Thursday, March 31, 2011

So Brand New, My Constants & an Update...

hi friends, happy almost tgif!
i'd post tomorrow but i'll be kinda out of it, so today's my tgif post.

just sharing a couple of layouts today...
a couple of American Crafts layouts, mixing old with new:
(literally in this layout):

our sweet baby girl, Presley's (my great niece) tiny toes!
at just a few hours old...

aren't those the cutest tootsies ever? I mean since my 2 were wee little anyway...♥

speaking of my 2..
here's another one I did mixing old American Crafts with new:

my sweet SWEET fam...I'd be nothing without them.

I wanted my focus to be directly to their precious faces, so I just kinda lifted
another one of my AC design team project layouts, but added more ribbon.

and speaking of American Crafts...
here's a little sneak of what's up on the blog today:

a little mini album tutorial by me!

and for those of you following what's been going on with me, here's the latest:
  • back to my PCP for blood test results (called me in due to "out of whack" thyroid)
  • white count down to 8.3 (insert fist pump here...yesssssssss)
  • thyroid wanted to follow white count and be low too (insert sad face here..noooooo.)
  • discovered along with everything else, I have hypothyroidism and have to take meds to level me out
  • back in 2 months to see if medication's working
  • ordered a CT scan of my throat (due to "fist in throat" feeling)
and tomorrow is my surgery. bye bye gb...

that's about it, I expect to be down a couple of days if you don't see me,
you know right where I am.

have a good one,
until next time!

Friday, March 25, 2011

*I'd say he's dapper & super dashing*

(but then again...being his mama...i may be alot a little bit biased.)

I made this layout for Shimmerz..
for complete instructions and more up close & personals,
visit the Shimmerz Blog.

Here's one up close shot:

that's about all today...
oh, got my blood test results back.
white count is down to 8.3...yay!
but my thyroid is out of whack (doc's words)
so going in next Tuesday to talk about it...

wait, one more thing. it's a fun thing.
i haven't gone ANYWHERE other than go to doc appt's,
pick up medication, run to the grocery...
so last night, my sister comes to kidnap me.
To see:

because she's in town!
Needless to say...last night is just the dose of medicine I needed!
Got to love on my baby girl & sit with family....

have a great day, friends.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

*hi there cutie*

just a little card I made for Glue Arts using the GORGEOUS
"Home Tweet Home" line from My Little Shoebox.

To see how I made this card, visit the Glue Arts blog today!

I'm still looking for my winner from the  AC blog Hop...

please email me for your stamps!
I hate to do this...but a new winner will be drawn randomly
Saturday afternoon if I don't hear from you...

Update on me:
Surgery is set for April 1st....
nervous! but so ready to have it done.
off to work on some assignments then get to more resting...
have a great day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*The Girls Loft plus an AC Blog Hop Winner*

Have you seen The Girls Loft March kit?
SWOON to the moon!
check it out: TGL March Kit
I'm right....right??!!

you know, even feeling like rotten-ness to the core, I can still create.
it soothes me...helps me not think about all the "what - if's" 
(of what's going on with my body)

I so enjoyed working with this kit. I could have kept on going
but I decided I'd better IS somewhat important to getting well, yes?

here's what I did with the kit:

(to see close-ups of any of these creations, go check out TGL blog)

and i've gotten so used to making cards now,
which before I'm like..."i cannot make a card to save my life!"
(ok so I STILL kind of feel that way....)
I made this one:

and...I'm looking for my AC Blog Hop Winner
(click & scroll down to see the announcement)
(The winner has until Saturday to notify me...then I have to pick a new winner.)

and a tiny update:
met the surgeon today...he was so nice! very explanatory, really eased my fears...
he said my gb definintely has to get out of dodge..(or in this body)
and his office will call tomorrow to schedule a date for this to happen.
yay! finally some relief....
but it still doesn't solve what it is that's in my throat!
that has got to stop! scheduling an ENT appt soon....

off to create a little, then rest aLOT!
have a great day, be back soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

*it's a new day*

hi friends, happy monday to you.
I have some things to share with you today.
updates, a winner, a yummy product, layouts & a photo (or 2?)

first up...

Paper Trunk & Wendy Hammer Designs paired up together this month
for a product trade...score for us! We got to work with the LOVELY
Paper Trunk paper & Wendy made each one of us on the team
(as well as the PT team) special one of a kind felt embellishments to match our
paper line we worked with.. I chose Rockability....
the above is a layout of my darling girl.

