Tuesday, August 28, 2012

*American Crafts*

hi friends!
just driving by today with a super quick post -

sharing some American Crafts creations.
I can't get ENOUGH of Amy Tangerine's creations.
she makes such pretty stuff & I'm forever grateful to her!
I can bust out projects super fast with her crafty goodness.
Up first is:
Define Addiction:

(click to get full image)
here's a couple of close up shots:
I mean I'm not addicted. at all.  that much.
Ok maybe a little?!
and here's another layout:
Room With A View:
seriously, how CUTE is our Lilly Pulitzer girl?
Do you see her?
I looked up the other day from working on some assignments to her sitting by the door
looking at me like..."can we play yet?" (she hates walks. weird, what dog hates walks?)

That's all I have for today!
Hope you're enjoying your week.
thanks for stopping by!
more this week.....xo!

Monday, August 27, 2012

**Click * Click * Click**

Happy Monday everyone!

Just stopping by for a quick post to share.

This is a layout I did for Noel Mignon using the GORGEOUS West Coast kit for August:
(in case you're wondering - yes, I may have already scrapped this photo or one like it.
I know some people think that's odd, but hey...the way I see it?
I have 2 kids. So that's  2, no even 3,  albums going at a time.
So I like to scrap the same pictures sometimes. That's the fun of scrapbooking.
You can do what you want, when you want, how you want, whenever you want)
How about a close up?

to see more close ups, check out the Noel Mignon blog today!
Speaking of Noel - let me tell you about the new Evening Stroll kit for September:

YUM! I just got mine in my hands yesterday & can already tell you it's gorgeous!
The fun thing about Noel packing her fabulous kits - they are FULL!!
I'm serious. I just made 4 layouts with my West Coast kit from August & it seems
like I barely touched my kit!

I could go on and on with so many more...
That's all I have today.
I hope you make it a great Monday.
I'll be back soon!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

*A Little Serenity & My Studio*

It's already Wednesday? Happy Hump Day!
That was FAST.
I don't know about you - but I'm actually glad it's fast.
I need August to be OVER.
it's been one of those ::sigh:: months.
Just a few more days...hurry August, hurry. I need September!
Cooler temps, here I come!

Hope you're having a great day, week, August!

I have a few things to share with you.

First up is my newest layout at Noel Mignon:

I used the August West Coast kit here.
I added some tape & rub ons from the July Boardwalk kit.
The West Coast kit IS sold out
that you should grab - like today!

If you want to read more about my layout & see up close shots, check
out the blog post right here:  Serenity Now
on the American Crafts Blog this week,
some of our Scrap Studio's are being showcased:

 It's so exciting to be able to share my space that I love SO MUCH with all of you!
It's one of my favorite rooms in my house.
My husband and I put it together - together & I think that's why it's one of my favorites.
That and the small budget we used to do it.

I have changed/added a few things since this photo was taken so I thought
I'd share these pics I just took with my iPhone with you:
I found that red shelf in an antique store & fell in LOVE. I had to get. It's perfect!

vintage camera collection is growing...
my niece gave me that "you are here" sign & I KNEW right where I wanted it
my little black "tray" was made into a wall hanging where I store some of my
favorite little things:  stamps, treasures, etc....
just got these new vintage things to add to the top of my bookcases...

another vintage find:  the ampersand with loop so I could hang those CUTE
floating hearts - brand new find! (well at my favorite antique store near me)

(that was my purchase basket - little trinkets galore!)
like this little bitty ball jar filled with crystals. why it intrigued me, I have no idea
other than how cute is it! Love it on my little red shelf!
my room is my favorite room in my house.
it may be filled with hodge podge, it may not be to your liking, taste, whatever...
but it's MY room & I love it so so much. I love to just sit in here and create the day
away. It's my escape. My staycation, my little getaway...
plus, I'm not even afraid to admit this:
is my desk right now. ::sigh::
oh and my floor next to my desk:
time to get cleaning so I can get busy making another mess!
have a great day...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

*Sweethaven WINNER!*

hi friends!
so sorry! i let 2 days slip by me without even realizing it.

here's my winner from the Sweethaven Post below:

I drew a random number (7) using Random Number generator. So would:

Miriam Prantner come on down! Send me your contact info:
leslieashe(at)gmail(dot)com & I'll get your EP goodies ready & send your
info over to Courtney for your other goodies!

Thank you again everyone for all your comments.
I enjoyed reading all the things you like to do with your families.
Thanks also for your sweet comments on my project. I really appreciate it!

That's it for today...
well wait. Let me leave you with something so super cute you'll not be able to stand it:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

*Stepping Back Into Sweethaven with a GIVEAWAY!*

Good morning friends!

Today I'm bringing you a very special post.
(kinda long, so go grab your coffee real quick & pause whatever you're watching on tv!)

Remember a few months ago when I told you about a wonderful book written by a very sweet, lovely
& talented friend of mine Courtney Walsh?
Her first book, A Sweethaven Summer is such an incredible book.
It's one of my very favorites!
Well she's written another one!

That's right!
It was just released & I'm halfway through mine right now.
It's A Sweethaven Homecoming. I'm not going to give anything away about the story
other than to tell you it's SO GOOD! I can hardly put it down!
(this girl has been blessed with incredible writing skills!)

