Tuesday, April 19, 2011

*total chick magnet*

biased as all get out...but seriously, that's one CUTE boy right there!

how about some more projects??
The Girls Loft - April projects to be exact...

next up:
one DELIGHTFUL girl...

those 2 are my ♥ and soul!!
can't wait for this Easter weekend.
My nest will be full for a few days:

which makes me one super happy mama.
they're my BEST dose of Vitamin C ever.
They're almost done with college this semester...woo to the hoo!
besides summer jobs...they'll be home to entertain me...yay!

on to more projects.
I got a little card happy.
go figure. the girl who gets a little timid making cards.


sweet baby girl.

on this card I added the yellow letter stickers...

what a gorgeous kit, right?
you must go get it!
Go here:  The Girls Loft April kit.

sorry it's been a while since I've updated.
as you can tell, I've been busy getting projects finished
all the while recovering from my surgery.
It's taking me a while to fully recovery.
Probably because I'm ancient. (ha!)

Well...I'm off to rest, relax and do a little reading:

LOVE this book so far! I can't even put it down.
I hope the movie is as good!

I hope your Easter weekend is full of joy!
Until next time,