Friday, March 25, 2011

*I'd say he's dapper & super dashing*

(but then again...being his mama...i may be alot a little bit biased.)

I made this layout for Shimmerz..
for complete instructions and more up close & personals,
visit the Shimmerz Blog.

Here's one up close shot:

that's about all today...
oh, got my blood test results back.
white count is down to 8.3...yay!
but my thyroid is out of whack (doc's words)
so going in next Tuesday to talk about it...

wait, one more thing. it's a fun thing.
i haven't gone ANYWHERE other than go to doc appt's,
pick up medication, run to the grocery...
so last night, my sister comes to kidnap me.
To see:

because she's in town!
Needless to say...last night is just the dose of medicine I needed!
Got to love on my baby girl & sit with family....

have a great day, friends.