Friday, April 29, 2011

*she remained true*

she most definitely did...

I love love LOVE the "She" book by Kobi Yamada.
It's on the Compendium website...

I've done quite a few layouts of my girl using quotes from that fab book...
I want to make a minibook using them. It's in the works!

Here's a little closeup:

to see how I made it & see more detailed pics..
go to the Glue Arts blog today!

Quick post...
but wanted to say thank you again to all of you for your well wishes, your
birthday wishes for the prince & for all your love & support!
If I could..
I'd reach out and HUG all of you!!

I'm so excited. Today I'm going out for a girls day. My first
in FOREVER!! I'm going to lunch & do some scrapbook shopping with
my dear friend Daniela.  Can't WAIT!

and oh I have something to tell you in the next few days!
have a great one...