Wednesday, July 27, 2011

*where has 6 months gone?*

seriously! poof...6 months has up and disappeared.

in 6 months I:

-got sicker than a dog, ,had surgery
& got diagnosed with something I never knew I had

-have been blessed with more amazing opportunities in my career

the best yet:
-became a great aunt to the cutest princess from any kingdom - near or far:

I mean it possible to be any cuter?
Happy 6 months old baby girl -
your grAunt Leslie LOVES you to infinity!
(and still...will always have gum.)

to see what I used &  how I made this printer's tray & more photo's -
simply visit the Glue Arts blog today .

make it a great day...
i'm off to cool down after my 3rd day of doing C25K workout.

see you soon.