oh...well let me show you the rest of what I made:
I had these Jenni B. banner chipboard pieces in my stash and was DYING to use them.
I knew the Paper Girl was PERFECT for them - so I created my "love" banner.
It's hanging in my scrap room. Not to have a play on words or anything..but...
and the rest:
(photography:  eight 18 photography)
(photography:  eight 18 photography)
You should get this kit!
It's beautiful!
AND it's your chance
to get your hands on Margie's incredible new line.

It's super late, or early rather (4 am?)
and I should totally try to get at least 3 hours of sleep...yes?
What a dreamy evening....
Have a great one friends!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


20 years.
In Twenty-ten.

We did it.
We DID it!
( if I could do a herkie I would.)
Today is one heck-of-a special day.
It's a day full of ♥
See because 20 years ago today.
I said "I do." did he.

20 years.
Funny thing.
I remember back to the DAY hearing something
I probably shouldn't have. But now, I am so glad I did.
It made me determined.
It made US determined to make it to where we are today.
It made us determined to make it BEYOND where we are today.
Kinda like to infinity. and beyond.
Oh. What did I hear? Well...
I overheard this...
"I give it a year."
hmph. take that plus 19 more. and more and more and more.
(side note: I have no idea where it came from.
I have no idea who it came from. Why?
I did NOT turn around to see. I didn't want to.

my eyeballs were full of tears.)

If you're into mushy lovey dovey stuff...continue on.
If not, it's ok...I understand....
I am, so I'm telling our happy day story.
(I'd tell you our entire story, our 20  years worth,
but good gracious we'd be here ALL month! LOL)

We had a BIG wedding planned.
Dress was being made from scratch in this gorgeous
lace store I was going to be ivory lace with tulle...
bridesmaid dresses patterns were bought. fabric was bought.
(my mom was sewing them..I only had 3 bridesmaids planned)
invitations addressed and ready to go.
we decided...
is it worth this?
or is it WORTH it to just go get married downtown,
have a huge reception and honeymoon?
We so did the latter.
Ok so not really JAIL per one was in trouble.
We picked a date (it was May...who in the HECK wanted
to wait til November after deciding we couldn't live without
each other any longer?) and went downtown Fort Worth.
Checked in at the front.
and were told...
"oh. that judge is out sick today.
the only judge available is in the criminal courts bldg."
( mean jail? you want us to get married in jail?)
yes. that is exactly what they meant.
(can you imagine the stories I would get to come up with to tell our
future children? ;D)

I wish you could have seen the LOOKS on
our guests faces (the family friends who were with us.)
when we said..."well we have to go to jail."
off we went.
to jail.

to say I do.
to say..."forever".
and you know what?
we meant it...
because that was 20 years ago.
Happy Anniversary to you Alan..., my sweet Prince Charming.

for you I am grateful.
thank you for making me the luckiest  most blessed
girl on the planet.
Thank you for treating me like I am your Princess...
I ♥ you more today than I did 20 years ago.
and I was crazy in love then. GIDDY. Can you imagine what 20 years
has done to me now?
Giddy times 20. yup, that about sums it up.
20 years + 2 kiddo's + 4 dogs  =

thought you'd like to see some sneaks of The Girls Loft May kit, the FULL of Margie's new line from
The Girls Paperie - Paper Girl..

and another:
and one more:

Thanks for letting me share with you today.
my silly story AND creations.
Enjoy your day.
We're off to celebrate this evening with dinner...
then a quiet evening at home in front of our tv catching up
on shows we love...(I know, we are BORING...but we LOVE


Saturday, May 15, 2010

**Start Me Up**

Have you seen this cool new challenge blog?

Go check it out:  
 It's a great place to rev up your
creative engine and get you on your way
to motivation!

