Thursday, March 31, 2011

So Brand New, My Constants & an Update...

hi friends, happy almost tgif!
i'd post tomorrow but i'll be kinda out of it, so today's my tgif post.

just sharing a couple of layouts today...
a couple of American Crafts layouts, mixing old with new:
(literally in this layout):

our sweet baby girl, Presley's (my great niece) tiny toes!
at just a few hours old...

aren't those the cutest tootsies ever? I mean since my 2 were wee little anyway...♥

speaking of my 2..
here's another one I did mixing old American Crafts with new:

my sweet SWEET fam...I'd be nothing without them.

I wanted my focus to be directly to their precious faces, so I just kinda lifted
another one of my AC design team project layouts, but added more ribbon.

and speaking of American Crafts...
here's a little sneak of what's up on the blog today:

a little mini album tutorial by me!

and for those of you following what's been going on with me, here's the latest:
  • back to my PCP for blood test results (called me in due to "out of whack" thyroid)
  • white count down to 8.3 (insert fist pump here...yesssssssss)
  • thyroid wanted to follow white count and be low too (insert sad face here..noooooo.)
  • discovered along with everything else, I have hypothyroidism and have to take meds to level me out
  • back in 2 months to see if medication's working
  • ordered a CT scan of my throat (due to "fist in throat" feeling)
and tomorrow is my surgery. bye bye gb...

that's about it, I expect to be down a couple of days if you don't see me,
you know right where I am.

have a good one,
until next time!