Sunday, May 29, 2011

*I don't even know*

how I have the strength to type this
or even share...
I don't even know if I'll have the right words,
all I know is as I'm typing...the tears are flowing.

I don't even know how I'm doing this.
but I am.
They say things like this helps with healing...
I hope so. I need healing....

(**warning, might be a tad bit long of a post with pics...**)

if you're wondering what I'm talking about
& you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter...
yesterday our 8 year old Cajun:

collapsed & died after a sudden deadly onset of Canine Diabetes
(he had what they call Diabetes Ketoacidosis)

It's too soon for me to really talk about how & what all happened,
maybe I'll never really be able to.. especially without crying my eyes out,
but our sweet boy was taken by a terrible disease
a disease I HATE with a passion.

Our hearts are so empty.
SO empty.
I miss him tremendously.

he was the funniest thing. he would only let ME walk him.
if anyone even tried, he'd sit his hiney down on the street like...
"umm...nope, no way jose! now go get my momma."

i love him as if he was my own REAL human child.
Funny thing I like to say when I'm asked how many kids I have
"6..... 2 human and 4 furboys."

it's true. that's our life...we love our animals!

all of them were rescued.
Cajun was our #2 rescue boy.
He was dumped at a nearby lake
with 3 of his brothers as newborns.
He's the runt of his litter.

An angel (his foster mommy) found the litter & nursed them all back
to health so they could be adopted out...God bless her!
When Cajun was 5 weeks old, he got so sick & was near death again.
After 4 weeks of his foster mommy nursing him back to health yet again...
he and his brothers were put up for adoption by H.A.R.T.
(they were working out of Petsmart this day...)

(can you tell who's dog he started out to be???)
he's been the light of our lives!

I used to sing this to him:
(to the the tune of Ernie singing "rubber ducky")
"little puppy, you're the one, you make our lives so much fun, little puppy i'm awfully fond of you"
(the day we brought him home at 9 weeks old)

and a few of my other faves of his puppy days:

wrestling with brother Bandit...his best bud

(some of these pics are pics of pics...sorry for the yucky quality!)

he would sit & stare at himself in this mirror forever
then bark like he was saying hi ... it was funny!
if he heard you laughing or taking pics...he'd look at you like...
"what? have you never seen cute before?"

cute is exactly what he was...
from here..

to here:

to here:

gosh. words can't even describe how much we miss you.
thank you for being our world the past 8 years.

you've been the best little furboy ever. EVER.

i bet you're chasing all the birds you can find
& catching butterflies on your nose...

love you, always.
your humans.


I was talking to my husband & told him I'd really like to do something to
prevent as many people as I could from having to go
through the awful events we just did ...
so, we both decided we would do just that.
he posted this on his Facebook status today & I loved it & wanted to share:

"from tragedy sparks desire. we will create a nonprofit for
canine diabetes awareness and treatment.
If one exists we will support it."

thank you friends for reading this novel.
it's truly been therapeutic for me.
my heart is still as empty as all get out...
but it's starting to get easier to talk about.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

*A Star Is Born*

look at our sweet little Presley!
(born this past January...ohmygracious is she NOT gorgeous?)
I know, I know...proud great aunt aka:  "grant" here..
back to the album above.
This week at Glue Arts our sponsor is Unibind.
I put this coffee table book together for my niece of her princess.
This is my cover...I LOVE how it turned out!

The inside album is just page after page of her world debut...

here's some close ups:

to see how I put this cover together,
be sure to check out the Glue Arts blog today!

off to finish more projects that I'm dying to share!
soon, promise...
have a lovely day...

Monday, May 23, 2011

*Welcome To My World*

hi friends, happy Monday!
I for one am super happy it's a new week...
yuck to last week, yuck, yuck, yuck!
(because the a/c went OUT. bleh. not fun in Texas.)

yay to the new week!
(it brings us a new a/c system...yessss ::fist pump::)

today's a short post.
i'm working on TONS of fun stuff coming soon...
all fun fun assignments!

so i'm leaving you today with my heart album I made for
 American Crafts using gorgeous "Peachy Keen"
welcome to my world...
my peachy keen world:

(click to make larger)

just heard the t'storm warning for our area with possible hail, eek!
better get off here...
back to the studio I go!
enjoy your day,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

*that hat*

(layout done for Little Black Dress using May's "I'm Smitten" kit)

he's always wearing a hat.
a different one EVERY day.
i guess it's like when a girl has to wear a scarf, or her fave necklace...

since he was a little boy, he's always wanted a hat to wear.

and since I haven't shared yet..
here's some cards I made using LBD's May kit:


thanks everyone for our anniversary wishes!
we had such a nice evening...
that movie was FUNNY!

happy Thursday, y'all!
I'm off to work in my little studio today...
have a great one!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


21 years ago today...

I could totally write a country song about us.

girl meets boy, boy meets girl..
(insert music)
boy moves to Texas for girl
girl and boy get married
then they add 2 kids, 4 dogs, 4 cars & a house...
(see, this is why I could never write a country song...but I could let someone else write it!)

we've had an amazing 21 years.
growing together, with each other,
during ups, downs, ins, outs & all that's in between.
through it all, we've lived, loved and laughed ALOT.

via:  Pinterest

i'm so very   lucky  blessed to be with my Prince Charming.
love you, my hunka hunka you ALOT.
Thanks for the past 21years...
can't wait for that many plus more.

all via:  Pinterest

we're going to have a lovely dinner & then laugh our butts off seeing:

here...let me give you a little trailer:

ok...we're off!
back soon!
lots to share....

