Saturday, August 28, 2010

*Paper Girls*

remember when I told you to look around my blog to see if you saw
anything that was a "clue" of some sort?
It looks a little, ok ALOT like this:

I can finally share this news!
( it, because I STILL cannot BELIEVE that's MY name there!)
and if you're wondering what that's all about:

you can go here:
to call in and chat!
so bookmark it now :D
EXCITING to say the least, right?
I can't WAIT!
I'll leave you today with a little sneak of
something fun coming up:


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

* Just because I am so...random...*

Being random today as I finish up some fun things
that I hope to share REAL soon!

When we were in Waco a few days ago, the hub and I ran into
my fave scrapbook store down there...
Crop Paper Scissors
(if you're ever in the area..GO!! It's a FUN store!)
and to my surprise I found the September ST already there.
In it I found this:
(my boy..isn't he CUTE!)

and this:

so excited to see them in print!
Thanks ALWAYS make me smile!

So because I'm so random today...
here's what I am reading right now:

SO  good. I can't put it down!
Check out Elizabeth Gilbert's entire's so neat!

and last night we watched:

pretty cute movie!!
the guy in it reminded me of my hub..only darker hair.
I have an addiction to buying new movies that are out...
even though I *have* cut back alot...this is a weakness of mine.
I watch movies over and over and over.

my fave movie that we've seen this past week though is:

I thought it was hilarious. Definitely 2 great actors together.
and we bought:

because yes, I loved it. It's my FAVORITE Nicholas Sparks
book and the movie was good too! We saw it in the theaters
but I HAD to own it.  I even liked Miley...
(so...I'll admit it. I'm a closet Miley fan.)

he's not so random...

a shot of our boy in front of his dorm door...
on move in day...gosh I miss that kid!

I promise..I'm working on a few more creations that I will share ASAP...
been in my little studio working my fingers to the bone...
be back soon!

Monday, August 23, 2010

*joie de vivre*

not much to post today...
out doing lots for the college girl...
back home later to get scrap happy...
(will share soon, promise!)

so I leave you with a "she" quote
I just L♥VE:

"she crossed borders recklessly, refusing to recognize
limits, saying bon jour and buon journo as though she
owned both France and Italy and the day itself"
(celebrate her joie de vivre)

Texas Style:

urban action by Maggie Holmes

p.s. I'm not a professional photographer, nor do I play one on tv.
I just love my camera and my subjects (willing or non) so much.

Happy Monday,

---thanks again everyone for your sweet words. ♥ you all!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We moved her in:

Obviously God has different plans...
Funny how HE works. Sense of humor? I'd say so!

She's moving back home.
(inside...I'm doing my secret hand pump...yes!)

to go to college locally...

I'm not going to lie...totally ok with it.
In fact...I'm actually in LOVE with it.
I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to be an empty nester...."yet."

(thanks always know how to look out for me...ALWAYS)

I'm convinced that her path change is only an uphill climb to her dream.
God's in control...
Of her.
Of her dreams.
Of her goals....
HE knows best...
and I'm so glad she knows it.

"give her the reward she has earned & let her works
bring her praise...." ~Proverbs 31:31

I love faith. Sometimes I doubt it, doubt myself...
(who doesn't...right?)
but giving it ALL to HIM proves, time and time again to be
highly beneficial.

I won't hide my faith, ever.
today I'm scrapping like mad.
Inspiration hits, I go to town.
Working on fun things, surprises...
love my job.
love my life!

Blessed girl I am.
have a lovely Sunday,

Friday, August 20, 2010

**moving day...**

today we're moving her:

 to her big girl apt. in Waco.
where she will start her 2nd year of college.

this sure has been a busy moving week.

*back soon with some fun surprises...
and..there's a sneak of something here on my blog...
(do you see it?)


Monday, August 16, 2010

*August, Kit Revealed & College bound...*

(**word and picture warned...hee.)

It's that time again!
Time to reveal August's kit @ For The Luv of Art:
here's the rest of what I've done using the kit AND
the digital kits from Amy Teets & Janet Carr.
(They are some TALENTED digital girls I tell ya!)

(SR. photo by:  eight 18 photography, 1 YR photo by:  glamourcraft photography)
hard to believe that little baby is entering her 2nd year of college. whoa.

and then this little card:

I love my new EK success border's
my FAVE right now...


It's already more than 1/2 way thru August. Back in January I was thinking
how glad I was that August was so far away, that I still had SO much time
with my soon-to-be graduated boy, and my college freshman girl
(well on the weekends, anyway...)

