Thursday, April 28, 2011

*how can it be possible*

that THIS little man is 19 years old today?

(Shaypher @ 6 mos.)

(Shaypher @ 18 months)

(& Shaypher almost 19)

when did he get so big?
well...apparently overnight!
because just  yesterday he was that little baby boy up there...

my son...
let me tell you about him.
he's the smartest, cutest, funniest, most sincere, so very literal, loyal, loving,
kindhearted, giving, joyful guy ever!! (ok, next to his father, that is...hee!)

He loves life. He knows what he wants in life.
He's setting goals, planning, preparing for what's next...
He drives me crazy, he makes me happy,
he can make ANYONE laugh in the drop of a hat.

he's my youngest. my baby. my last one to be 19 years old.
(as hard as it is for me to's true.)
I know he's got his life under control...he's in control.
he's such a sweet sweet boy...
and I'm so lucky to be HIS mama!!

I thank our Lord every day for the gift he gave me
in this boy...
our boy!
LOVE love LOVE him.

So, in celebration of his day...
I'm sharing some of my favorite layouts of him:

I love you son...
happy 19th to you!

(who will be back soon with a little something ;D)