I was so thrilled when Patti from Start Me Up
contacted me, asking me to be a guest designer
for them this month...
I was asked to come up with a challenge,
create a layout based on my challenge,
& create that same layout about a male figure...
here's my layout:

my challenge to the SMU team was:
to" step outside your box,
your comfort zone
& do something you haven't done yet.
Something you haven't tried..."
So for me this layout was quite challenging.
 the hardest challenge for me
 is to NOT use cardstock.

"I want to reach for it EVERY time
I do a layout. In fact...
I did at first then remembered, OH WAIT!

So I've completed the layout for
this challenge using no cardstock.

Here's a closeup:

and another...

Thanks girls at Start Me Up for having me as your guest!
I enjoyed it so much and will be sure to keep up with your
challenges in the future!! 
Thanks for letting me share with you today!
I'll be back soon to show you a few sneaks of
my May - The Girls Loft kit...
Until then...
have a lovely day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

**Talk about Treasure!**

My mommy...
is my treasure.
I love her dearly,
I listen to her (no really mom...I DO listen!)
I admire her,
I thank her...
because without her, I am nothing.
My mom molded me...
made me the me I am today.
I wish I could do so much more for her
to show her how sparkley of a gem she is to me.
(and my entire family!)

I decided this Mother's Day I wanted
to make her something I know she'd treasure...
(she loved my book of quotes I made myself)
this is what I did for her:

On a few pages, I'm not sure if you noticed...
but I did something I've never done before.
I got a new toy...a Big Shot. (on a GREAT sale might I add!!)
and a bunch of Cuttlebug folders...
Well...I took some of my canvas pages
(as well as some of the tags I used)
and embossed them...
you can see it very well here in this closeup:
and here on my Jenni Bowlin Faith tag....
(as well as the canvas - see the musical notes?)
and here on this canvas tag....
I tried it and FELL in love!!
I hope you've enjoyed my Mommy's Mom's Day surprise...

Be back soon with a couple of fun things to share!
Have a geat day..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

**Pearlz Please....**

So listen....
have I got NEWS for YOU!

Have you heard what happens when you mix
COLOR galore with pearlZ?

I mean come on...these aren't your grandmother's pearlZ.
These are some Pearlz with pinache (if I do say so myself!)
May I present to you....Shimmerz Pearlz

Check it...

My absolute FAVORITE is Carrot Top. Oh my gosh. The ORANGE.
It's incredible. Then there's Sunny Side Up. Slurp. It's like so bright and
cheerful it makes you want to smile!

Actually...all of the colors are gorgeous. So pretty, so pearly, so vibrant.

I made this layout using Carrot Top & Sunny Side Up:
(photograpy courtesy of eight 18 photography)

**Photo's to return soon -- out for publication**

I panted the wooden sun Carrot Top & the circle around Sunny Side Up.

on this one I painted on top of my orange cardstock. I used Carrot Top.
LOVE how the shimmer really stands out!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I created
and I hope you have a fabulous day!
**Dont' forget to check the Shimmerz Blog for all the
beautiful Pearlz inspiration!
Check out what the entire Design & Education Teams have done.
You will be so happy you did!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

**Inspire Me**

*photo heavy*

This is my mini I did for Shimmerz using all kinds of FUN
and new techniques.  I went distress crazy and had a blast
doing it!

Be sure to check the Shimmerz Blog for my tips
on some of the techniques I did to create this book...

*Inspire Me*
(my book of motivational quotes & favorite Bible verses)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing it all in full detail.

It's a joy to me to share inspiration when I get
that whim to create something...
even if it is just for myself....
it's just me and it feels good!

Happy Mother's Day.
I hope you Moms everywhere are being
pampered, spoiled, loved, cherished....
as you so deserve.
God Bless you all.

because I know she reads here...
to MY mom.
I love you.
You are my true source of life, my inspiration, my very best friend.
I love you, I cherish you, I admire you.
I will always hope I can only be half the mother
you have been to me.
You are why I strive to do my best to make sure
my sweet gems know what true love is.
So thank you.
Your unconditional love has made me who I am today.

I will see you soon....
(on my way to you right now!)
with a little something I created just for you....