Wednesday, July 27, 2011

*where has 6 months gone?*

seriously! poof...6 months has up and disappeared.

in 6 months I:

-got sicker than a dog, ,had surgery
& got diagnosed with something I never knew I had

-have been blessed with more amazing opportunities in my career

the best yet:
-became a great aunt to the cutest princess from any kingdom - near or far:

I mean it possible to be any cuter?
Happy 6 months old baby girl -
your grAunt Leslie LOVES you to infinity!
(and still...will always have gum.)

to see what I used &  how I made this printer's tray & more photo's -
simply visit the Glue Arts blog today .

make it a great day...
i'm off to cool down after my 3rd day of doing C25K workout.

see you soon.


Mel said...

You are for sure inspiring me to look into this C25K thing. LOVE this project Leslie and I totally cannot believe Presley is 6 months old already. WOW!

Renee said...

Congrats on Presley turning 6 months! That is awesome!! Oh, and the tray looks beautiful, too!

Leslie, I am so glad that you are feeling better now....'so glad that it is behind you.

Take care, my sweet friend,


sarah said...



MissusMege said...

You're right, she's soooo cute! I really love how colourful and girly this LO is! :) x