Thursday, January 6, 2011

*what my OLW means to me..*

as I've said before, my word for the year is:
what does it mean to me? well, just look at this quote:
which happens to be my motto this year ..

straight from Kobi Yamada's "SHE" book:

"she  held her head high and looked the world straight in the eye"
(celebrate her strength)

that's what my one little word means to me.
and to inspire me:

I found this:
(click on the picture, it's by Etsy artist:  MessyHeartStudio)
pretty sure I need to have that in my studio!

and this:
(by Etsy artist:  OmegaDwata)
LOVE this...

and this:
by Etsy artist:  therhouse
must have that.


with strength...with God...
I can do ANYTHING.
I know that...
now pardon me as I go scrap my OLW...
be back soon.