Now that you know you HAVE to go get her books -
here's my reason for blogging about them today:

Courtney asked me to participate in THIS;

Courtney put together this WONDERFUL week long giveaway 
which highlights what I thinkis the importance (and true meaning) of scrapbooking 
with several layouts created by her friends (hey that's me!) PLUS giveaways!!   
Go check it out HERE

(plus - keep reading for a giveaway at the end of this post!)

That layout - let me tell you about it...

My journaling pretty much says it all.
I’m truly BLESSED. God gave Alan and I 2 incredible children.
They’re grown and off to college now so it’s kinda strange in our house. Even with 4 dogs....it’s Q.U.I.E.T!
No pitter patter of bigger teenage feet.
No, “Mom can you take me here” or “Mom, go to the mall with me” or “What’s for dinner?”.
No house full of teenagers and their friends.
But that’s ok. Sometimes I secretly dwell in the quiet.
I reflect in all the memories that we’ve made as a family from birth on with these 2.
I reflect in the joy, sorrow, happiness, craziness, chaos, quiet, laughter, tears.
I reflect in the fact that God blessed me with a gift. Motherhood.
Even though my husband and I started out kinda young
(when we got married, I was 21, had my first baby at 22, 2nd one at 23!)
it’s been one of the greatest gifts available to me.
I thank God for my gifts. My babies.
I also sit and reflect that one child is only 45 minutes away at college and can come home anytime she wants
(and she does! Gosh I love her for that)
and the other is 5 long hours away and a phone call is the fastest means of communication for us.
I remember that even though our nest is empty right now – when it’s the weekends, holiday breaks or summer
my nest is so very full! I live for those moments.

You can read my journaling by clicking on my layout.
It's simple...but to the point. I'm so blessed.
I chose to use fabric on my layout for several reasons.
It reminds me of my family & how delicate
and precious they are. By tying the gray lace around my piece,
it reminded me of me holding on to my children forever.
Even though they're 20 and 21 now, they're still my babies.
I left some fray's at the bottom to represent them leaving our nest & figuring out life on their
own. I added the 2 fabric hearts to let them know
I'll hold their hearts with me today and always.

Here's a few detail shots:

Now on to the FUN stuff! How about some giveaways??
I get to give away one of Courtney's A Sweethaven Homecoming books!

Not only THAT but she's also allowing me to give one of her e-books
(Step Up Your Supplies) with Ella Publishing:
AND one more giveaway. One from me:

To enter this giveaway of all 3 prizes on my blog:
simply leave me a comment telling me what is one special thing you love
to do with your family. It can be anything!

I'll draw a random winner on Friday!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!
I believe she's doing ANOTHER giveaway!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, August 13, 2012

*I Found The BEST Target Bargain Ever*

I did! I really did!
Just look:

cutest bargain ever...right?!
that's my little great niece, Presley!
So cute - my niece Taylor & Presley met us up at Target
& this was my view coming down the aisle.
I couldn't resist grabbing my iPhone & snapping away at that cute little face.
(I printed these through a FAB app called Postal Pix. Well after loading it in Instagram.)

Here's a closer shot:

to see this entire post - check out the Noel Mignon blog today!

Oh! I forgot to share this Noel Mignon post with you the other day:

Funny Face:

That's CRAZY crazy silly Lilly Pulitzer laughing her tail & 4 paws off at me
(because I have her toy on my head)

that dog.
♥ her.

we lifted fellow Noel Mignon board members. I chose the cute Shannon Stout!
here's her cute layout I lifted:

Thanks for letting me lift you Shannon - ♥ how cute your layout is!
Check out the complete post here:

It's so QUIET at my house.
I was used to it, got unused to it, now I have to get used to it again.

Let me leave you with a special little furry birthday girl:

happy 9 months little Lilly Pulitzer. We ♥ you like no tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

*Picture Perfect - Ribbon Week at American Crafts*

Good Wednesday Morning!
I've been a BAD blogger this week - so sorry!

just got child #2 off to college Sunday. With that and child #1 going -
my eyeballs got crossed doing nothing but college stuff. ;D
My house is SO QUIET!
It was this quiet before when Savannah was off
in College Station for school  & Shaypher went off to Abilene to school.
Then Savannah transferred to Denton & after sharing a home with friends,
decided she wanted to try to commute from home
(about a 45 min drive with no traffic)
She did it, but it got OLD fast & now has a brand new apartment near campus.
It's so cute!
We are so proud of those kiddo's...they're doing SO good! They're getting close to being
done in school - which blows me away. I swear, weren't they JUST in kindergarten??
Now all grown up, out of their teens & off on their own. WILD. How'd I get that old?


I could go on and  on about those precious babies of mine - but instead of boring
you to tears - let me share a layout of them:

Picture Perfect:
It's Ribbon Week over at the American Crafts blog this week.
This is one of my projects - my Picture Perfect? kids. The lights of my life!
Even when one is not so focused on photo's....♥

that was a super easy layout to put together. I wanted to draw the colors from their shirts
& decided to add a contrasting color of ribbon to draw  your eye to their cute picture.
Gosh I love those kids.

I also made this card:

I punched a giant circle & wrapped different Amy Tangerine ribbons (yum) around it.
I really like the outcome! It's fun to try different things with ribbon - that's why it's one of my
FAVORITE embellishments!

To see more of my post & what I used  -

check back tomorrow - I've got a fun Noel Mignon post to share!
Have a great day....