She did NOT want to sit on that butterfly bench.
She even told her dad where I couldn't hear her...
"watch. mom's going to make me sit there. i don't want to sit there..."
then she hears..."oh savannah!! sit there!" she obliged her. not even griping!
(photo taken:  December 2010)

and I made this card for ALL of you sweet people who've prayed, thought good thoughts,
sent me cards, made me meals, come by to visit...this,
this is for you:

(also made using WH Designs & PT paper)

and for those of you wondering what's going on with me...
well, Tuesday I went to the GI doc.
It was a nice visit up until he decided
he needed to do a surgical scope procedure immediately
to see what's going on in my crazy body...
So...he scheduled me for a couple of hours later.
I went next door to the surgery center, got prepped, knocked out
& had the scope done.
I remember NOTHING of that day.  I hear I kept repeating the same thing
and asking the same questions over and over. 
That anesthesia knocked me out cold...
the reports came back and this is what he said:
  • good news:  NO spots, no infection.
  • bad news:  HH (hiatal hernia) is larger than expected
  • so so news:  tummy looked angry
  • as to be expected news:  gallbladder has to come out immediately
tomorrow I meet with surgeons to schedule the gb stuff!
today I had a blood test to check for my white count again & this time
they threw in a thyroid check...will update asap...

but enough about me..
on to fun (literally) stuff....
can I just tell you about some of my favorite scrapbook products on the market right now?

let's talk about Coloringz, oh howI LOVE Shimmerz Coloringz.
They are SO bright, vivid & opaque...
they make coloring lace, ribbons, fabric of any kind (especially canvas, oooh la la!!)
not to mention papers, easy, so bright, so FUN!
Just like your favorite crayons...Coloringz are so colorful.
Best thing is that they are water based so if you get them on you, (or anything near you)
Just like Shimmerz, Vibez, Spritz just wash it off.

and now...Shimmeringz:

another new gorgeous release from Shimmerz.
Shimmeringz are just like what you see here...jewels, diamonds, all things sparkly!
I use these almost DAILY. I love their bright sheen...they come in several lovely
colors and make your projects SHINE. Literally...
you've got to try both Coloringz & Shimmeringz.
Did you know that sells them now? go fill up your cart.

I'm exhausted...going to go rest now...
before I go, I have to show you this photo:

i literally saw the moon & the moon saw me.
the other night when it was out so bright, I captured this
with my new camera.
I was so excited to see I got a pretty good shot!
I need a bigger zoom...but that's not too shabby with an 18-135 zoom if you ask me!
quite proud of me...

OH! Before I forget...I have a winner from the AC Blog Hop!

means that my 97th poster is:

Congratulations Bernice!
Email me at leslieashe(at)gmail(dot)com
and I'll get your stamps ready for you!

Thank you everyone for all of your Campy Trails comments!
Thanks for supporting AC!

have a lovely day..
more soon.

Friday, March 18, 2011

*this, that & the other*

hi friends...
not feeling that wonderful today so I'm just here to share a few
fun things with you.

**if you're here for the American Crafts Blog Hop - don't forget to
click here: Blog Hop ... for a fun little giveaway...

up first today is a 2 page layout I did for Wendy Hammer Designs:

(not sure why the 2 cardstocks look like diff. colors...they're both kraft.)

I used WHD's felt camera & polymer clay camera's -
aren't they CUTE?!

(I also spy some new tags from Elle's Studio....♥)

and a little up close view of the right side:

you have to go order those camera's...they're fabulous!

I have one more...but it's hanging from my new camera big

I'm off to rest...
remember, if you're here for the AC Blog Hop...check out the link at the top
of this post.

Have a great day,
Back soon...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

*Feeling Like A Hop*

hi there!
welcome to your next stop on the American Crafts Blog hop!

If you're coming here from  Leah Farquharson's blog...
you're in the RIGHT place!!
(If not...simply go back to the start - the American Crafts blog to see where to go)

This blog hop is brought to you today by the following theme:
my FAVORITE new American Crafts product:  Campy Trails!
 I ♥♥♥ everything in this's so cute!
What's funny is I'm SO NOT a "camp" girl. I HATE to camp.
Give me a hotel with outlets, air conditioning and a bathroom, please ;D
BUT give me EVERTHING from the Campy Line..I ♥ it so!

