Wednesday, March 16, 2011

*I've been alot of things*

but I have to say I've never been scoped.
Until yesterday....
all I could do is think..."stay calm, this is nothing...stay calm"

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yesterday, in my appointment with the GI doctor, he discovered that not only
am I sick...but I am miserable. He decided I needed to have a scope procedure
done immediately to see what was going on

here's my update in my Sparks Notes version:
  • good news:  scope didn’t find any infection or lumps in my esophagus
  • bad news:  this stupid hiatal hernia is larger than first expected.
due to this (stupid hh) along with the 38478373873833 kazillion medications
- as well as effects from the bronchitis/asthma/sinus going down
the esophagus along with the acid (yuck)  coming back up
(making them meet in the middle and beyond!),
lots of HAVOC has been wreaked.
with lots of changes in my diet (giving things up, taking on new things)
and with medication, eventually this will repair itself down the road.
Meaning..I get to live with this throat thing for a while until it’s better.
The doctor stretched my espophagus to hopefully give some relief in there.
He also biopsied the esophagus, stomach & lower intestine.
(results to be in next week sometime)
  • another bit of bad news...the gallbladder has to come out.
immediately. it’s weird how it all ties in together with what’s going on...but it does.
somehow, all the activity from above  activated some sort of gallbladder launch sequence.
I have a consult appt. with a surgeon on the 21st of this month.
I refuse:
I will instead:
that's my news as of today...
I'm EXHAUSTED from everything that happened.
Today is filled with nothing but rest & relaxation...
thank you for your prayers, your sweet notes, your thoughts, for bringing our family
delicious meals, for suprising me with beautiful cards in the mail...thank you.
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come back tomorrow for a fun little surprise.
you'll love it, I promise.