Monday, May 16, 2011

*flowers, butterflies & hearts*

does anything go better with flowers than butterflies??
i think not!
it's a week full of them over at the American Crafts  blog.
here's a little bit of what I did...

go check out the blog to see what I did,
what I used.
it's a FUN week over there!

here's my heart:

and there it goes...(her first year of college @ Baylor)Our sponsor over at Glue Arts this week
is October Afternoon...
that's the layout I did using the gorgeous Modern Homemaker collection.
to see steps on how I created this layout and what all I used..
check out the blog!

that's it for me today...
i'm in my little studio all day to get some fun things finished!
have a great one!
be back soon!

Friday, May 13, 2011

*Sugar & Spice*

& everything nice.
afterall that's what girls are made of. ♥
gosh. i love that girl...


this is one of my assignments for Little Black Dress.
I used the May kit "I'm Smitten" .
(I added the larger letters)

I've got more to stay tuned!

I hope you're having a happy day!
it's absolutely gorgeous outside here.

We moved the boy home from college for the summer yesterday.
when we got back we went to visit with my Dad who looks GREAT!
It's almost unimaginable to think that at this time last week
he was having open heart surgery!

 thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers!
our family is truly grateful for you.

time for me to head back into my studio to get
creative, I just got 2 boxes of something
have a fantastic day!

thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*2 BEST Gifts*

well I actually have 3...(more on that later)

but first, it's these 2 who make me who I am:

continue on for the story...

my 2 gifts...
just a little something I made for a new team I joined..
(more projects coming soon...)

(using the JAM packed May kit)
you'll die over their kits.
i'm not even kidding.
(that was the little "something" I've been keeping inside...)

my true #1 gift (because without him, I wouldn't have the above 2, hee!)
has a birthday today! 
 happy birthday to the best gift God gave me:

he's a wonderful husband.
truly amazing father.
he cares for everyone.
he's the best provider, supporter, biggest heart known to man.
my best friend, my biggest fan.
he believes in dreams & pursues them:

and wins!

happy birthday to you, my sweet sweet husband!

celebrating him with one of my fave creations of him:

and the biggest gift of all...
today they're releasing my daddy from the hospital ...
which, to me is pretty amazing after having triple heart bypass surgery!

God is GOOD.
Thank you everyone....for all your thoughts, prayers, well wishes.
thank you to infinity!

much love.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

*I love being a Mom*

(little snippet of something fun I can share soon...)

the above snippet tells a little story of my 2 greatest gifts.
they used to be teeny, now they're all grown up and out on their own.
hard to believe that these 2 little bitties are now so big...
but can I just tell you how much I've enjoyed the past
20 years when I started with her.
then just a short 15 months, 3 weeks & 3 days later,
I concluded with him.

my life has been nothing but exciting to say the least.....

not one dull moment.
life is full of up's, down's and in betweens.
that's the way I love it....
I wouldn't change it for the world!

They are my blessings...
my GREATEST gifts.

and I LOVE love LOVE them to pieces.
I love my title...Mom.
I thank them for making me who I am today.
because God entrusted me with them...
I only hope I have done what He set out for me to do.

(i love this shot taken last fall..even as blurry as it's one of my favorites!)

Have a BLESSED day...

Friday, May 6, 2011

*Pebbles + American Crafts + a little thank you = ♥*

(snippet of one of my Pebbles + AC card)

It's a Pebbles Swap over at American Crafts blog today.
check out all the gorgeous cards by the AC team
using lovely Pebbles & American Crafts.

here's another little snippet of one of my cards:

to see both in full & what I used, check out the blog .

Also...I just wanted to say thank you.
to all of you for your sweet words about my dad.
he had a SERIOUS surgery yesterday that involved his heart...
it was the type of surgery you sit and wonder, during it's length...
will he be ok, will he pull through this, is this going to make things better...

well...God is GOOD and prayer is powerful.
he came through the surgery wonderfully and is in recovery.

this is the man who's loved me unconditionally for 42 years now.
as a little girl he's wiped my tears, hugged the blues away,
kissed my boo-boo's.
The man who as a young girl showed me the Way, the Truth & the Life
of our Lord and Savior.
The man who as an adult lady who's instilled in me valuable
advice, life lessons & love as big as our world.
He's a blessing to me. to ALL of us. My siblings, my family...everyone.
He's a bright light to all he encounters. Now I see where my kids get it.
He's got the most contagious personality. EVERYONE wants to know him.
That's been that way as long as I can remember.

as hard as it is to see the man who's taken care of you your entire
life so sick...
I know that because of his active, healthy lifestyle
(at 74 years old he STILL plays golf every day.)
he will pull through this 100 % soon.
but that was hard. harder than you can imagine.

he's such an important part of our lives...
please, if you're the praying kind, continue to lift him up.
I appreciate it so much and I KNOW my family does too.

here he is with my 2 kiddo's...

we love him with all our hearts and we're so thankful
that God protected him and made HIS heart better.

He's got a big recovery in front of him..
but he will be much better soon.