Saturday, March 15, 2014

**Hey Love!**

Hi guys!

I think I need to set a reminder. 
A blog reminder. 
I mean in my defense I always remember in the middle of the night 
when I'm all nestled and snug in my bed & my iPad is out of juice - then 
The next day happens & just like that - I forget .

So here I sit in our favorite coffee shop (if you're in the DFW area - get to Roots!
They're the remembering to blog & having lots of juice in my iPD mini ----

Sharing a layout I did for Scrapbook Circle using the March Portobello kit
And both add ons. I'm not sure how to add a link with this app I'm using 
So I'll share the site:

These are photos we took of each other while at Roots - 
(Go to: to see the entire post)

And there you have it - my post for today. I'm framing this one for my living room photo wall!

Thanks for stopping by today!