The colors are delicious, the entire line can be used for anything!
school, pets, the great outdoors, the great indoors, ANYTHING....
and what I like most about it is it isn't just a boy or a girl line...
you can use it for ANYONE.
I've got a layout I did right here of my boy -

He's Serious Cuteness:

Supplies:  Cedar River Trail Paper (35359) - Campy Trails, Sunset Point Paper (35356) - Campy Trails,
Buffalo Lake Paper (35350) - Campy Trails, Mountain Gate Paper (35355) - Campy Trails,
Kale Forest (53161) - Thickers, Black Meadow (53163) - Thickers, Borders (53167) - Thickers, 
4x6 Cards (64009) - Just Write Cards, Smores Premium Ribbon (89396) - Ribbon,
Hunting (70066) - Flair, Buttons (85536) - Elements, Fabric Brads (85535) - Elements

*(other supplies:  silver Zig paint pen & CM corner rounder)

TIps & Tricks: making this layout was SUPER easy....
I just picked some of my favorite papers & embellishments, chose my photo - then went to town creating....
I love cutting different borders using patterned papers,
as well as using embellishments as borders. 

here's a little closeup:

and guess what? remember that little surprise I said to come back for?
well, here it is...
a little Campy Trails GIVEAWAY!!
would you PLEASE check out how CUTE these stamps are:

gosh. i love them!
they can be yours...
just leave me a little comment on what YOU think about the new Campy Trails line!
I will pick a winner (see, even feeling like poop on a stick I can make a funny)
by Monday evening @ 10 pm CST.
(that's 11 PM EST and 8 PM PST)
**winners will be announced by Monday afternoon...

now, next up on the blog hop is:   Maggie Holmes...
check out ALL the gorgeous work & have fun hopping!

wait..before I go, I need to share something with you!
Happy St. Patty's Day...

You can take this image, post it as your Facebook Profile pic & on your personal blogs
for a chance to win some FUN FUN Glue Arts goodies!
Check it all out RIGHT here:  Glue Arts...

Time for me to go sit and rest...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

*I've been alot of things*

but I have to say I've never been scoped.
Until yesterday....
all I could do is think..."stay calm, this is nothing...stay calm"

via:  Pinterest

yesterday, in my appointment with the GI doctor, he discovered that not only
am I sick...but I am miserable. He decided I needed to have a scope procedure
done immediately to see what was going on

here's my update in my Sparks Notes version:
  • good news:  scope didn’t find any infection or lumps in my esophagus
  • bad news:  this stupid hiatal hernia is larger than first expected.
due to this (stupid hh) along with the 38478373873833 kazillion medications
- as well as effects from the bronchitis/asthma/sinus going down
the esophagus along with the acid (yuck)  coming back up
(making them meet in the middle and beyond!),
lots of HAVOC has been wreaked.
with lots of changes in my diet (giving things up, taking on new things)
and with medication, eventually this will repair itself down the road.
Meaning..I get to live with this throat thing for a while until it’s better.
The doctor stretched my espophagus to hopefully give some relief in there.
He also biopsied the esophagus, stomach & lower intestine.
(results to be in next week sometime)
  • another bit of bad news...the gallbladder has to come out.
immediately. it’s weird how it all ties in together with what’s going on...but it does.
somehow, all the activity from above  activated some sort of gallbladder launch sequence.
I have a consult appt. with a surgeon on the 21st of this month.
I refuse:
I will instead:
that's my news as of today...
I'm EXHAUSTED from everything that happened.
Today is filled with nothing but rest & relaxation...
thank you for your prayers, your sweet notes, your thoughts, for bringing our family
delicious meals, for suprising me with beautiful cards in the mail...thank you.
via:  Pinterest
come back tomorrow for a fun little surprise.
you'll love it, I promise.

Monday, March 14, 2011

*still holding...*

I am...
tomorrow's the day I see the GI Doc....
(rest assured. found out he's NOT a "Joe". I so wanted him to be..)
I will update asap...

I really don't have much to say today...
just wanted to share a few things with you:

first up...
my American Crafts projects for January:
(that you only saw a snippet of...)

next up...
a project I made for Glue Arts :

it was a "repurpose, recycle, reuse" challenge
to see how I made this "A"...
check out the blog: Glue Arts Blog
( I also used a TON of Shimmerz..check out how I made the
flowers here:  Shimmerz Blog)

OH! speaking of Glue Arts....
this news <--------- certainly made me feel better.

that's all I have for today....
I'm working on some projects, resting & preparing for tomorrow...

have a lovely day,

via:  Pinterest

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*thinking i can....*

"i think i can i think i can i think i can....." (insert little engine voice here.)

I really know I can...because I am...
but days like yesterday  makes me keep saying those very words.

