Friday, January 28, 2011

*Be Mine....please?*

have you ever played with this?
or what about this?
wouldn't you love to have some of this?

I had a fun time mixing a little LOVE with some Glue Arts
for a fun assignment this week:

for a complete product supply list & directions on how I created
this project...simply go to the Glue Arts blog.

here's a couple of closer shots:

Thanks for letting me share with you today!
I just got back late last night from a FUN adventure.
2 days ago I became a Great Aunt!
My sweet niece Taylor gave birth to the most beautiful princess, Presley.
I love love LOVE her!
My sister and I drove to Houston (about 4.5 hours away) to meet her....
she's an absolute angel!
Hopefully I can share pics soon...must make sure it's a-ok with the new parents.

have a great day!
I'm off to play some more with some of THIS.


Monday, January 24, 2011

*The Girls Loft...January*

a little late sharing my January kit from The Girls Loft.....
this has been a whirlwind month - fun, crazy, hectic, lively...

but here you go, without further adieu, my projects:

Isn't he the cutest boy ever?
Oh man...I caught him right when he got so tickled at me saying
something to get him to crack up...
I won't repeat what I said (because I can't even remember it, hee!) 
but let's just got him GOOD!
(or at least I think it did??!!??)

I love that kid. ::huge huge sigh::


and then...

almost 21 years now...♥

my most favorite of the batch:

because like the journaling says...even like birds fly south for winter,
so will they (hee! It totally fits, totally!)

and finally I whipped up this little card in like 10 minutes.
Not my fave, but I do like it a little...

so there you have it, hope you enjoy!
Go get the'll LOVE it!
Go here:  The Girls Loft January "Love Birds"
These are up today on the  Girls Loft blog  -- go see them and
check out all the other Girls Loft Girls layouts...they're YUMMY!
have fun!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

*Isn't She Lovely?!*

I think so:


this layout of my lovely girl is up on the Glue Arts blog today...
along with a FUN giveaway!!
To go see how I made it and enter in the giveaway...go to the blog!

gosh, I love that girl!

I'm buried today under LOTS of paper, glue & even scissors...

before I leave you today,
let me share a couple of sneaks of my January Girls Loft creations:

happy Sunday!
back soon,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*Shimmerz New Release*

are you ready for this?
just you wait....

tomorrow, January 20th.....
will be releasing BRAND.NEW products!

take a look at this:

May I present to you Shimmerz....COLORINGZ
here's the names of the beautiful BEAUTIFUL colors:

Mama Sings The Blues
Mandrin My Tie
My Bleeding Heart -
Anchors Away
Ivy League
Lime In Da Coconut
No Yolking
Pink Stiletto
Tropical Tan Line

in these gorgeous metallic colors:

Heavy Metal
Goldie Lox
Baby's Breath
Bronze Bomshell

just check out this example by Stacey

and...a little video to go right along with it all:

I'm so excited...
I can't WAIT to get these in my hands to play with!

Check the Shimmerz blog for LOTS of examples!

I'll be back soon with my January The Girls Loft creations!

but before I go
I have to share a photo I took today
of my little 1/2 chihuahua 1/2 dachshund, Duster.

I know he knows they're not here...
I know he's looking for them:
kinda tugs are your strings, yes?
does mine....

i even turned on my tv super loud
and my itunes...


gosh i don't miss them or anything...
see you soon,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

*your fireplace or mine?*'s COLD outside!!

Is that Echo Park paper NOT the CUTEST!!
Mixed with some Glue Arts adhesive...of course!

I did this for the Glue Arts blog today...
if you'd like to see complete directions on how I created it...
check the blog out!

I'm off to bundle up...this Texas girl isn't used to these bitter cold days!
I'm even thinking of buying a Snuggie...for real!

Moving the girl tomorrow to College Station...
happy weekend all,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

*here I am*

...i promise i haven't been lost.
i've been soaking it all in before next week. week starts the first full week of empty nest take 2.

more about that later...
but here's what I've been doing:

finding strength (I love my OLW)
to get to the new me every day with the help of these
(that the fam gave me for my b-day this past Sat!)
(great day in may they're the most comfy shoes I've ever worn! close to being barefoot)
I had a different new pair of back a few months ago that totally hurt my feet so I asked
for new ones for my big b-day...and the fam surprised me!
I love them...(the fam that is. oh & the shoes!)

I've also been learning alot more about this:

gosh I love that thing. and when I say love...I mean love love LOVE! It has so many
amazing features, buttons,'s been amazing soaking all the knowledge in.

and celebrating her:

then 4 days (i am officially OLD now)
and somewhere in between, I was able to get a little of this done:

so  that's it in a nutshell...
busy busy busy,
soaking life with the 4 of us in while I can...
before he heads to Abilene to school
and she heads to College Station for school...
having strength,
finding strength,
being full of strength....

be back tomorrow...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

*what my OLW means to me..*

as I've said before, my word for the year is:
what does it mean to me? well, just look at this quote:
which happens to be my motto this year ..

straight from Kobi Yamada's "SHE" book:

"she  held her head high and looked the world straight in the eye"
(celebrate her strength)

that's what my one little word means to me.
and to inspire me:

I found this:
(click on the picture, it's by Etsy artist:  MessyHeartStudio)
pretty sure I need to have that in my studio!

and this:
(by Etsy artist:  OmegaDwata)
LOVE this...

and this:
by Etsy artist:  therhouse
must have that.


with strength...with God...
I can do ANYTHING.
I know that...
now pardon me as I go scrap my OLW...
be back soon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

*She's 20*

and I can hardly believe it.