But it's here now, wow!
The thing about August is it's the one month that makes you think...
this is the end of summer.
fall is right around the corner.
first pumpkins, then turkeys, and trees
whoa, slow down August!
let's take it one day at a time here...

this time tomorrow I'll be saying goodbye to my brand new
college freshman boy.

as we drop him off at his university:  Hardin Simmons

(moving the girl to her apt. this weekend, man..what a week!)

Have a lovely week!
I have some more fun news to share soon...
kinda sorta excited. ;D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*Operation Empty Nest*

In 6 more days Operation Empty Nest begins...
NOT that I'm thinking about it or anything...
(but in 6 more days...operation empty nest begins...)

No, not thinking about it ONE bit....

Leaving you today with these:
"So Sweet, So Blissful"

(AC dt entry)

"Go Places"
(AC dt entry)

still can't grasp the concept I'm old enough to have
2 in college. 2 flying the coop. 2 on their own figuring out "hey I'm a grown up now".
take time today with your wee ones and enjoy every single.thing.
because in no time...if you're not yet in the phase I am in will be right behind you,
knocking on your door. 

gotta run, errands are calling my name.
(kinda excited to be going to mail off some items for publication)

hugs and happy hump day,

Monday, August 9, 2010

**Thank You to INFINITY*

and beyond! (lol...sorry for the mini cheese there.)
That's just how much I want to thank all of you!
I can't even tell you how touched I am by all of your congrats on THIS news.
Still walking on clouds over here.
I'm nervous, so excited and did I mention...
This is going to be ONE fun, exciting, exhillarating adventure that
I'm SO readyto take on. So thank you again...
and thank YOU American Crafts for choosing ME!

I want to share one of my entries with you today:

I know...right?! A card?! Me?! And you know what? I actually LIKE it.
Another fun bit of news I can share finally...
Have you seen this challenge blog? It's called: Mission To Create and it's full
of a VERY talented Design Team with FABULOUS challenges each week.
For challenge 23, which is this week's challenge, I got to participate as their
 Guest Designer!! I'm so excited Nicole asked me!! Thank you Nicole...
I loved this challenge. I love that I was able to add a little piece to it.
Here's my layout I did:

I came up with the color challenge (check out the inspiration piece on the blog,
then I had 3 other challenges to do on my page.
I chose: brads, stitching a border & using 6 patterned papers (except I used more, LOL)
be sure to check out the blog, participate and ENJOY!! You'll love that blog.
Thanks again girls for asking me!

I hope you all have a wonderful week...
be back soon !

Friday, August 6, 2010

:**Pinch this REAL?**

In the words of  a fab 80's band EMF....this, to me, is "unbelievable".

Celine Navarro - from Mireval, France
Chin Pooi
Mahlin Wiggur - from Aby, Sweden
Melanie Louette - from Quebec, Canada
Poki Nobeno - from Osaka City, Japan
Wendy McKee - from Suffolk, England

Alisha Gordon - from Orem, UT
Amy Tan - from Culver City, CA
Becky Williams - from Wolfforth, TX
Caroline Ikeji - from San Francisco, CA
Cindy Tobey - from Kentwood, MI
Jen Jocksich - from Manito, IL
Jennifer Gallacher - from Spanish Fork, UT
Jenny Chesnick - from Brooklyn, MD
Kelly Purkey - from New York, NY
Leah Farquharson - from Lauderhill, FL
Leslie Ashe - from Forth Worth, TX
Maggie Holmes - from Gilbert, AZ
Michelle Lanning - from Brea, CA
Paige Evans - from South Pasadena, CA
Robyn Werlich - from Lehi, UT
Sarah de Guzman - from Sunnyvale, CA
Shannon Zickel - from Louisville, KY
Susan Weinroth - from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Suzy Plantamura - from Laguna Niguel, CA

I told you I had big news.
Pinch me.
I simply cannot BELIEVE it!
Thank you American Crafts...
I'm so HONORED, DELIGHTED and still think this is just....

Just LOOK at the talented names on there..
and then there's me?
I'm on cloud 3783787383787897887922222.
Happy Weekend,


Snippets of creation:

For The Luv of Art August kit sneak...(kit goes LIVE on the 10th, hurry!):

is back in Waco, getting ready to start school soon....
she moves into her big girl apt. in the next week or so...
but in other news....
some fun things are happening here that I can't wait to tell you.
soon, soon...

Hope your Friday ROCKS!