I haven't updated in a while, have I?
Let me catch you up ...
I am feeling like typing today so I hope you have your coffee
& a little blog hoppin' time...

Last week (Last Tuesday if you want to be exact),
I was back at my PCP because...I just felt AWFUL...still. 
(plus they had the results from my most recent bloodwork to go over with me.)

I can't get rid of this feeling like something
(I describe as a fist) in my throat & I'm still running a steady fever
& sound like I'm still singing "Smelly Cat" in my best Phoebe.

My doc is still perplexed with my elevated white count yet tells me..."it's a virus."
(If there's one word I cannot stand right has to be....virus  that one.)

if there's any words you don't want to hear your pcp (or any doc)
mutter while examining you it's: 
"oh my...." <---- as he says while looking at my throat!
(my throat was quite offended...)
he found that due to my medications
(oh you know...the 2387837873 I'm taking like Symbicort, Prednisone, etc...)
I have what's called esophagitis.
believe do NOT want that stuff. it's awful.
what's next? that's right...more meds.  just a one time pill and a rinse, I can do this.
he tells me to get back to my pulmonary doc,
tell them I'm still not feeling right so I do.

so I saw my pulmonary specialist  yesterday
and after a thorough examination....

still not happy with my elevated white count, steady daily fever,
the way I sound, the feeling of something  (I describe as a fist) in my throat.
They were happy with my lung function & my oxygen  level
(due to the help of Symbicort,  prednisone, breathing treatments & Zyrtec.)
I am however,  being sent to a gastroenterologist for further evaluation
(a gi doc...i will die if his name is Joe. in all seriousness.)
as to what this could be in my throat/voicebox area. 

I was put on strong antibiotic (Levaquin - AGAIN) for 10 days to test my blood levels,
along with yet more medication.
I will have another blood test in 10 days to test my CBC and my TSH
...if no explanation, will be sent to hematologist.

So...still in limbo, still hanging on...God's preparing me for something big, yes?

My sweet friend Linda told me yesterday...
"you know the quote about how God never gives you more an you can handle?
He must think you are superwoman!!"

via Pinterest   (pretend that's an "L")

So...I guess it's time for me to stop saying "i think i can..." 
afterall,  with the help of you, my sweet family, friends and most of Lord...
"i know i can...."
sitting still...

via Pinterest
I still believe today what my mom has always told me as a little girl...
that a cardinal is a message from God...He's watching over me...
yesterday there were 3 in my backyard.

be back soon,
(thank you so much for your prayers and positive thoughts. love y'all...)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


it's been a day.

just listen...
doctor office this am to get white count again...
sitting in the office waiting for the technician to call me back...i'm starting to droop.
i still feel like CRAP. (sorry mom...had to use the word.)
nothing's changed. nothing's worse, but nothing is better.
shouldn't i be better?
this is happy 5 weeks of being sick to me...happy? what's happy about that?
i'm done complaining...but honestly. i feel like my throat has a cucumber stuck in it.
i'm constantly "ahem'ing" and coughing. wheeze every now and then.
breathing treatments every 4 hours, cough syrup when needed. (boy do I need it.)

pharmacy to pick up new symbicort & a few other necessities
grocery (no I didn't touch a thing, yes, my hubby pushed the cart) to pick up a few more things...
chick fil a for my much needed chicken noodle soup, large sweet tea and for later...
a small cookies & cream shake (I'm sick...what what...)
so the doc's office has called me back in for 8 am in the morning to go over my blood count
and see what to do from here...
i'm at a limbo...not sure what's what, what to do, what to say, how to feel,
wondering why I sound like Phoebe from Friends every second of every day...
(I do a mean "smelly cat ♪♫♫♪" right now...)
but enough about me...

how about seeing what I did for The Girls Loft for February?
I'll admit I've had my kit for a few weeks now. I did one layout ... then passed out.
yesterday, I powered out the rest of this...I can't even remember doing half of them..
is that bad? stupid steroids.

to see some up close shots (I'd share but dang, I'm beat!)
just go to the Girls Loft blog...
they're up there today :D

look who showed up in my inbox today:

that's my sweet baby ... Presley! Isn't she gorgeous.
Her grandmother (haha, my sister!) is holding her tight...
I can't even explain the love I have for that baby girl...
she reminds me so much of my sweet Savannah...

ok, off to veg...
but before I go...
i want to express that yes...I am embracing this journey the Lord has me down right now:

credit:  Pinterest

will update soon.