Wednesday, July 13, 2011

*CHA is SO Close*

and the sneaks are pouring in like crazy!
I love this time of year...seeing new product & drooling over it all.

It's my first time in a couple of years to get to create some things
for CHA - I almost forgot how CRAZY it is getting things made & sending
off in time for the show. 
I secretly, BOLDLY love it.
I LIVE for deadlines. I love the adrenaline.
My mojo thrives on it.

Enough of about a sneak or 2?

It's time for me to share some Prima with you!
Here's Romantique:

I'm sucker for BOLD rich colors - this is what Romantique is all about!
It draws you right in...ahhhhhhh

and let me introduce you to Printery:

love all the black/cream..right up my alley.

I've had the best time sitting and creating non stop!
Which is why I've been a HORRIBLE blogger lately....

I'll be back tomorrow with another sneak or 2...



beckyjune said...

gorgeous, Leslie!

Cassie said...

So fabulous!!
I <3 you, sleep deprivation and all!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness -- these layouts are SO pretty! I'm curious to see how these lines look in person.

Daniela said...

Beautiful projects. Love them!!

Renee said...

'So, so pretty, Leslie! We know you are busy....whenever you blog, we love it!!