This little bitty girl:

is 20 years old today:

just like that, she grew up before my eyeballs!
::poof:: she became a woman.

what I love about her:
-she's kind
-she's gentle, yet strong.
-she loves with all her ♥
-she knows what she wants & sets goals to get there.
(she changes her mind too...but hey, she's a girl, she's got that priveledge, ha!)

-she's FUNNY!! sh'e's got a wit that won't quit
-she's got this laugh...the most contagious, recognizable, adorable laugh..
-she's exhillarating
-she's intoxicating (you can't get enough of her)
-she drives me batty (yes I love that about her)
-she makes me so happy
-her ♥ is as big as Texas, Alaska & Canada all put together.
-she's picky
-she's got gusto
-she's the best tv buddy ever
-she is a leader
-she's independent
-she's goofy
-she's serious
-she's a daddy's girl
-she's our life...♥

Happy Birthday sweet girl, I'm in AWE that you're done being
a teenager. There could never be a more beautiful you.

You're our gorgeous girl, our little girl (no matter how old you are)
we LOVE you and are so proud of you!

This layout is one of my very favorites I've ever done of her.
It was published in Scrapbook Trends in May 2010 as Award Winning Style:

and speaking of layouts....
it's "details" week over at the American Crafts blog ...
here's a little snippet of what I've got up there:

go the AC Blog to see it in full! more thing!
Today @ 12:30 pm CST we Paper Girls are BACK from the holidays!
We'll be talking to you live about goals. Creative LOTS more!!
Click here to go LIVE to the chat:

 sure to check out the Paper Life Blog!

p.s. I have to give a HUGE shout out to my sweet friend Leah
who designed my new blog banner for me!!
Isn't it gorgeous? That girl is SO talented!
You have to check her shop out:  SugarHillco: Bluebird Chic
and click on her name to go to her super creative blog!! I'm a huge fan!
xoxo Leah...thank you!

Have a great day!

Monday, January 3, 2011

*I did it*

I used to do it all the time.
I made a point back when I first started...keep doing it. day, I just stopped doing it.

Until now.

Yes, you're seeing correctly.
that IS 2 pages.
I did it.
I really did. a 2 page spread.
I won't lie and say it didn't stress me out.
because it did. why? no just did.
it took me 3 days total to get it all finished.
Is it ok to say I LOVE IT?
Because I do!
I'm proud of me.

See...I'm already using my word for 2011....I had strength.
I persevered. I went beyond my comfort zone. I stepped out of that box.

Supplies used: 
-felt pieces (circles, stars) :   Wendy Hammer Designs
-cardstock, letters, patterned paper, buttons, ink, ribbon:  American Crafts
(& some of the Nov. Studio Calico kit. Some of the add on too.)

I also made this page of my husband & I:

Supplies used: 
-felt pieces (clouds, clouds raining ♥'s, ♥):  Wendy Hammer Designs
-patterned paper, cardstock, details, delights, letters, ribbon, buttons : American Crafts
-patterned paper:  Jenni Bowlin Studio, October Afternoon

Please know that I appreciate you ALL so so much.
Thank you for liking my last post.
It makes me so happy to know I can be real with all of you.
Afterall..that's what my blog is all about. Being real, being me.

So thank you for what you said.
You have no idea how much you brighten my days!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


we said goodbye to 2010 yesterday....

it was a good year. a challenging year. a fast year. a year of changes.
a year of love. a year of tears. a year of "what do I do now's?".
a wonderful year. a favorite year. a year of hopes & dreams.
a year of feeling overwhelmed and underwhelmed. a year of being blessed.
a year of contentment. a year of being thankful. a year full of life.
it was a year of all years.

thank you were a good friend.

she finished her first year at Baylor:

then came home for a semester to go to school here
(and in a few weeks? she's off to College Station to begin her new college life...)

and he graduated high school:

as well as finishing his first semester at Hardin Simmons University.
(he loves it! he heads back in a few weeks to start semester #2.)

and we:

celebrated our 20th year of being happily, estatically married.

so we thank you 2010...for giving us all the memories we will hold & cherish.

and we all say, with a warm welcome:
Hello 2011...
it's so NICE to meet you!

for you will give us:
-21 years of marriage.
-a 20 year old.
-a 19 year old
& you will watch me turn 42 (*gasp*)
& him turn 51 (what? he looks 31!)

-you will also give him:

-the ability to race in the SR. Olympics Nationals Event

you will give her:

-the ability to learn her new camera so she can photograph said event
-the change she's looking for to become a new 'her' (hello weightloss!)
the strength, the will, the power to overcome and persevere....
(in any and all aspects of my life, not just my weight loss...)

which brings my word for 2011:  strength.

Strength:  1. the quality or state of being strong;
bodily or muscular power; vigor. 2. mental power, force, or vigor.
3. moral power, firmness, or courage.

plus our empty nest. again.....
(which, secretly, I'm not ready but also....ready for.)

happy 2011 friends..
make it be your best year yet!

be back soon...
lots to share!